Chapter 17: Young Master Yans Offer

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Chen Ran was fuming from being hit by two women consecutively. Furthermore, he was already storing a lot of anger.

He swiped his hand and returned the slap at Zhao Wenman. He claimed, “Bitch, arent you the one who seduced me? You offered me the post of the president!”

Zhao Wenman was humiliated. Her face turned multiple colors. She gritted her teeth and cursed, “Chen Ran, you shameless bastard! If you really love Xiao Lingyu, you wouldnt have succumbed to my seduction. In the end, youre the one who is hypocritical, selfish, and greedy. Who are you going to blame for that?”

Everyone looked at Chen Ran and Zhao Wenman. The couple had turned on each other.

“What a wonderful show!” As if worried that the world hadnt burned enough, Yan Siming sidled closer with a smile. Then he put his arm around Xiao Lingyus shoulders. She tried to struggle, but she couldnt shake him off. In the end, Xiao Lingyu let him be.

Yan Siming lowered his head to whisper into Xiao Lingyus ear. A warm breath rushed over, and Xiao Lingyus face turned slightly red.

Yan Siming looked at the red-faced Xiao Lingyu, and his gaze deepened. The corners of his lips curled up slightly, and his mouth moved closer to Xiao Lingyu. However, his eyes were still looking at Chen Ran and Zhao Wenman, and he asked, “My Little Firecracker, did you enjoy the show?”

She smiled coldly and said, “Of course. Why wouldnt I?” Xiao Lingyus original plan was to expose Chen Ran and Zhao Wenmans secret affair. Xiao Lingyu did not expect the random guy she pulled off the street to be the most powerful man in City Z. The extent of the damage went beyond her expectation.

According to her original plan, Xiao Lingyu knew the expose would only make a joke out of Chen Ran and Zhao Wenman. What happened now was beyond her wildest expectation.

Xiao Lingyu thought she couldnt care less about Huiqing Groups bankruptcy or Chen Ran and Zhao Wenmans ending. She just wanted to redeem herself from her previous life. She needed everyone to know the truth. But now…

Seeing how Chen Ran and Zhao Wenman had turned on each other, Xiao Lingyu turned to Yan Simings handsome and thanked him sincerely, “Young Master Yan, thank you!”

But Yan Siming was quite a cunning and sly person. He smiled. “My Little Firecracker, if you want to thank me, be my woman!”

Xiao Lingyu rolled her eyes and said firmly, “In your dreams!” Xiao Lingyu then stood on tiptoes to whisper into Yan Simings ears. “Young Master Yan, Ive paid you 2000 RMB to pretend to be my one-night-stand. That is where our transaction ends. Young Master Yan, youre a good businessman. You should know transparency and honesty are crucial in a business transaction!”

Xiao Lingyu was quite nervous when she said that. She was honestly worried that Yan Siming would force her to submit. After all, a man like him probably hadnt been rejected by a woman… ever.

However, Xiao Lingyu didnt think she had any charm to attract Young Master Yan. On top of that, Xiao Lingyu only wanted to be a common person. She was not interested in money or power.

After being rejected, there was no disappointment in Yan Simings eyes. If anything, the interest deepened.

He lowered his head and whispered beside Xiao Lingyu, “I know women like to play hard to get. If it were any other woman, I would not bother. But you, my little firecracker, youve aroused my interest. Why not consider being my woman? Dont worry. I will not mistreat you. Jewelry, money, cars, houses, I can give you anything you want.”

Spoken like a true young master, everything could be bought with money. In his mind, these were the things a woman could ever need. Since he was interested in Xiao Lingyu, he was willing to splurge on her. Yan Siming refused to believe that a normal woman wouldnt be moved by his offer.

Young Master Yan planned to use these things to trap Xiao Lingyu in his gilded cage until he was tired of her.

Honestly, Xiao Lingyu in her previous life might have been tempted. After all, it was not every day that she would attract the attention of the most powerful man in City Z. This was the chance to turn her life around. Xiao Lingyu was just a woman of the everyday world.

However, after being reborn, Xiao Lingyus life focus changed. She only wanted to give birth to Xiao Tong, raise him well, and then have an ordinary life.

Xiao Lingyu looked around. There were surprised gazes, envious gazes, and angry gazes. Xiao Lingyu calmed down and replied in a low voice, “Young Master Yan, Ill give you an answer after this show is over. What do you think?”

Xiao Lingyu knew that Yan Siming would continue to pester him if she had rejected him outright. She was not playing hard to get, but it had left that effect on Yan Siming. People always want what they cant have.

Xiao Lingyu was afraid that more rejections would lead to an opposite effect, so she delayed giving her reply for now.

Yan Siming frowned when he heard this. Then a look of disgust flashed in his eyes.I knew it. Women are all hypocrites. She rejected me a moment ago, but now shes reconsidering it? Thats no different from her agreeing to be my woman.

Chen Ran and Zhao Wenman glared at each other with fires in their eyes. Then they turned towards Xiao Lingyu, who was flirting with Young Master Yan. Zhao Wenman glared at Xiao Lingyu with such hatred that the intensity of her enmity was palpable in the air.

Zhao Wenman swore internally,Xiao Lingyu, I will repay the humiliation youve given me today a thousand times over in the future! Just you wait and see!

Perhaps sensing Zhao Wenmans venomous gaze, Yan Siming suddenly turned towards her. His eyes glinted, and then his lips curled upwards. Yan Siming told Xiao Lingyu. “My little firecracker, this is your show. How about I give you a chance to take further revenge?”

Zhao Wenmans face shifted as a bad feeling rose within him. The next second, she heard…

Yan Siming said, “How about you decide whether Yan Corporation shall continue to collaborate with Huiqing Group or not? Just say the word, and Ill make the call to resume the two companies collaboration!”

The crowd couldnt believe what they heard. The fate of the company now rested in the hands of the person whom everyone at the company had bullied. Xiao Lingyu alone decided the destiny of everyone who worked at the company.

Once Zhao Wenman heard this, she staggered back twice.. Her face turned white from panic.

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