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Cap 3 - Peculiar Tutor

e tia? ”

”Haruka said while trying to play with the hunter. ”

”Who knows maybe. Speack replied as he slowly popped a lollipop into his mouth. ”

”Yeah… Now it got a little weird, Im going to get out of here. ”

”Bye Haruzinha! ”

The girl at that moment did not know what the hunters true intentions were, but had no interest in staying to find out either, Haruka was busy solving one more problem, her sword had been destroyed by the G in her last mission, retrieving the weapon was something impossible , buying another one was an interesting choice, but the girl had no idea where to buy it, considering that her old sword was a weapon that her mother used to decorate, she didn know where to buy a new one.

”Why is finding a simple katana so difficult? Its a damn Japanese sword. — Haruka wondered as she ran her hand through her hair. ”

The girl had been looking for a seller for days, but still hadn found a reliable one, she was in many places and websites, but a katana for hunters was something difficult to find, it was not a very conventional weapon.

After much looking for the girl, she was already losing hope, she had already visited many stores and websites, but nothing caught the girls attention, without much to do, the girl decided to stop searching for now, as she prepared to return to home something caught the girls attention.

The girl soon focused her vision on the narrow passage that was between a store and an abandoned building beside her, motionless in a dark, was a truly frightening figure, that being was seriously staring at the girl.

”Little girl, I had my eye on you a while ago. – Said the creature in a hoarse and half-choked voice. ”

”And who the hell are you? A molester? Haruka asked as she slowly walked away from the narrow passage with a rather serious look. ”

The figure was silent for a few seconds, then suddenly the shadowy figure started to approach the girl, Haruka at the same time got into combat position, but at the same moment the girl realized that she didn have her sword anymore.

”Oh hell, my bad luck improves every day apparently. ”

”Don be afraid, child… – Said the creature as it approached, bent forward. ”

As the figure approached, the street light began to lighten the scary being, the girl immediately realized that it was a shinigami, with each step of the creature the hunter became even more nervous, without her weapon she could not defend herself, shinigami were known to be lethal, running away from one was impossible, their strength and speed were frightening, and their magic from the dead was a nightmare for any hunter.

”So buddy, Im kind of unarmed as youve certainly noticed, what do you think we forget about this talk? I promise that later Ill call you so we can see a movie. – Haruka said as she looked around looking for a way to escape from that situation. ”

”… ”

The skeletal figure full of rotting flesh on her face continued to approach, even knowing that running away from it was impossible, Haruka began to prepare to run as fast as she could.

”Wait child, I didn come here to harm you. – Said the shinigami as he reached his long arm covered by his black tunic towards the girl. ”

”It was bad, but this coming from a scary skeleton in an alley is as confident as walking around with an Iphone next to a toe full of grime. ”

Haruka then turned to run, however before she had a chance to run the shinigami was already in front of her.

”Boy, what you did was so much of a horror movie cliché… – Haruka was saying as she backed away from the terrifying creature. ”

”… ”

The girl had no reaction, but inside she was totally scared, Haruka had no way to escape the creature and without her weapon her chances were even smaller.

”Child, I came here to offer you something. ”

”Ill have to refuse, my mother told me not to accept anything from strangers. ”

”I guarantee youll like this. – Said the shinigami as he put his hand inside his tunic, all worn and torn. ”

Haruka started to prepare for the worst, the shinigami then took a katana from inside his tunic in perfect condition, the girls eyes when they saw the sword were enchanted, the creature in slow movements began to stretch its arm towards the girl, handing the sword to her.

”I ask you to accept this gift. ”

”Given horse you don look in the teeth, but why are you giving me this? – Haruka asked as she took the sword in both hands. ”

”I was defeated by a human in the spirit world, he gave me two options, die or give this sword to you, although your request was strange I didn have many options. ”

”You could have accepted and never come to hand me over, you know that, right? ”

”I know this well, child, however that man would soon find out, so the little time I would have taken would be over in seconds. ”

”And who is this man you speak of? ”

”Hes a hunter like you, his strength goes beyond any human Ive ever faced in the spirit world, he also wears a strange mask. ”

”Mask?! ”

The girl knew well who the shinigami was talking about, Haruka didn know what to think at that moment, the man had sent a sword directly to her, the girl had no idea if she could trust that creature too.

