Fake I Do

\"will you marry me\"

Ryan, with the help of his butler, Mr Williams and his fathers assistant, Mr Coleman, his mansion was tidied up in preparation for the date which was to be held at his garden.

It was a magnificent garden, beautifully decorated to meet the expectations of anyone who dared to boast about being classy or affluent. The cool night wind blew the flowers in a way that their fragrance was caught in the air, making the entire garden a nice and serene environment all together. A huge round table was placed at the center, and on it sat various cutleries, wine glasses and serviette. A huge bucket filled with wines of respected brand and finely chisled ice sat at a corner of the table as well. Ryan had hired Caterers, Butlers as well as servants to make sure that all pertaining to their dinner was set right.

”your house is magnificent Ryan, but this garden feels like another world to me ” Kyla complimented as she walked in looking more sophisticated than ever in her red mini dress and black stilettos.

”its not much ” Ryan replied

”I just want everyone to be comfortable especially Cathys mom, she likes classy things ” he said again as a smile crossed his face.

”look at you being such a good fiance and son-in-law to be ” Greg teased.

”wheres Catherine by the way? ” he asked again.

”shes gone to pick her parents, I called her five minutes ago. ” Ryan replied rubbing his palms in nervousness. He looked at Greg who was busy helping Kyla adjust her hair and envious, he asked.

”aren you nervous Greg? ”

”oh yes I am, but unlike you, I have my ways of keeping myself calm ” Greg replied with so much pride in his tone.

Five minutes later, Gregs parents arrived. They were average people who owned a small restaurant at the heart of the city. Since they were not very rich, they dressed as casual as possible. As they walked in, they kept looking around, allowing their eyes to take in every bit of their surrounding.

”Gregory! ” Mrs Gerriant called out as she drew her son into her warm embrace. When she released him, he took Kylas hand and introduced her to his parents.

”Nice to meet you… ” Kyla made to shake hands with Gregs dad, but was distracted.

”Kyla dear! ” her mom called out to her as she and her husband, Mr Jordan made their way towards them. Kylas dad works in one of the Aredians company as a project manager, but her mom was a teacher in a school for kindergartens.

”Hello ” they said simultaneously as they shook hands with Greg parents. As they introduced themselves, Mrs Jordan allowed her eyes to run over her daughters attire. Alarmed, she took her to a corner.

”Kyla… ” she said

”don you think you
e overly dressed tonight? and look, your cleavages are all out in the open ” she said as she made to adjust her daughters clothes.

”save it mom! ” Kyla replied as she avoided her mothers hands

”theres nothing wrong with what Im wearing mom, please don create a scene here ” she said

”whose house is this by the way? ” Mrs Jordan asked again, but Kyla ignored her walking back to join the others at the table.

Ryan couldn stop himself from smiling as he watched both families converse. Just then, he turned towards the entrance of the garden, and his smiles vanished as he stared in awe. He watched Catherine and her parents step in with so much pride. They were people that belonged to upper class of the society, dressed in a formal attire, like they had both returned from a meeting with the president. Behind Mrs Stuart, Catherines mom, was their family butler, Mr Neahtid and at her fathers right was Mr Donald his personal assistant. Among these sophisticated pair, stood Catherine looking as simple but attractive as ever. Greg and Kylas parents rose to their feet as Catherine and her parents approached the table. Catherine was about to introduce Ryan to her parents when the noise from outside the garden interrupted her. Ryans parents walked in with the paparazzi right after them. The bodyguards however struggled to keep them outside and away from Ryans parents.

”I told them not to do this ” he muttered to himself as he pinched his forehead in embarrassment.

”my honey bunny! ” Ryans mom yelled as she hurried on her stilettos to hug her son. With her lips covered in lipstick, she planted kisses on every part of Ryans face like a mom who had just found her long lost son.

”I hurried back as soon as I got your invitation ” she said.

”Im sorry about this mess ” she said referring to the paparazzi outside.

”I told my friends you invited me over to meet your fianceé, but somehow word got out and here we are…he he… ” she laughed guiltily, but Ryan kept a straight face.

”why the face darling? ” she asked

”Im I under dressed for this occasion ” she asked sarcastically. Alarmed, Ryan gazed as his mom who was dressed like a celebrity ready for a red carpet night. She had the most expensive set of Jewelries ranging from the smallest to the biggest, dangling from every part of her body and her eyes glittered with pride and excitement.

”you call this ”under dressed? ” Ryan asked in surprise, but she couldn figure out anything to say in reply.

”I hope this doesn take too long, Im a busy man, I had to… ”

” I know that father ” Ryan spoke interrupting his dad.

”Im surprised you honoured my invitation, you never really cared about things that mattered to me in the past ” he said again though this time, in a whisper, but Lord Aredian grinned.

”weve got guests here son, lets talk about that later, don embarrass yourself. ” he said as he walked past Ryan to join the others at the table.

Catherine and Ryan introduced themselves to their parents while Mr Jordan hurried to shake hands with his CEO and Boss. While they exchanged pleasantries, Catherines mom stood about herself with her face poised. She was about to make herself comfortable on a chair when Greg took the initiative to pull it backwards for her, faster than her butler. For the first time that night, she smiled, muttering something that sounded like a compliment to Greg.

As they ate, Mr Aredian caught sight of Catherines ring.

