Chapter 10: Another Face-slap

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Zhao Wenman was livid when she was interrogated. She growled, “Xiao Lingyu, I will sue you for slander!”

Zhao Wenman did not expect things to turn out like this. It was entirely out of their control.

Chen Ran also added, “YuEr, that is not true. This is a huge misunderstanding!” No one should know about his secret relationship with Zhao Wenman even though they were about to get engaged. They couldnt reveal their relationship before Xiao Lingyu was dealt with because it would harm Zhao Wenman and Chen Rans reputation.

Chen Ran wanted to retain his image of a perfect man. He couldnt allow this to stain his name.

Xiao Lingyu listened to their arguments, and the corners of her lips curled. “In that case, why did you order people to drug me? Set me up with that ugly man and have him rape me? What do you get out of ruining my name and life?” Xiao Lingyus eyes wandered over to Li Kui. “Young Miss Zhao, Manager Li said it himself. He drugged me on your order. So young miss, does this mean Manager Li was accusing you too?”

Zhao Wenmans face paled as she rushed over towards Li Kui. She raised her arm and rewarded Li Kui with two slaps. She roared, “Li Kui, the company has always treated you well. When did I order you to drug Xiao Lingyu? Why did you accuse me?” When Zhao Wenman hit Li Kui, she kept making faces at Li Kui. She wanted him to take back what he said. In a whisper, she promised to save him from jail time.

Li Kui lost his composure and blurted out what he said earlier. He was not a dumb person since he was a department manager. If anything, Li Kui was smart and cunning. He was merely flustered when he heard he was to be arrested.

But now that he had calmed down, he received Zhao Wenmans hints. He quickly nodded. “Young miss, Im so sorry. I was too afraid earlier to have blurted out your name. You didnt order me to do anything. I saw how interested the client was in Xiao Lingyu, so I took the initiative to drug her myself.”

Zhao Wenman sighed in relief. Then, she looked at Xiao Lingyu with an overbearing expression. She said, “Xiao Lingyu, did you hear that? This has nothing to do with me, so youd better not slander me. Otherwise, Ill sue you!”

Xiao Lingyu nodded and said with an ambiguous smile, “Im not deaf, so I did hear him. However…” She added in a sharp tone, “Evidence speaks louder than words. Well see if hed stick to the same version when hes in captivity!”

Zhao Wenman was not threatened at all. It would be easy for her to protect Li Kui from inside the station with her influential family background.

“Oh, right, I also handed a video to the police officers.” Xiao Lingyu added.

Li Kui and Zhao Wenmans hearts quivered when they heard this. Zhao Wenman demanded, “Video, what video?” She didnt think a small company employee without any background could produce anything to threaten her.

Xiao Lingyu said, “The video taken at Marriott Hotel yesterday night when Manager Li and that pighead discussed how to drug me.”

Zhao Wenman was confused, but Li Kuis face paled further. He asked in shock, “How did you get that video?”

Marriott was a five-star hotel. They were earnest about their guests privacy. Why would the hotel admin give someone like Xiao Lingyu their security video?

Yesterday night, when Xiao Lingyu went to use the toilet, Li Kui and the pighead drugged her drink. They discussed the property of the drug, and Li Kui told the pighead that Xiao Lingyu was a present from Zhao Wenman. If there was video footage of that, Li Kui couldnt deny that he wasnt working for Zhao Wenman.

Xiao Lingyu smiled. “Manager Li, you shant worry about that.”

The reality was, Xiao Lingyu was quite bitter when she thought about it. She used the mans identity to get the video. When she woke up in the presidential suite, Xiao Lingyu guessed that the man who took advantage of her had a powerful background. Therefore, she requested the hotel admin for the video, pretending to be the female companion of Room 888s occupant.

Xiao Lingyu was surprised that it worked. The admin handed her the video without any hesitation.

At that moment, bitterness and joy bit at her heart. The man could be the king of the world, but this was the last interaction Xiao Lingyu would have with him. After she received the video, she left a note at the front desk. She had the receptionist relay the note to the owner of Room 888.

The two officers were getting impatient. “Li Kui, come with us now!” Then they cuffed Li Kui.

As Li Kui was dragged away, everyones expression turned curious.

They thought Xiao Lingyu was a slut and prostitute, but in reality, she was the victim. The plot twist was surprising. Li Kui also implied that this was all ordered by Zhao Wenman. Her goal was to steal Xiao Lingyus lover, Chen Ran. They cooked up this vicious plan to ruin Xiao Lingyu so that they could be together.

Chen Ran was agitated. He never thought that Xiao Lingyu, a fragile little flower, would retaliate with such fierceness. Normally, she was so quiet, but once she exploded, the whole world was shocked. She had exposed everything and managed to get the upper hand over them.

This was not something he expected from Xiao Lingyu.

But no. Somethings not right. Chen Ran suddenly realized.How did Xiao Lingyu know about my relationship with Zhao Wenman? When did she find out?

Chen Ran glared at Xiao Lingyu with hostility. Then he softened and asked, “YuEr, this is a misunderstanding. Why would the Young Miss fall for someone like me? Who fed you this nonsense? Is this why youre doing this?”

Chen Rans face filled with heartache and disappointment. “YuEr, I know youre not a malicious person but do you know youre going to jail if you frame the Young Miss like this? When did you turn into such an unreasonable and jealous person? Can you stop before it is too late? Theres nothing between the Young Miss and me, so you shouldnt get so worked up over it.”

Chen Ran made it sound like Xiao Lingyu was doing all this because she was jealous. In short, Xiao Lingyu was acting crazy, and Zhao Wenman was the innocent party.

“Tsk, what kind of a man are you? After what happened to your girlfriend, instead of comforting her, youre protecting another woman? Which one is your actual girlfriend?” Yan Siming tutted sarcastically. “And you say you dont have an affair with this lady? Do you think were all dumb?”

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