Falling And Rope

Chapter 2 passenger two

The man opens his eyes slowly, not realizing when he dozed off.

Not that it makes much of a difference whether my eyes are open or closed, he thinks to himself, yawning.

”How long did I sleep for this time? ” he muses as he stretches his body, glancing around at the darkness around him.

He scoffs, still nothing but the dark, how many years has it been now? A hundred? A thousand? A million?

”I thought I would have reached the bottom by now, but there is still no end to this darkness. I wonder if Im falling down at all! ” he complains, the raised pitch making his words echo in the space around him.

”Damn it, I wish I could die already! I tried to end this meaningless suffering many times but it was futile each time, ” he sighs; frustrated.

Is it just me or is this place getting warmer? Well, at least it-

All of a sudden, hes alert because of the abrupt hum in the air around him, ”Huh, whats that noise? ”

Looking around the place, he discovers an all-white plane flying toward him, ”What?! A plane in a place like this? Impossible! ” he exclaims.

”Hey, over here! ” he shouts after the initial surprise dissipates.

The plane dives straight towards the man until it is moving alongside him, the pilot extends his hand; holding out a letter for the falling man.

The man grasps the letter and opens it, the note is precise and unsigned.

(Follow me if you want to meet the others. We have found salvation. Ill leave the decision up to you.)

”Yes, Ill follow you! ” he decides without hesitation.

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