Eyes of the Mind

Cap 5 - In Iron Fists Part 2

a reflex used his sword to defend the hunters blow, after receiving the impact of the attack, the girl was thrown overtaking the wall on impact.

”Um… Great reflexes, though, don you even have the strength to be able to stop a blow with that force? Thats pathetic, your master must feel sorry for you. ”

”What the hell… But what kind of hunter rank do you blame?! ”

”Currently, I am in the rank of expert hunter. ”

”How invigorating to know that, I will surely remember to hit someone when I get out of here. ”

The girl then got up, after picking up her sword, Haruka quickly advanced towards the woman, using her magic along with her body enhancement, Haruka began to strike several blows at the hunter, however, even using all her strength, Haruka could not even scratch the woman, it was as if all his blows had no effect on the woman.

”Is that all your strength? Id be ashamed to carry the title of hunter being so weak. ”

”This can only be a joke, what are you made of? ”

”How deplorable… ”

Elizabeth then struck a stooest with her sword, quickly Haruka used his sword as a kind of shield, after receiving the blow the girl was again thrown hard back to make it overpass two walls on impact.

At that moment Haruka wise that he could not fight that woman, his blows did not even have effect on her, when the girl turned her gaze to the hole in the wall, she saw Isabel passing him going towards him.

Even though the girl rose again, however, this time she had other plans in mind, she suddenly smothered her sword.

”Are you giving up? Giving up is not an action worthy of a hunter. ”

”My mission is not to defeat you… ”

Haruka then quickly advanced towards the woman, Elizabeth then prepared to strike another blow with her sword on the girl.

By the time Haruka was hit, the girl used her magical ability to make her invulnerable to dodge the blow, then she passed the hunter and took the artifact she held with her hand on her back making him invulnerable and taking him out of the womans hand.

”That magical power of yours, its interesting, you not only dodged my attack, but you also took the artifact, so you mean that whatever you touch that is of your choice becomes ivunerable too? ”

”I know I can beat you yet, but my mission is not to fight you here. ”

”Don be too happy, I won let you get away. ”Isabel said that she quickly advanced towards Haruka, ready to pick up the girl again. ”

Before Haruka was caught, in a quick thought, she again used her ability to overtake the ground, descending the floors until she reached the first floor.

After arriving on the first floor, Haruka began running down the aisles toward the exit, but before she had a chance to leave, Isabel arrived on the first floor also breaking all the floors until she reached where the girl was.

”You can only be kidding, right? —Before Haruka had a chance to think, Isabel punched the girl in the face, then the woman kicked the girls leg knocking her to the ground. ”

Before being hit again, Haruka used her upgrade to get up quickly, but before she had a chance to escape, Isabel hit the girl who again got her thrown, luckily the slayer this time was thrown toward a wall that after being destroyed with the impact of the girl gave out of the castle.

After overtaking the wall and stopping outside the castle, Haruka found himself hugging the artifact, using all her strength and staggering, the girl stood up.

”Then you keep rising, an honorable warrior indeed. ”

”Thats enough, right? I won this ridiculous challenge… ”

”You have won your masters challenge, not mine, now prepare yourself. ”Elizabeth said preparing to attack the girl. ”

Haruka no longer had strength, she began to feel extreme tiredness, using her ability of Ivunerability consumed a lot of spiritual magic and after receiving so many blows from the hunter, the girl could not even stand in that situation, however, Isabel had no intention of sparing the girl, Haruka did not have much to do, but before the fight between the two continued, a voice caught the attention of the hunters.

”Isabel! Stop right there, youve played too much with my toy, Haruzinha has already won this game, shes out of the castle and with the artifact. ”Hunter Speack said while using her support discs on her feet to fly over the place. ”

”Speack… It is true that she won her challenge, however, she has not yet passed my challenge. ”

”Isabel, put that sword down, if you don hear me, Im going to fight you. ”

While Speack argued with Isabel about the current situation, Haruka had no strength to even move, her vision began to become blurry and blurred, as she looked at the hunters, Shadow emerged from the shadows to stop the fight between the two.

The mood among the hunters was tense, Haruka was too downcast to notice the portal that opened behind her, when the hunters attention turned to the girl, a hand grabbed the girl by the t-shirt and pulled her into the portal, it was so fast that none of the hunters could react in time.

After Haruka woke up, she came across a girl who appeared to be the same age as her, the girl had red hair, she wore a kind of more technological gas mask, she wore a red jacket accompanied by a black T-shirt and brown pants, and in her hand she held a gigantic site.

”Good morning… ”

”Who are you? A girl who cosplay steam punk? ”

”… ”

Haruka quickly noticed a tall man behind the girl watching her, he had a kind of white uniform, his appearance very much resembled a demon, he had twigs like horns, hair and a brown beard and wore glasses with 6 lenses.

”So… Has our patient cut it yet, Syfer? ”

”Yes my sovereign. ”

”Um… If we don see, good morning Haruka, hows my favorite guinea pig? ”

”Where am I?! ”

” While you were in the dream world, I was analyzing you, I noticed very peculiar things in you, initially I had big plans to use using your magic, but after a thorough check, I found something much more interesting. ”

”Whats this talk youve been analyzing for me?! This is considered a crime where my criminal came from. ”

”Do you know your origin girl? ”

”Why do you want to know that, you weirdo? ”

”Im going to change the question, so do you know the meaning of the tattoo you hide on your left hand with that glove? ”

”… ”

Haruka did not really know the real meaning of that tattoo the man had asked, but she felt that it was not normal, so she covered her left hand with a glove.

