Chapter 9: Face-smacking!

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After Xiao Lingyu shocked everyone, she turned to Li Kui. She continued with a cold smile, “Manager Li, you said I drugged that pighead. Unfortunately for you, Manager Li, I have evidence that it was you and that pighead who drugged me!”

Xiao Lingyu referred to Li Yuanfa as a pighead because the man looked no different from a swine.

After Chen Ran and Li Kui heard Xiao Lingyu, their eyebrows twitched. However, Chen Ran soon snapped out of it. He looked so disappointed as he demanded, “Xiao Lingyu, youve already admitted to betraying me. Have you not done enough? Why are you dragging innocent people into this? Xiao Lingyu, Ive really misjudged you. I thought you were a gentle and kind girl, but you wanted to frame others for your own sins. Xiao Lingyu, I am so disappointed in you!”

Xiao Lingyus expression did not even move. She looked at Chen Ran with a half-smile on her face. It was full of sarcasm and ridicule.

Without wasting her time, Xiao Lingyu announced, “Ive already called the police!”

That caused everyone to quiet down again.

Call the police? Was there an inside story that they didnt know about?

For those who didnt know anything, they were confused; but for the people who knew the truth, they knew the issue had just escalated.

Chen Ran and Li Kuis expressions changed slightly, and they looked at Xiao Lingyu in disbelief.

Zhao Wenman frowned before lowering her head to look at her phone. Her fingers tapped on the screen as if messaging someone.

She asked, “Did someone call the police today?”

“Miss, people call the police every day!”

“Cut the crap. You know what I mean!”

Zhao Wenman sent over an update. She had wired 2000 RMB to the other party.

The other party immediately replied with a smiling emoji. “Young Miss, your donation is always appreciated. The bureau did receive a call today. A woman reported that she had been drugged. She wanted to charge Li Kui from the marketing department of Huiqing Company and Li Yuanfa, the general manager of Hong Fa Group.”

Zhao Wenmans expression changed as she angrily asked, “Why didnt you say so earlier?”

They could drop Li Kui at any time. They could find a new replacement easily. But Li Yuanfa was different. He was a big client for Huiqing Group. They couldnt afford to offend and lose him because of the bitch, Xiao Lingyu.

It was little wonder that Zhao Wenmans face was extremely hideous. Zhao Wenman unloaded her anger at her informant.

The other partys tone also became unpleasant being questioned and scolded by Zhao Wenman.

The person sent over a snickering emoji and said, “Young Miss Zhao, youre so forgetful. Ive been asking Miss Zhou out for a meal over the past few days, but you always have something else to do. I have no choice but to believe Young Miss Zhao looks down on me. After all, Im just the deputy director of a small police station. I knew when I am unwanted.”

Zhao Wenmans eyes filled with anger and resentment. She took a deep breath and was about to fake an apology when the man added another reply, “Oh, by the way, the police are about to arrive at your company soon! Thats all. I need to continue my meeting!”

Then he disappeared. There was no response no matter how many times Zhao Wenman called and messaged.

Zhao Wenman gripped her phone tightly, her eyes filling with anger. Before she could do anything, two policemen came in.

They demanded, “Who is Li Kui from the marketing department?”

The arrival of the police confirmed for most of the crowd that perhaps Xiao Lingyu was not lying. It was Li Kui who drugged Xiao Lingyu. They turned to Li Kui in surprise.

Technically speaking, Li Kui had no grudges with Xiao Lingyu. Even if Li Kui wanted to use a girl to captivate the client, they had a lot of beautiful women in the Marketing Department. Why did he pick out Xiao Lingyu specifically? After all, the whole company knew Xiao Lingyu was Chen Rans lover.

When Li Kui saw the police approaching, his face turned pale. He immediately took two steps back in fright. He even had the urge to run away.

Xiao Lingyu pointed in Li Kuis direction and said, “Police officers, that is Li Kui from the marketing department!”

The two police officers told Li Kui directly, “Li Kui, we received a report that you tried to drug a woman at the Marriott Hotel. Please come with us to cooperate with the case!”

Blood drained from Li Kuis face. He opened his mouth and stammered, “Police officers, I… I didnt drug her. Perhaps youve made a mistake. Someone must be framing me!”

The officer said, “Whether youre framed or not, well find out at the bureau. If youre really innocent, well let you go. But you have to come with us now!”

Li Kui, who was guilty, suddenly turned towards Zhao Wenman. He was panicked and afraid. He fumbled. “Young Miss, you have to save me. I only followed your instructions and ordered Xiao Lingyu to get to the hotel to accompany Li Yuanfa. Young Miss, help me. I dont want to go to jail.”

Li Kui stupefied everyone. They didnt expect their young Miss to be involved in this.

Based on what Li Kui said, the person who wanted to drug Xiao Lingyu was Zhao Wenman. So the whole incident was the handiwork of Zhao Wenman…

Many didnt dare to imagine its implication.

Zhao Wenman didnt expect that Li Kui, who was normally so shrewd, would be so foolish at this moment.

She was thinking of a way to cut him off, but he had already sold her out. Zhao Wenman was furious.

She shot a warning gaze at Li Kui to tell him to stop speaking when Xiao Lingyu suddenly asked her, “Indeed, young Miss, why do you want to harm me, a small employee from the HR department? Why did you order Manager Li to drug me?”

Xiao Lingyu answered her own question. She shouted for everyones benefit, “Is it because youve taken a fancy to Chen Ran and want to steal him from me? You need to ruin my reputation so that your relationship can be made official?”

Xiao Lingyus words were cutting.

Was this the truth? People had to ask.

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