Falling And Rope

Chapter 5 Fight.


The sound of games fills the empty space void of life for hours.

. . .

Tired of playing, she keeps the device back and stares at the gates of the castle again.

”Maybe, I can go in there just one more time… the last time and come back when the pilot is here, ” she mumbles to herself.


Her face whips to the other side. Her cheek stings but she gets a hold of herself.

”What am I saying…? I am never going back, ” she decides but her mind races with thoughts, leaving her feeling overwhelmed.

But I am leaving anyway. I have great self-control so I should be able to get out easily. And I think I deserve to go back in there one last time for my accomplishment. I am no longer the old me, I should be allowed to do it one last time.

This is the last time, I promise. I will get out after this. There is no harm in doing this one more time before stopping, right? It is just one more time! I promise to stop afterward!

I can get out of here right after this. I mean, I did it multiple times before, what is once more? Yes, I did this, and that, and all those other things…it is too late for someone like me anyway, isn it?

I should go back in, maybe…that is where I belong after all. And what if the rope is all a lie? Why am I even here in the first place instead of being at the rope? The rope and the void want me to be here and want me to be just like this.

So, who cares? I should just stay. I am sure everything will turn out fine. I will call the pilot right now and tell him that I am going out and apologize for the trouble.

She reaches for the button but pauses, her fingers hovering over it.

”Damn it! ” she shouts suddenly.

”Damn it, damn it, damn it! ” she screams as she punches the walls of the plane until the skin on her knuckles breaks, giving way to blood.

She looks down at her bloody hands and the world sways around her.

Feeling light-headed, she rests her head back against the couch, ”I should sleep…I should sleep, ” she murmurs as she closes her eyes.

”Think of nothing, nothing at all, ” she whispers to herself. A grimace covers her face as she feels her throat choking itself and her heart burning up.

She breathes deeply, trying to calm her racing heart and her body finally relaxes.

. . .

The woman jerks awake to someone knocking on the window.

She looks around slowly, her drowsy eyes failing to make out a figure she notices.

It is right outside the glass walls.

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