”Where is he… – When Harukas eyes turned to her face, the shinigami was already gone. ”

While holding the sword the girl kept thinking about the masked man, she was determined to discover his motives.

The next day Haruka was getting ready for her training, the girl had no way to hide her restlessness, while she was getting ready to leave the house the girl noticed something out of the ordinary, the girl lived in a very normal building, it was located in a very open city, being something common and easy to find the girl did not think they would find her, however the girl did not expect that Speak with an unknown girl were in front of her door.

”Hey, Haruzinha! Open the door, lets talk a little bit. – Speack was saying as she calmly knocked on the wooden door. ”

”What kind of stalker are you?! And who is this girl with you? ”

”Thats Shadow, nice name right? I chose it. ”

”Are you her mother? ”

”Its like that, Haruzinha. ”

”Very cool, now get out of here! ”

”No Haruzinha, I have many questions for you before your training, such as, who was that shinigami that was with you last night? ”

A shiver ran down Harukas spine, knowing Speack was following she had taken the girl by surprise, at that moment she didn know what to do.

”What are you talking about, aunt? Are you stoned? ”

”Don try to lie to me Haruzinha, this guy here can lie. ”

When Haruka looked through the peephole of the door, she saw Speack holding the shinigamis head, at that moment the girl was in shock, she didn know what the creature had said or if she could lie in that situation.

”Ah! That uncle there? I remembered, he gave me a cool sword yesterday, but that was it. ”

”Hmm, a shinigami to give someone something for free, how unusual, very unusual actually… Ill ask you to open the door again, otherwise Ill open it by force. ”

Haruka didn have many choices, the girl slowly opened the door for the hunter, while the door opened the girl began to think about how she could escape from that situation.

Keeping eye to eye with the hunter, the girl became serious, she knew that anything she said without thinking could cost her life.

”So Haruzinha, could you explain to me why the shinigami gave this sword to you? – Speack asked with a calm smile as he held the shinigamis head. ”

”I wish I could say I know, but I have no idea, he just came up an alley and handed me her. ”

”It seemed to me that you talked a lot Haruzinha, I feel that you are hiding something from me, you can tell me, I promise to keep it a little secret. ”

”… ”

”So… what did you guys talk about? ”

”About my mother. ”

”Your mother? ”

At that moment the only thing Haruka could do was to disguise the situation, she took advantage that Speack didn know much about her mother, so she took advantage of the moment to hide her conversation with the shinigami.

”My mother was dragged into the spirit world a long time ago, I was asking the shinigami if he had found someone like her. ”

”And why would you ask that creature that? ”

”In the fight against G, before he went through the portal, I saw a person in the spirit world, that person was my mother, I couldn pass up the chance to know where she was. ”

”… ”

”This is the reason why Im training, I want to become stronger to find my mother in that world too. ”

”I see…intriguing indeed, for a human to survive in the spirit world, who exactly was her mother? ”

”She was a normal housewife, I don remember her being anything but that. ”

”I see… Lets get back to our training then. – Speack said as he threw back the shinigamis head. ”

As the hunters faced each other, Shadow opened a portal to a kind of black desert.

”What the hell is this aunt? – Haruka asked as she looked perplexed at that place. ”

”You didn want to go to the spirit world Haruzinha? Heres your chance, lets take a tour there. ”

While Haruka looked at the spirit world through the portal her mind was totally blank, entering that world was something totally unexpected for the girl, she didn know if she could trust Speack, but the girl wanted to get stronger, the spirit world was her best chance .

”Okay… Lets go then, auntie. – Haruka said as she picked up her new katana. ”

”Thats it, Haruzinha! ”

Haruka along with the two hunters crossed to the spirit world without knowing what awaited her, the only thing she knew was that Speack was dangerous, the fact that they were going to the spirit world gave total freedom for the hunter to do what she did. want with the girl, even with that in mind Haruka didn think twice, she wanted to know what the other side was like.

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