Falling And Rope

Chapter 6 War.

ndered what the life of a pilot is like. ”

The pilot chuckles, ”shouldn you be trying to sleep? ”

”…I can , ” says the woman.

Conflicting thoughts occupy her mind once again, feeling as if every part of her is driving her mad, begging her to go back inside the castle. Her left leg shaking continuously, Every passing second results in her heartbeat rising and the mental strain finally pushes her to the limit. On one hand, the urge to go back is powering her, and on the other, her will is overcoming that urge. She feels mentally exhausted switching between the two states continually. Her eyes water as she feels her heart about to burst.

”Win. ”

A voice cuts through her thoughts, bringing her back to reality, she struggles to breathe as she looks at the female pilot.

”I don know what you are going through. But I can tell that you are struggling. All I can do is be here and provide you with words. So, overcome it and, win, ” she says.

”I know we haven known each other for long but can you do me a favor? ” asks the woman, trying not to scream out in anguish.

”What is it? ”

”Never, and I mean ever, let me or leave me to go back in there. No matter the measures you have to take. ”

”I don think− ”

”Please. It will be temporarily, ” interrupts the woman.

The female pilot stares at her, ”I promise. I want you to promise me to win in return. ”

The woman laughs, ”You can count on it. ”

”Try your best. This is your war. I won physically interfere unless I find it necessary. ”

The woman feels her mind relaxing as she finally calms down.

. . .

The pilot keeps checking up on the woman occasionally, helping her with whatever she can.

After five days, her wait comes to an end.

The female pilot stands up, looking at the woman.

You finally pulled it off, she thinks to herself.

The female pilot uses the seal to open the glass enclosure. She lifts the woman gently and jumps off the plane. The instant she is off the plane, the castle gates behind her creak open.

Confused, the female pilot looks at the gates with wide eyes, wondering what is happening.

She sees a small army holding weapons she knows are called guns.

”Finally! It took long enough, ” exclaims the person standing at the front. As the figure advances towards them, it becomes clearer who they are. The pilot notices his suit, and his handsome face.

He halts and pulls out a gun, shooting at the female pilot without hesitation.

The sound of the shot echoes through the place as the bullet flies towards the pilot. But a different sound dominates instantly; lightning. It terrifies everyone present.

The female pilots body is electrified. All the man in the suit sees right after is the bolt of lightning moving towards the side. He sees that she is now a safe distance away from her original location and only two things fill his mind as he grins.

Marvelous, I knew this was not going to be easy.

He glances at the woman in the female pilots arms.

”Time to wake up, love. ”

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