Fallen for my step mom

Am perfectly fine

Crina POV

” No , Way . None of this can be true. ” I say for sure not knowing exactly how to act. It has been a terrible past few hours of my life. I have never felt this confused in my life .

How did things happen so fast like that? How did Rdyer get inside my newly appointed office and then…and then …he kissed me. That is something that I didn see coming at all . Not at any time did I expect that something like that wouldve happened between the two of us.

” No, no ,no, God. please help me to forget this so fast , please. ” I fell like yelling out . But I don want to act like the crazy woman driving her car in this heavy traffic jam home and then, I will suddenly begin to shout out and that way everyone will take me as the crazy jerk.

But one thing still runs into my head , that damn camera in the office room recorded everything. I tried to go but after so many minutes, I still failed to get to the control room.

That is one of the reasons why I am almost dying of anxiety on my way home right now in this traffic jam.

Just then, the ringing of my phone gets from a sea of thoughts running through my head .

I quickly get it out of my back to check who would be calling me. I am one person who doesn have so many people who call me but right now, I simply don want anyone to even call me .

On checking my phone screen, it is none other than my Principal. I instantly feel am in a can of worms that I opened for myself . I stare at this phone as it rings and stops for numerous times until I decide to pick it up after having second thoughts .

” Hello, Mrs Newman. I was so afraid after calling so many times , are you okay? ” he asks with a bit of concern in his voice.

I feel my heart relaxing a bit . I thought he would act all crazy, scolding me about how I ended up making out with a student on my first day at work and that is none other than my son.

” Thank you so much for the concern , I am afraid I had to leave the college campus as soon as the lessons ended because I had to do something urgent. ” I reply at least calmed now.

” Its okay , you know it is our responsibility to make sure all our employees are okay, ” he adds.

”Thanks for the concern … ” I reply sincerely . After the two of us talked for about five minutes about random things, we hung up.

By this time, I am already outside my house so I just get in and park the car before getting into the house. If I thought yesterday was hectic today, that is more than what I can even expect.

The biggest thing that is all over my mind is, why did the office scenario with my son . He disappeared and from that moment I have not talked to him again. I mean I don even have the courage to dial his phone number.

The moment I get into the house, I throw my bag on the couch and practically run to the fridge to quench my thirst with the first drink that I coke my way.

I begin with a bottle of water which I take rapidly until it is all finished. Even after that, I still feel thirsty. I am still in shock after what happened between Rdyer and I.


I hardly had any sleep the whole of the night. I kept tossing from side to side still thinking about how horrible a mother I am.

However even with all that happens to me, I manage to get it to the next day. This makes it my third day at work. I failed to get in touch with Rdyer. Surely, I have been trying so hard to try and see the other side of the story but without success.

I have no option left but to get ready and head to work. This is my dream job- now that it is finally in my hands, there is no way that I am going to let it just slide off my hands. I instead have to hold it with a lot of care.

Unlike the last two days, I am not chilling on this Wednesday as I get ready to get to work. I got one of the dresses that I had kept away . One of those that makes me look like a 50 year old and puts on that.

Perhaps it was my dressing code that might have tempted my son – but then I am more than sure that I am one person who is very good at dressing really decently.

I get to the college really earlier than any of the others. I have one thing that I want to confirm first before the beginning of the day. Without the confirmation of that, there is no way that is going to be okay at all.

I walk following different directions until I am finally at my final destination ..

” Hello, good morning . ” I humbly ask the man I get there.

” Do you have anything that you want to ask ? ” he asks me – equally acting as calm as possible.

” About the camera in my new office. ” I tell him to try to act as cool as possible so that there is nothing that he can suspect at all.

” Ooh, I am so sorry, that camera has been damaged for some time . I am so sorry for that. I promise to put it right as soon as possible. ” he apologizes.

He doesn kn

now that is the exact new that I want to hear. By the time I get away from there, I am contented that I have only one problem that I have to solve


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