Fallen for my step mom

One problem solved

Crina POV

I woke up with a rack the following day. I had so much on my mind from the previous night amongst which included meeting Rdyer. I suspected that Perhaps he had something that was going on in his life and that is why he is not picking up any of my calls .

With too much worry, I don even mind what I dress for the second day at school. I simply put on the first thing that I come across not even minding about how I am to look .

The drive back to college is a tough one, unlike yesterday, the jam today is so heavy yet it is still early in the morning. However, after some patience, I managed to get to the college campus.

There are no more learners who have reported than those who were here yesterday . I continue to gaze around but with little success of seeing whom I am exactly waiting for , that is my son. He seems to be doing a very good job in trying to hide away from me.

As usual I head to my respective classes of the day to begin my lessons. Since my son is studying business economics, it is hard for me to see him.

After the first half of the day, I head to my office- yes, I was given an office yesterday . That is actually how all the teachers are . They are all given offices.

Upon getting into my office, I pace up and down all my mind drawn at my son. I get so lost into it that I am not aware at first when there is a knock at the door


She quickly heads to the door and upon opening , she is surprising at at the sight before her, it is his son Ryder …how I wish he knew how long she has been looking for him.

However when he looks at him closely, he can spot something different with his son. He has completely changed. She can see he has changed but doesn know exactly what has changed on him.

Still lost in too much, the next thing that her son does takes her by Total surprise; he covers the gap between them as he grabs his own mom , okay step mom.

This leaves the 35year old completely frozen at the reaction from his son who equally has the door closed behind them .

Crina , without even knowing how finds herself falling into his arms willingly- it is like there is a certain drive that is throwing her into the arms of her son.

The 19 year old manages to pin her onto the door as he pressed his lips onto hers for the first time.

” No no,Ryder let me go, we can do this. ” the thirty five year old murmurs in almost a whisper to her son who has her in-between his legs.

The19 year old acts as if he is deaf. He instead pulls his mom closer to him .

” Shhhhh, just let me take control . ” he whispers in his husky voice, caressing her cheeks, something that he has for several months wanted to do badly until he could not control his desire any more.

After making sure that she is indeed closer to him , without any warning ,he presses his lips onto hers both of them moaning out at the sweet contact from each other.

Ryder then slowly passes his hand until it is on her ass giving it a little squeeze. The 35year old mom feels like she is 16 once again. She thinks about that age since it was when everything happened that has led to what is taking place now.

She lets herself be drawn into the kiss and contact of the teen. However, consciously get into her pulling her lips from his.

” No , Ryder . We can . This is extremely wrong and you know that . ” she says.

The 19 year old is whoever determined for this to happen since she is now aware that both of them want it so badly.

He uses both of his hands ,puts them on her ass and carries her making her sit on the office table .

” Oh, God what are you doing? ” the 35 year old says , taken by surprise.

” Just enjoy us ” is what he says, taking her shocked expression to press his lips onto hers again. He is now in-between her legs. He can smell her arousal even through her jeans.

He manages to sooth her and begin kissing her intensively . His hands travel to her perfectly made breasts and begin to crease them.

Just then , there is a knock at the door making the two of them begin to panic.

Crina gets away further from her son wondering what the hell she was doing.

How would she really get into a make-out session with her son? She moves away quickly from where she is trying to put her clothes well. It is still so hard for the 35 year old single mother.

It is like she has a certain kind of weird dream that is extremely hard and normal. She is just beginning to try and register it in her head.

She then remembers something else… something extremely terrible…there is a camera in the corner of this class…

” Am so doomed !! ” she curses loudly enough to make her son stares at her in dismay.

” Game over ” she adds, concluding that she will never have a proper life ever again. Not after this . It is like fate has chosen to destroy her for ever and ever.


Hello, readers. Thank you so much for taking another step to read this story as well. I promise to do as much as I can to make it a worthy read.

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