Fallen for my step mom

You have been in a comma for four days

Crina pov

Was it necessary for him to tell the rest of the class that he I was his mother . it was not actually that I did not like it but the fact was I did not think it was really necessary for that at all. this was a classroom and what was required was actually so we had only to talk about things that were to do with the classroom.

Any way that was finished and so we did not need to stick to that . the students went on one by one and soon they were actually done with the introducing themselves. so it was now time for the lesson.

All my teaching career, this was the first time that I was this uncomfortable during a lesson. Teaching was my calling and all my time I have been doing it with so much passion but today this is a totally different moment . I never felt like this all my life. what made things even more complicated was that it was my Own step son who was doing this to me. A boy whom I have brought up like he was my own child. This was totally so shameful.

But that was the thing that I was looking forward to doing by the end of this lesson . this time I was going to do it whether he wanted it or not . I was going to do it . I wanted to hear it once again from him so that he could tell me why he did all those things to me and then what had made him do them in the first place .

So it was the end of the lesson , I caught all my books that I had come in with ready to get out of the classroom. But so learners stopped me telling me that they had some things that they wanted to consult from me.

I willingly stayed behind and that way I spent about ten minutes into break time answering the questions from the students. I loved interacting and helping my learners.

I made sure that I was from to time looking up so that I could observe that my son did not leave the room before I talked to him . I did not want him to get away before I talk to him since he will end up keeping away from me for a lot of time like he did before.

As soon as the learners were done form getting all that they wanted from me. I once again got all that I wanted so that I could go away from the classroom.

”Mr. Ryder Meyers, I could like to meet you after the lesson in my office.

I addressed him formerly . I actually did not want to address him formerly . it was not something that I actually like when I addressed him by his second name. it always remained me of the relationship that I had with his father and then how he bitterly dumped me and went a head to leave me with his son from another woman .

Anyway , I never regret leaving me with such a sweet boy and look at how handsome he had grown to be only that somethings started to get complicated like a few days a go during that sudden encounter in my office.

I moved drastically towards my office but wished he was coming after me . I got into my office and sat down . I immediately stood up again . I was feeling so restless but after counselling myself fully , I knew what I had to do if at all I wanted thing stop get back to the normal way .

I stood up and sat down again – in fact I did that for a couple of times until there was a knock t the door. Mu heart skipped a bit . I automatically knew it was him since he was the only person with whom I had an appointment . I first poured myself a glass of what from the water bottle that I had . I took a glass full and then after headed towards the door and after breathing in and out , I opened the door and indeed just as I had thought about it , it was indeed him .

He was the one who was actually standing there looking as handsome ad ever . I stared in his eyes as I have always done each time but this time around I was afraid to hug him. It was a culture of my hugging him but this time I felt like I did not have the courage to do it .

”Hello. ” I said the first thing that I thought about and then gave him space so that he could get in .

”Good morning , MOTHER . ”he greeted me but upto more emphasis on the word mother . This was a bit strange since he had never even called me by mother . Most cases he was always calling me either by MA or Mum but I chose to ignore that . He passed by me and got into my office occupying the seat next to mine.

I closed the door and came to occupy my own seat .

The tension in the room was so much – so great . I had never in my life felt like this just because I ma in a room with my nineteen year old step son.

”You said you wanted to see me . ” he said coldly . Damn it ! what was I going to do with the way he was answering me.

”Yes , son . As I told you , I don know why you are not coming back home. Please miss you . I need you to come back home. ” I was extremely emotional acting like the mother that I have been all the time.

” I am old enough now and I don think I need to stay with you any more. ” He gave a me a heart break by just the words that let him .He knows how much I love him and when he said such words to me I felt extremely so down.

”But you have always told me that you will not leave the house until when I finished college. ” I remained him the real words that he always used all the time whenever we talked about that topic.

”But I changed my mind plus I did not even think it was important for me to tell you .

Don forget that you are neither my mother nor dead. ” That was actually the last thing that went into my mind fully . The next thing that I was actually doing was listening but I was not into the talk at all.

All the time that I told him that I was not his biological mother , he had never insulted me about how I was not his biological parent .

He was really changed in just a short period of time.

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