Crina Newman has lived with her step son, Ryder Miyres all her life. At a tender age of 16 years she moved in with her eighteen year old boyfriend who had a baby froma failed relationship. Crina felt attached to the tiny being and vowed to care for it all his life.

However as you know , a few years later her boyfriend (then husband) Left her for a much young girl branding her as old and nolonger of his interest.

Now 35Years old Crina has lived with the 19year old who has grown to develop into a very cute guy whom every girl is dying to have in bed. Little does she know that the 19 year old wants only one person that is his step mother.

What to happen when the 35 year finds out that her step son is in love with her?

Is she going to willingly take a relationship with her step son as he is a whole package and yet she is herself living alife full of boredom as well as sexual starvation or she will reject anything to do with her step son? Read ” Fallen for step mom ” and find out what will happen between the two.

Don forget to add it to your library.

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