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”come on Kyla tell us exactly how it all happened! ” came Catherine as she pushed kyla playfully to the couch.

”yes kyla we want to hear all about it ” the girls who had come to congratulate both Catherine and Kyla spoke simultaneously

”relax everyone! ” Kyla finally spoke. As she sat up, she stylishly pushed a strand of her hair from her face and began.

”well, yesterday, Greg invited me to The Grains Restaurant for a meal. When I got there, we had a casual conversation about just everything. I didn know the little devil had something up his sleeves until one of the waiters came right up to me holding a tray on which sat a dish covered with a red bowl. ” she paused and observed the anxious faces of the girls sitting before her before she continued.

”special order, he said to me, from a special friend to the most beautiful woman in the restaurant today; those were the waiters words to me ” she said as she blushed red immediately

”s… seriously?! ” Catherine exclaimed excitedly.

”yeah… ” Kyla replied, then continued with her narration.

”I was determined to prove him wrong because I knew I wasn the only pretty lady that frequented Grains but as I looked about the restaurant, there was no other woman but me. ”

”Awnnnn…. ” one of the girls blurted out but Kyla wasn distracted by this.

”the waiter placed the tray carefully before me, and after Greg had given me an assuring look, I lifted the bowl just to find this pretty little angel sitting next to the letters ”will you marry me? ” she said as she flaunted the ring before their eyes.

”wow!!! thats so romantic! ” they exclaimed. One of the girls reached out to grab Kylas hand to take a better look at the ring, but Kyla withdrew her hand almost immediately. With so much pride in her tone, she spoke again

”I have always known Greg to be a very romantic man, but I didn expect him to go this far, Im really feeling like a queen right now ” she said.

e a queen indeed Kyla ” Catherine said but one of the girls spoke up

”but you
e a bigger queen Cathy… ” she said

”why do you say that? ” another girl asked the first

”yes, Cathy sure is a bigger queen. ” she repeated

”I know Ryan must have scared the devil out of Cathy with his method of proposal, but when it comes to picking out items for his woman, he sure ranks first ” she said and quickly, like a very important topic had finally been brought up, another girl spoke

”yes you
e right, everyone knows that Cathys ring costs a lot more than Kylas. Greg is romantic no doubt, but who cares about that these days? We all know love isn everything, money is also a major criteria and thats what Greg lacks. ”

Catherine looked to Kyla and noticed how gloomy she had become and quickly she tried to change the topic but was interrupted almost immediately

”Thats enough Louisa, for me, love supercedes all… ” she said referring to the girl who had just spoken

”….come on Cathy don try to play humble here. You know Louisa isn wrong in any way. You have been favoured by the Lord himself. I mean look at you girl, you
e stinkingly rich and now you
e engaged to an Aredian heir, every girls dream is to be with a man like Ryan, and they
e still fighting to get his attention, but you
e sitted here wearing one of the most expensive rings in the whole city as his soon to be bride, seriously youve got to share some of that shine with Kyla at least that way she can also measure up a bit, isn that right girls? ” she asked turning to stare at the rest of the girls and they all nodded in agreement. Catherine couldn take it anymore

”enough of this conversation. Please I want to be alone with Kyla ” she said with a stern voice. Alarmed, they all got up and left while Catherine hurried to Kylas side.

”Im really sorry Kyla, please do not heart their words, actually… ”

”no Cathy don try to console me and make me look pathetic. ” Kyla replied forcing a smile.

”Im ok ” she said

”I really am ok ” she said again as she walked out of the room.

Catherine knew too well that Kyla had always been one to hide her feelings even when she was hurting so she didn dare bother her again.

Two weeks later both Kyla and Catherine seemed to have forgotten about everything as they planned to meet with their parents concerning their engagements and their partners.

”I have a suggestion ” Ryan spoke after thinking for a while.

”ok lets hear it ” Greg said in reply as he focused all his attention on Ryan

”lets all invite our parents at the same time and break this amazing news to them, though mines no longer new, my mom called me yesterday almost tearing my ear drums out with her yells about how shocked she was when she saw Cathy and I on the news ” Ryan said as he stroked his hair in a stylish manner winking at Catherine as he did so.

”well, thats not a bad idea but you and I know how difficult it is to get your parents to meet up with classless people like Kylas and my parents. ” Greg spoke.

”yeah, thats true. ” Kyla said as she looked at Cathy

”Even your parents are difficult to meet, they
e in a whole different level compared to Gregs and my parents. ” she said a bit sad.

”enough of this ” Ryan blurted out.

”you know how much I detest all these segregations ” he said.

”you both have got to trust me, this is an amazing opportunity for both your parents to meet Catherines and my parents too ” he said as a smile curled up his face

”yes I believe its an opportunity to improve your fathers relationship with his boss what do you think Kyla? ” Cathy asked as she placed her arms around Kylas shoulders.

Kyla was lost in thoughts, but Catherine continued

”you know, your dad works at one of the branches of Ryans fathers company, imagine how beneficial it will be if your dad finally finds favour in Mr Aredians eyes. ” she said excitedly

”Cathy is right sweetheart ” Greg said.

”This is a rare opportunity for the both of us ”

”then Im in, I will put a call through to my parents immediately ” Kyla said with a broad smile on her face

”….and Id go make preparations immediately ” Ryan said as he hurried out with his cellphone. Hes was almost dialing his butler when someone hugged him from behind. He turned just in time to lock eyes with Catherine

”whats wrong honey? ” he asked as he wrapped his arms around her

”I just wanted to make sure you
e okay with letting your parents meet Gregs and Kylas parents ” Catherine said

”of course, we are friends and this is the least I can do ” he replied as he planted a kiss on Catherines neck.

”what about your parents? ” he asked

”I know they
e always so busy, do you think theyd have the time to attend this huge get together? ” he asked again as his hands gropped Catherines butt.

”they will Ryan, I know they will ” she replied and pushing his hands away from her backside, she said a bit flustered.

”we are outside babe, you should be more considerate next time ” she said as she hurried back into the house.

Ryan smiled as he watched her leave.

”I hope everything works out fine ” he said to himself

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