old me that he is staying with a friend .

Ohh,I think I need to first introduce myself briefly to know who I am. My name is Crina Newman aged 35years …yes, I am indeed 35.

I have been single from the moment my husband left me with his baby from a failed relationship to a match younger girl.I still laugh whenever I recall that scernerio vividly. This life is not something easy at all.

I was depressed since I loved him so much with the help of my mother and got through it , may she rest in peace.

I raised my son who is 19 years old and in college. Life has never been easy for the two of us, mostly when it comes to the financial part. Any way we got through it and here we are. The good thing is that I know have a much financially stable job.

I think you have got a little that you need to know from me. You will know the rest later.

I get my car keys and head to my parked car in the garage heading to Standard college where I was just offered a job as a teacher of English language and Literature.

The college is just about twenty minutes away from my house. Thanks to the light traffic on the road. I manage to get to college just in time just like I had wanted it to be.

” Am so happy to see you Mrs Newman ” the principal of the college welcomes you.

” Thank you so much, Mrs Mackenzie. ” I reply as I follow her into her office. I am so happy for this opportunity . You all just don know what this opportunity means to me. My life has gone to an extra mile .

# Thanks so much for giving my books a try . I am trying to perfect with every book that I write.

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