”Apparently you don know… I intended to study you, but after i noticed that, I had an even better idea. ”

”Hey, what are you doing here? Whats all this about a better idea?! ”

”Syfer open the portal back to the entrance of the destroyed kingdom, we will return the girl to its owners. ”

”Syfer open the portal back to the entrance of the destroyed kingdom, we will return the girl to its owners. ”

Unfortunately the man did not answer the girl, after opening the portal, Syfer headed towards the girl, she took Haruka by the arm and threw her through the portal that closed after the girl passed him.

”My Sovereign, that girl… ”

”Yes Syfer, we found something that was buried a long time ago, lets get in touch with that man, Im sure he and that woman will love to know this information. ”

”But my Sovereign, because you want to contact G, he destroyed your plans earlier. ”

”Thats what we think, its worth a lot more than anything Ive ever worked for, Syfer, that girl is a unique find. ”

Returning to Haruka, after she passed through the portal, the effects of the aphrodisiac began to pass, the girl began to get weaker every moment, that liquid that Kirien had given to the girl, left those who consumed her more electric, but the tiredness of the person was still present, however, it was not noticeable to those who had just used.

The accumulated weariness of the struggle against the elves along with her fight against Isabel, left the girl completely finished, she could not even move at that moment, while Haruka lost consciousness, she could hear Speacks voice calling her name from afar.

After her first impressions in the spirit world, Haruka was totally downcast, she had in fact completed Speacks challenge, for the girl it didn even matter, but for Speack it was a great study material.

”Good morning, Haruzinha. ”

”Auntie? Where am I? ”

”In your house, I brought you, when we finally found you, you were passed out, your magic particles were almost zeroed out, so you were completely erased. ”

”How long did I sleep? ”

”6 days in total. ”

” What do you mean six days?! ”

”So if you count the days of exactly 6 Haruzinha. ”

”Being ironic sucks, now I understand how that old man feels… ”

”Right? Do you remember anything after you were pulled into the gate? ”

The girl wise that Speack was a cunning person, so she had in mind that telling the truth could harm her.

”Portal? What are you talking about, Auntie? ”

”Don you remember being pulled into a portal in the spirit world? ”

”No, I just remember falling to the ground and hearing you screaming. ”

”Hummm… I get it, I talked to the elders, after insisting a little I managed to give you a few days off. ”Speack said as he unwashed and bit a lollipop. ”

”… ”

”Good… Thats all I have, I have some problems to solve, until after Haruzinha. ”

”Until im never auntie again. ”Haruka said softly. ”

”Did you say something Haruzinha? ”

”No, im not… No big deal, see you later, bye. ”

”When you recover do not forget to come to me, we will see each other soon. ”

After Speack was gone, Haruka struggled to get up, despite the time that had passed, the girl was still totally sore because of the blows of the hunter Isabel, this left her even more frustrated, if remembering her struggle against Isabel made the girl feel an immense anger.

The first days of rest of the girl were quiet, she avoided leaving the house, as the girl did not have many friends she did not receive many visits, but one day the bell of her apartment began to ring.

Rising slowly because of the pain, the girl walked slowly to the door.

”You know what time its yours… ”

”Good morning, girl, its exactly 6:23 in the morning. ”

”What have you come to do here this old hour? ”

”I had important matters to deal with, I couldn wait until the day you finished your day off. ”

”More than bag in… Come in right then, if my neighbors see an old man at my door this time of morning, they
e going to start theorizing shit, so shut up and get in. ”

” All right… So lets get to the chase. ”Sebastian said as he entered the girls apartment. ”

The girls apartment was well organized and clean, despite her personality, Haruka had a touch for cleanliness and organization.

”Wait for me in the room, Im just going to grab some iced tea and meet you there. ”

”… ”

Her room had several separate manga on shelves and a computer that she used to play or spend time, a single box bed and a black wardrobe, it was a nice place, in view of the girls tastes, while Sebastian waited for the girl, he noticed something familiar, on the computer table had a picture that Haruka had taken with him on his first day as a beginner.

”Hey old man, what do you… ”

”Do you still have that girl? I didn think youd keep something like that. ”

”Give me that now! ”Haruka said while taking the picture of Sebastians hand. ”

”All right, lets get the issues started then. ”

”What have you come to do here old? ”

”You were promoted to rank hunter Drone, after your visit to the spirit world, the elders decided to promote you at the request of the slayer Speack. ”

”At least that damn things training wasn for nothing… ”

”What are you talking about, girl? Is there anything I need to know about slayer Speack? ”

Haruka was more embarrassed than nervous at the time, her mind was lost referring to the photo she had kept on the table, but something else caught the girls attention.

”Easy there… How did you find my old house? ”

”Speack wrote down in her reports the address of your home, so I took the opportunity to come and give you the good news about your promotion. ”

”That plague wrote down where I live for that bunch of old people?! ”

”It doesn matter now, after you recover I have something more serious to discuss with you, so rest girl. ”

After saying that Sebastian just got up and left, meanwhile Haruka was biting herself in anger, her quiet life now found herself threatened by the discovery of where she lived, the girl begins to think of finding another place to live.

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