Fallen for my step mom

What is she doing here?

Crina POV.

I am abit relaxed after that encounter with the security guy . I immediately seat down on the other seat that is in my moderate office thinking about that scenario. That scenario that has been playing in my head for some time since yesterday.

How did Rdyer come up with such a decision. I mean how would he bump into my office during my first day at work and starting acting all intimate with me.

I mean I am his **ing mom.

That is what is getting me more crazy than anything else. I get up from my seat and unconsciously begin to pace around the whole office .

Did I do anything wrong that made my son see me in another image and that is how he ended up behaving in the way that he did .

Hiw the hell will everyone think about me once they come to find out about this. Am sure amu will the laughing stock. A thirty five year old single mom who us trying to seduce her son.

My subconscious glares at me like she wants to say something to me.

” What the hell did you want to say to me ? ” I almost shout at her.

Instead of replying in any way, all she does is to open her eyes widely at me. I choose to just ignore her .

Still having a heap of thoughts running through my head, I don even realize that it is time for beginning of the first lisetn until when one of my fellow teachers comes to inform me of the fact that am late by about ten minutes yet the principal is so strict when it comes to teachers time of going for classes.

Unlike the last two days here, it has been so hard for me to teach tiday even uoto break time . I mean am still contemplating deeply about Rdyer and I am not certain about what he can do any more.

” Hello, Crina . Are you okay? ” I hear a voice just behind me as am busy occupied with so much in my mind .

” Ehm….ye..s. ” I respond in a stammer as I turn my head around seeing Mr Mathews sending just behind me .

” Yes, I am ” I add not wanting him to suspect anything at all since am not ready to talk to any one about what is taking place in my life at the present .

” You seem so absent minded? ” he asks me for sure taking me by surprise .

Mathews is one of the teachers that I first known the first day that I came here. He is a handsome gentle man in his late thirties or perhaps early forties. He is so Friendly to all his follow teachers. I think you now know where this is coming from in the first place.

” Me? Not really . I am completely okay. ” I lie. I mean is there any importance of telling him anything .

” Okay, if you insist . ” he gives up as he pulls a seat to sit opposite me . I have no option but to cover the book that am even pretending to read.

Mathews stares at me with that smile that hardly leaves his face. Most of the teachers are getting some work than while others are busy packing since it is the end of the day.


” Are you sure you don want me to drive you ” Mathew insists as we get in the hallway .

He has been insisting that he drives me home since he suspects that I am sick or something is disturbing me but then just chose to keep quiet .

The truth is am not okay but I just need to be all by myself at this moment .

We continue to move to our already parked cars.

We part ways as we head to our cars . Mathews finally drives away leaving me all by myself . I feel relived that I am now all alone and can therefore think things over without having any fear of any one suspecting anything at all.

I head into my car and begin it towards home . Today I am determined more than ever to talk to my boy. He is making everything more complicated by keeping away from me.

Luckily the traffic is light and so I manage to get home in just a few minutes.

” What!! ” some thing surely gets me . My sons car is parked outside. This can only mean that he is equally inside the house.

I quickly get out of my car and head towards the house hurriedly. I need to see my boy. I have to make sure this is over just today.

”Rdyer…Rdyer .. ” I call out practically shaking as I do. I have never been this puzzled in my life over meeting my own son. Now this is the time. However I have to make sure that I meet him by all means.

I get into the living room but there is no sign of him. I then get into his bedroom and the rest of the rooms but still there is no sign of him.

” Where would he be ? ” I ask my self as I ask I continue with doing my FBI search all over the room . There is still no sign of him at all.

After searching over and over, there is still no chance of him. This breaks my heart. What the hell has happened to him. Now he has abadoned his car but he is no where to be seen at all.

Trying his phone once again, this time it goes through but after so many rings, it goes straight to the voice mail. Trust me if things continue to go the way they are, I will end up having the greatest shock of my life .

I sit down teats rolling down my eyes . How do I get out of this situation now.

Thanks so much for reading.

I know I am not perfect but I am going to try as much as possible to improve with time.

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