Fallen for my step mom

No Ryder...we can\'t do this

Crina POV

I finally drove into the gate of the college. It is like I am living my dream right now. With my job in my dream college.

I drive fully into the college compound heading towards the parkyard and then I park the car .

” Crina…you got this I comfort myself as I stare at my reflection in the mirror of the car.

After making myself fully composed. I get my back and the file that I have and then head towards the college campus buildings.

The students are all busy getting into their classes while others are busy catching up with each other since it is the beginning of the semester .

” Mrs Newman, you are most welcome to standard college . ” A blonde middle aged woman says with a smile as she approaches me extending her hand and I indeed take it .

” Thanks so much ” I reply as I follow behind her closely to the principals office . After only a few seconds, we finally get into the principals office who is seated occupied by something on his laptop.

I stand for a few minutes before I set myself to talk to him.

” Hello, good morning sir . ” I greet him out confidently. He looked up at me instantly in a very sudden way which shows that he was not aware that I had got into his office.

” Oh, Mrs Newman . I am so happy to see you ” he says, sounding generally excited . He gets up from his seat as he extends his hand for me which I take without any thoughts.

” Thank you so much. I am also so grateful that I am here. ” I say taking a seat .

” Don say that. It is we who should be grateful for getting a chance to have you here . As far as I know you have been a very good and competent teacher everywhere. ”

He compliments me . I feel so good just like any other person .

” Isn that over rating me? ” I say jokingly.

About 30minutes later.

I move drastically heading towards the block where I am supposed to conduct my first lesson.

It is obviously hard for me to hide the excitement I have. I finally got into my first class- that is , Literature plays. It has always been my most exciting moment of any lesson that I conduct .

” Good morning ,class ” I greet them as soon as I get into class. All eyes are all over me. I feel some kind of anxiety. I have been teaching high school all along though I had qualifications to teach College.

” Am Crina- Crina Newman but I like it when you call me Crina. ” I make a simple introduction of my before the learners who are looking on so eagerly. Not that I am that beautiful woman l plus I am a damn 35 year old.

” Wow! So cute a name ” one boy from the back comments making me smile at the stubbornness of how school kids can be.

” Are you married? ”

” Do you have kids? ”

They ask so many numerous questions . I keep laughing at them until the fun is over and right now we turn back to introducing the literature plays that we are to have the whole semester.

By the end of the day, I am more than satisfied that it has been a very good first lesson of the semester. The learners were so excited and I am sure I am not going to have a hard time in college .

Getting into my car, I drove back home. It has been a long day.

I didn even get a chance to speak to my son the whole day . How I missed him so much. You know he is the most important person in my life and so anything that happens to him doesn leave me the same at all.

I decide to call him but upon dialing his number, it takes me straight to the voicemail . I decided to leave him a message.

” Hello, honey. How are you? I have missed you the whole day . I want you to come back home and we celebrate. Love you so much, Son ”

After sending the message, I decide to drive towards the store to do some shopping so I can prepare my dinner with my son.

By the time I get done with cooking dinner, Ryder is nowhere to be seen still. I wonder why I didn see him at school today. Perhaps because I am new and didn move around the whole school .

But Ryder would still have shown up here.

I decide to try and call but this time the phone is completely off. It worries me a bit. If anything happens to him, I swear I will die I decide to have the dinner all alone .

Perhaps he is at a party with his friends since they had not seen each other for a long time after the summer. The are now catching up for the lost time . But thinking about it, for the last few weeks Ryder has changed greatly. I have tried to find out where the change in him is coming from but with no success.

This gives me even more zeal that is making me want to talk to him. I have to talk to him tomorrow and see what exactly is going on in my sons life. Despite his very good looks, he has not introduced any girlfriend to me. Let me hope all gets well for him.

I toss and toss in my bed until when I finally get to sleep by all means .


Hello good readers, thank you so much for reading. Im always going to try to improve each time I write.

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