Chapter 11: Gong Tianhao

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Inside Presidential Suite 888 at Marriott Hotel, a young man in a suit and black glasses reported to another man who was seated in a golden chair.

The man had a body of perfect proportions. He was very handsome. His facial features had flaws, but combined, the man exuded a sharp and oppressive aura. His eyes were dark and unfathomable.

At that moment, he was wrapped in a white bath towel. He grabbed another towel to dry his black hair. After Secretary Li reported his itinerary, Secretary Li looked hesitant.

Gong Tianhao glanced at him, and he uttered coldly, “If you have something to say, just say it! Youre making it look like Im bullying you.”

Li Yuanhang smiled and said, “Tianhao, when I passed by the front desk, the front desk gave me a note. She said that a woman left it for you.”

Li Yuanhang was Gong Tianhaos secretary but also his best friend. When they were in school, Gong Tianhao already invited Li Yuanhang to join the Imperial Palace Group to be his secretary.

Gong Tianhong looked at Li Yuanhangs raised eyebrow. He coughed and repeated, “A woman?”

Li Yuanhang adjusted his expression and nodded with more seriousness. “Yes, the woman told the front desk that she spent a night in this suite last night.” Li Yuanhang asked with curiosity, “Tianhao, did you really spend a night with a woman yesterday?”

Li Yuanhang remembered that ever since the incident eight years ago, Tianhao became averse to women. Many women threw themselves at him, but none of them succeeded. So when Li Yuanhang heard that a woman had spent a night in Gong Tianhaos room, his interest was piqued. He wanted to see this woman who managed to make Young Master Gong change his principle.

Gong Tianhaos face darkened. He gritted his teeth. “Li Yuanhang, it seems like Ive given you too little work. Youre off chewing words like a common housewife and meddling into your boss business! In that case, youre not going to have any work leave for the rest of the year!”

Li Yuanhang did raise a question in Gong Tianhaos mind. He had no idea what possessed him yesterday. He did see the woman in bed, but instead of chasing her away, he stayed with her.

But once he considered the sudden appearance of this mysterious woman, his expression darkened again.

He demanded coolly, “Who sent the woman here yesterday night?”

He had kept his journey to City Z a secret, but some people had found out. They would do anything to curry favors with him. Since he was a man, they often sent women his way.

Therefore, Gong Tianhao assumed the woman from yesterday night was another present.

Li Yuanhang was startled. He frowned and said with some doubt. “Tianhao, you werent the one who invited the woman to the room? There were a few company bosses who wanted to send over women to you, but I have rejected all of them.” Li Yuanhang knew how much Gong Tianhao disliked sexual bribes, so he would help his friend deflect all of them.

Gong Tianhao studied Li Yuanhangs face, and his cold face wrinkled slightly. He asked in puzzlement, “So where did this woman come from?”

Li Yuanhang didnt know either. He thought of something and took a note from his pocket and handed it to Gong Tianhao, “Tianhao, that woman used your name to get Manager Zhu to send her a video surveillance footage. She also left this note for you.”

Gong Tianhaos face turned up with disgust. He said, “Throw it away, Im not interested. Since she has left and taken the cheque I gave her, then we have nothing to do with her anymore.”

Just as Li Yuanhang was about to say something, Gong Tianhaos phone rang.

When he saw the number, his expression immediately changed. He picked up and asked, “Doctor Huang, is there something wrong with my grandfather? Okay, Ill be back now!”

After hanging up, his expression was solemn, “Yuanhang, start packing. Were returning to the capital now. Grandpa is sick!”

Li Yuanhang became severe too. He asked worriedly, “Is the elder alright?”

Gong Tianhao shook his head and said, “Its hard to say! Doctor Huang said that his condition this time is not that optimistic!”

Li Yuanhang said, “Okay, Ill go and pack. Well return to the capital immediately!” Li Yuanhang threw the note into the rubbish bin. As it floated through the air, the note opened. There were only two words on it. “Thank you!”

Neither of the men saw or cared about it.

Ten minutes later, a private plane took off from the roof of the Marriott Hotel.

Back at Huiqing Group, Chen Rans face darkened once he heard Yan Siming. He was livid. He shouted angrily, “Who the hell are you? Why do you have to be so nosy?”

Chen Ran gritted his teeth and hissed. “Were innocent!”

A mysterious smile appeared on Yan Simings handsome face. “Oh, innocent? So you mean you and Young Miss Zhao dont have a secret affair?”

Both Chen Rans and Zhao Wenmans faces were red. They were furious.

Chen Ran said with determination. “Of course. There is nothing between the Young Miss and me!”

Chen Ran could not admit his relationship with Zhao Wenman, or else they would lose their reputation. Plus, it would not be good for the companys image either. It was fine for Zhao Wenman, but Chen Ran would be blacklisted in the business circle.

Hearing Chen Rans reply, Zhao Wenman frowned. She was dissatisfied. But she didnt say anything. She turned to glare at Xiao Lingyu and Yan Siming.

However, when Zhao Wenman took a more detailed look at Yan Siming, her pupils trembled, and she was shocked. Then she furrowed her brows further.

She thought for a moment and asked with some hesitation, “You-young Master Yan? Youre Young Master Yan?”

If this man was really Yan Siming, then the bitch, Xiao Lingyu, was truly lucky. Compared to Yan Siming, Chen Ran was nothing. He was not even worthy of carrying Yan Simings shoes.

But no, she would not allow such good luck to happen to Xiao Lingyu!

“Xiao Lingyu, stay away from him! Do you know who he is?!” Then Zhao Wenman took a proprietary step towards Yan Siming.

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