”Thats no cheap ring ” he said to Catherine as a coy smile curled up his face. Catherine, however became nervous all of a sudden and choked on her food.

”are you alright? ” Ryan asked as he offered her his glass of water. Mrs Aredian watched as Ryan held Catherines hand to put her at ease. She stared at Catherines clothes and as she wiped the corners of her mouth with a serviette, she spoke.

”you must be Catherine ”

”y…yes maam ” Catherine replied as she dropped the glass of water.

”how did you meet my son? ” she asked again. Catherine exchanged knowing glances at both her parents and Ryan before she spoke

”At college, we met at a clubhouse and umm…I… ”

”…I saved her from an idiot that was trying to have his way with her ” Ryan finished.

”what?! ” Catherines parents exclaimed simultaneously.

”my son is a hero ” Mrs Aredian spoke as she sipped her wine proudly.

”darling why did you go to a clubhouse on your own? haven I always warned you never to visit such places? ” Mrs Stuart said with so much worry in her voice

”mom nothing happened, moreover, it was thanks to my visit to the clubhouse that I met Ryan ” Catherine said as she took Ryans hand. Both parents stared at eachother lost for words.

”and you? was this what you invited us over for? ” Kylas mom asked.

”why didn you tell us about this beforehand? ” did you have to invite us here before you tell us something this important? ”

”I apologize Mrs Jordan ” came Ryan.

”Kyla, Catherine, Gregory and I have been friends from college, till our graduation. Weve been doing things together, and now, we are like siblings… ”

”…and you
e so close you decided to break the news of your engagement to your parents all at the same time? ” Lord Aredian Smith, asked

”yes father ” Ryan replied.

”I haven seen such closeness in a while ” Mr Gerriant, Gregs dad spoke

”me neither ” came Mrs Jordan.

”I guess you
e the leader of the team ” she asked Ryan as a smile brightened up her face

”umm….no maam, theres no leader, we…we are just friends. ” Ryan replied smartly

e one handsome young man ” she said again. Ryan blushed but avoided her gaze.

”I should thank you for this opportunity Ryan ” came Mr Jordan.

”thanks to you, Im able to sit with my idol and boss, Lord Aredian Smith. ” Ryan looked at his father who raised his glass in cheers to Mr Jordan.

”Talk to me Mr Jordan ” Lord Aredian spoke

”which of my companies do you work and what position do you occupy there? ” he asked.

”I work at the Aredian Smith Defence as the project supervisor. ” he replied respectfully.

”Alright, I hope to see you there on my next visit ” Lord Aredian said as he stuffed his mouth with some berries

”ye…yes sir! ” Mr Jordan replied with so much joy written on his face.

”why do you look so pale and unattractive? ” Mrs Smith asked Catherine

”if your parents weren here today, I would have mistaken you for a pauper ” she said

”excuse you? ” Mrs Stuart spoke sternly

”Im sorry, but your daughter looks too casual for my son. ” Mrs Smith spoke again

”I mean, look at Kyla, shes more dressed and all attractive than Catherine, she looks more alive in that color and thats the kind of girl I want. Someone with a glowing skin and perfect curves to fit into any outfit. As a fashion designer, I can manage a boring daughter-in-law, its too much work ”

”mom!! ” Ryan yelled at her

”have I said something wrong honey bunny? ” she asked in pretence

”how dare you talk about my lovely Cathy like that? ” Mrs Stuart spoke irately

”my daughter has always been decent all her life too bad she has to be married to your son who has been so pampered he can differentiate his left from his right. ”

”what?! ” Mrs Smith exclaimed

”I want a man that doesn depend on his fathers wealth for survival I need a man who is capable of taking care of my daughter not a honey bunny! ” Mrs Smith stood to her feet, but Lord Aredian held her

”enough Isabelle! sit down! ” he commanded.

”calm down Emily ” Mr Stuart said holding his wifes arm.

”please, lets all calm down ” Mrs Gerriant spoke

”I believe our kids invited us here to show us their partners. We shouldn ruin this for them ”

”right you are Mrs Gerriant. ” Mr Stuart spoke

”please lets get to know each other better ” he said again as he began to talk more about his profession

”Excuse me, I..I need to powder my nose ” Catherine said and got up to leave.

In the bathroom, she cried ruining her makeovers. But as she wiped her face for the last time, Ryan tapped on the door.

”who is it? ” she asked trying to tidy up her face.

”its me Cathy, open up ” Ryan spoke. As she opened the door, Ryan pulled her into his arms

”Im sorry Cathy, I really am ” he apologized.

”lets go to my room ” he said

”b…but what about… ”

”I don care, Im equally choked up, this was indeed a very bad idea, I don know, how Greg and Kyla must be feeling but Im pretty sure they
e also toast ” he said staring down at his shoes in dissappointment.

”its ok Ryan, it isn your fault ” Catherine said holding up his face in her palms, but Ryan grabbed her, and pinning her against the wall, he pressed his lips hard on hers.

Catherine tried to stop him but his grip was so tight she couldn wriggle out. He kissed her hard, allowing his tongue explore the inside of her mouth arousing her as he did so. Soon, his hands were beneath her dress, caressing her thighs.

”R…Ryan! ” Catherine called out as soon as she managed to get her face away from Ryan.

”our parents are at the garden remember? weve been gone for two long ” she said tidying up her clothes.

”lets go. ” Catherine said as she made for the door pulling Ryan along.

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