Ryan itched his head in disgust. He couldn stop thinking about Gregs words the previous night.

”How could he say something so serious in a casual way? ”

”How am I supposed to deal with this? Shes pretty, no doubt but I really can go into any sort of relationship now ” he thought to himself.

Meanwhile, in the hostel, Kyla kept trying to persuade Cathy to get into a relationship with Ryan.

”Listen, Ryan is handsome, wealthy and very smart. I mean you can find anyone better than him, so why are you refusing to accept this fact? ” Kyla asked.

”I am not ready for this kyla, and moreover, didn you see the way he walked away yesterday? Its obvious the both of you set us up! ” Catherine complained.

”Look Cathy I believe so much in this ship, and I will do anything to make it work mark my words ” kyla said with a stern look, but cathy left without a word.

Like destiny finally assumed its place in their lives, Catherine and Ryan kept bumping into each other more often, and Ryan began to notice Catherines beauty. Everyday in class, he looked out for her, admiring everything she did or touched. When he couldn take it anymore, he opened up to Greg.

”I don know what youve done to me but am suddenly developing deep feelings for that girl…whats her name again? Catherine. ”

Greg smiled gazing intently at Ryan.

”I told you didn I? ” He asked with a knowing look on his face

”Shall I help you get her ” he asked again

Ryan nodded in agreement and Greg nudged him.

”Tonight, we meet at your club house, dress to kill, and don be late ”

”Again?! ” Catherine exclaimed when Kyla invited her to the clubhouse.

”Im sorry but no can do Kyla Ive got loads of things to do and Im not ready to watch a live romance all in the name of trying to fit in! ” She complained

”Cmon Cathy, I promise, you won regret it this time. ” Kyla pleaded, but Cathy was adamant

”Im sorry Kyla but you know exactly what happened to me the last time. I was almost molested and yet you still have the guts to invite me to such a place again, are you this heartless? ” Catherine yelled.

”Im not Cathy, Im only trying to help you socialize! Trust me just this once please! ” Kyla begged.

Catherine watched her without a word, and as tears rolled down her cheeks, Kyla drew her into a warm embrace.

”Im sorry about last time, I know you were terrified, but I promise I won let you out of my sight again ok? ”

That settled it. Catherine decided to give the clubhouse a second chance and right there, she met her saviour, Ryan Gavin. As soon as she sat on the table opposite Ryan, both Greg and Kyla excused themselves.

Ryan stared at the pretty damsel before him. He allowed his eyes capture every bit of Catherines nudity. From her cleavages, to her tummy, then to her thighs that were laced up in a netty leggings. Catherine had always had a lovely and sexy shape, with a pretty face that could confuse any man, so it wasn difficult for Ryan to fall in love with her.

”Will you keep staring at me like that? ” She asked impatiently as she sipped her alcohol.

”Im sorry. ” Ryan quickly apologized trying to distract himself.

”I apologise for the way I walked out the last time, I was really taken unawares and…and I.. ”

”Its ok… theres no need to apologise ” Catherine replied trying not to get too excited. Ryan saw his opportunity, and quickly, he held her hand from across the table.

e really beautiful tonight ” he said, but Catherine wasn sure how to react. Ryan was a guy every girl at Truth College loved and it was natural for him to pass such compliments at any girl that caught his fancy.

”Do you think I will appreciate those words when they come from you? ” Catherine asked with a smirk. Ryan was taken aback.

”What do you mean? ” He asked

e a playboy Ryan, you can never be serious when it comes to women, Im sure of it. ”

Ryan sipped his martini trying to recover from this shock. And like something suddenly struck him, he stood up, pulling Catherine up as well.

”What are you doing? ” She asked alarmed, but he picked up a bottle from their table and threw it at the wall. The sound of the bottle breaking on the wall, drew everyones attention and seeing that it was Ryan, the DJ stopped the music. Kyla got up to stop Ryan, but Greg held her.

”Allow him ” he whispered to her.

Ryan drew Catherine so close to him that their lips almost touched.

”Listen… ” He whispered in her ears.

”Almost everyone at school come here to relax including those girls you worry about, but Im going to prove something to both you and them. ”

Catherine was visibly shivering. She didn know what Ryan had in mind but she was too proud to beg for forgiveness.

Ryan placed his arms around her waist, and gently but steadily, he pressed his lips on hers.

”Wow!!! ” Everyone exclaimed, some took pictures, others clapped in excitement, and Kyla hugged Greg in fulfilment.

For some reason, Catherine didn try to wriggle out of Ryans grip. She felt his warm breadth on her face and his soft lips as he kissed her. Only then did she realize that she was in love with him, if that was wrong, then, she was sexually attracted to him. Ryan had always been a good kisser, tonight was his moment and he was going to make good use of it. He licked and sucked Catherines lips, digging his tongue into her mouth. Like that wasn enough, he ran his fingers underneath her top, playing with the buckles of Catherines brassiere, she was already aroused, but Ryan stopped.

”Everyones watching! ” He whispered into Catherines ears, smiling slyly like he ever cared about smooching in public.

Catherine couldn even utter a word, she was incredibly shy. The last time she came, she had been disgusted about the couples that smooched there but now she was one of them, but the most amazing thing was that, she was with the clubhouses owner, a big shot, and the charmer of Truth College.

”Does this prove my love for you Catherine? ” Ryan asked still whispering in her ears.

”You call me a play boy, but you
e my first kiss. ” He said caressing Catherines face. She was shocked to hear his confession, but that was only the beginning. Ryan, still holding on to her hands, went down on his right knee.

”Im in love with you Catherine, please be mine ” he said.

Another round of cheers from the crowd filled the air. Some took photos while others shot videos. Catherine stood dumbstruck, everything happened in such a rush that she had no time to think of the perfect reply.

”Say yes! ”

”Say yes! ”

”Say yes! ”

The crowd chanted, while Kyla and Greg watched in admiration. Catherine had to tell herself the truth, she had been single for so long and this opportunity was a rare one.

”Yes ” she said with a calm voice as she raised Ryan to his feet.

She stood on her toes, throwing her arms around his neck as she kissed him. They smooched, oblivious of where they were, all they knew was they had left single hood and had entered this amazing ship.

”I will go through with this, and step by step Im sure this love will grow stronger and stronger ” Catherine thought to herself as they kissed.

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