Chapter 15: Dump the Scumbag

Translator: Lonelytree

“Little firecracker?” When they heard Young Master Yans nickname for Xiao Lingyu, those who knew Xiao Lingyu was confused. Even Xiao Lingyus mouth twitched.

If her colleagues were to describe Xiao Lingyu, they would use words like delicate, fragile, weak, and easily bullied. So Young Master Yan, what was wrong with your eyes?

Xiao Lingyu turned to Yan Siming, who seemed to change into a different person. She rolled her eyes and said, “Young Master Yan, Miss Zhao is apologizing to you.”

Yan Siming only shrugged and said, “She can apologize, and we can talk. They are separate things!” Yan Siming gave Zhao Wenman no face at all. Then again, he was Yan Siming. There was no one at City Z that he needed to give face to.

Yan Siming suddenly leaned his face closer to Xiao Lingyu. His face was only half a cm away from the tip of Xiao Lingyus nose. Those who didnt know better would assume that they were kissing.

Yan Siming had a charming smile on his face. He whispered like a lover and said very gently, “My little firecracker, Im very good in bed. I promise that youd never find greater satisfaction. So what about it?”

Even though Yan Siming was suddenly dragged into this mess, he found himself becoming quite interested in Xiao Lingyu. From the general study of the situation, Yan Siming got the gist.

Xiao Lingyu and Chen Ran were a couple that everyone envied. However, the man fell in love with a woman far more powerful than Xiao Lingyu. For the sake of his reputation, Chen Ran and Zhao Wenman drugged Xiao Lingyu, set her up with an ugly man to ruin her reputation. They had taken some videos and photos to drive the nails into Xiao Lingyus coffin. By then, everyone would be too busy scolding Xiao Lingyu to notice Chen Ran and Zhao Wenman had gotten together.

However, Chen Ran and Zhao Wenman didnt expect their target to know about their plan and affair. Xiao Lingyu even came to the company to directly expose their conspiracy.

Yan Simings eyes traveled to Xiao Lingyus neck. When he saw the hickey, a bright light flashed in his eyes.The little firecracker has indeed slept with someone last night, but that person doesnt appear to be the ugly man Zhao Wenman had gotten her. Otherwise, the firecracker wouldnt be so calm to deal with all these.

When Xiao Lingyu heard Yan Siming and turned to see his approaching face, Xiao Lingyu subconsciously took a step back and said with a smile, “Young Master Yan, Ive already tested your amazing skills yesterday night. But that is where our interactions end!” Internally Xiao Lingyu grumbled,How shameless! Who wants to experience your skill? After this, I will not interact with this man again! Well go our separate ways!

Chen Rans face darkened when he heard Xiao Lingyu. He was livid. He was angry, humiliated, and shocked.

He cursed furiously, “Xiao Lingyu, you shameless bitch! How can you say such things in public? You slut!”

Chen Ran thought he knew Xiao Lingyu very well. Xiao Lingyu, in his eyes, was a delicate flower that had to be protected by her master. She bloomed for her master, and when her master was not around, shed wilt and die. Chen Ran was her master. Xiao Lingyu could not live without him.

But, over one night, Xiao Lingyu had changed into a different person. She didnt fall into his trap. Even when she came back to the company and faced the gauntlet of accusation and humiliation, she was able to respond calmly. Even more shocking was the fact that she had brought her one-night-stand with her. The man turned out to be Young Master Yan and brought them a hell lot of trouble.

If Chen Ran didnt solve this problem, then everything he had worked for would be in vain.

Moreover, if Yan Siming decided to take revenge for Xiao Lingyu, then Chen Ran would be blackballed at City Z with Yan Simings single word. His future would be up in smokes.

Chen Ran never thought that Xiao Lingyu would retaliate with such ruthlessness.

And now she was even openly flirting with another man in public!

Chen Ran had always seen Xiao Lingyu as his property. He was pissed when he realized his property had betrayed him.

Chen Ran couldnt vent his anger at Yan Siming, so he directed his indignation at Xiao Lingyu.

When Xiao Lingyu heard Chen Ran call her a bitch, her face darkened. She walked up to him, raised her hand, and gave Chen Ran a hard slap. Her eyes were frigid and sharp.

She announced openly, “Chen Ran, you scum! Yes, I might be shameless, but that is because you forced me to be so! Furthermore, in the competition of shamelessness, I am no match for you, Chen Ran. I wont blame you if you want to fight for a better future. If you want to have a secret affair with the chairmans daughter, be my guest. As long as you openly break up with me, I wouldnt even beg you to stay. On the contrary, I will give you my blessing.”

Xiao Lingyus anger gushed out from her heart. Her hatred for Chen Ran erupted like a volcano. She gritted her teeth, “But instead of acting like a man, you want to have the cake and eat it. You want my reputation to be ruined so that your own reputation can be spared.”

She also shot a sharp shot at Zhao Wenman as she said this.

The crowd was stunned. Only then did they realize Xiao Lingyu was not as stupid as they thought. If anything, she was brilliant. They had all underestimated Xiao Lingyu. Then again, it made sense. Xiao Lingyu came from a prestigious university, so how dumb could she be?

Chen Ran was stumped by Xiao Lingyus words. His expression froze. He couldnt process what she said. His face colored with embarrassment. Finally, he opened his mouth to say, “YuEr, listen to me… I….”

Xiao Lingyu interrupted him and said sharply, “Shush, I dont want to listen to more lies. Chen Ran, dont treat me as a fool. Do you think youve really managed to keep everything a secret from me? If you didnt want to be found out, then dont do it! But so be it.”

Xiao Lingyu looked around and raised her voice. “Everyone, listen up! I need you to be my witness. I, Xiao Lingyu, am officially dumping Chen Ran. From now on, we have nothing to do with each other. Chen Ran, you are now free to pursue your happiness and true love. I will not stand in your way anymore.”

Xiao Lingyu then turned to Zhao Wenman. A smile appeared on Xiao Lingyus lips.. “Today, Chen Ran, you shall have your wish. I wish you a lifetime of happiness with Miss Zhao!”

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