Chapter 18: Line Them Up

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The legends of Yan Siming were endless in City Z. Yan Siming had a robust background, ability, and good looks. He was willful and arrogant. He was the king. With a wave of his hand, he could cause instant destruction of a large company.

In the business world, everyone had a tacit agreement. Anyone who valued their lives shouldnt offend Young Master Yan because those who did would have their families wiped out!

However, if something or someone entered Young Master Yans good book, a persons life could be raised to the heavens instantly. But such lucky individuals were scarce.

Xiao Lingyu found herself to be one of those lucky individuals. Young Master Yan had just handed the fate of a large company to a woman he had a one-night-stand with.

It sounded like a joke, but it was the truth.

Both men and women looked at Xiao Lingyu with jealousy. They wished they could have her luck and be favored by Young Master Yan!

She could single-handedly decide the fate of tens of thousands of people. It was glorious.

However, these same people also looked at Xiao Lingyu with anxiety because they were the ones whose fate was in her hands.

Personally, Xiao Lingyu didnt think this was in any way glorious. It was nothing to gloat about. If anything, Xiao Lingyu felt like Yan Siming didnt seem to really want to help her. This felt more like a test.

In any case, regardless of his intention, since Yan Siming was willing to hand her the weapon, Xiao Lingyu was going to take it to take revenge for everything she had suffered in her past life.

Her lover betrayed her. She was framed, raped, and finally disgraced and chased out of City Z.

With this new start, Xiao Lingyu promised not to waste her life anymore. She wanted to live an honest life. However, this didnt mean that she was a pushover. She was not going to forgive those who intended to harm her.

In her past life, she was blinded by love. She was partially responsible for what happened to her. However, she needed the adulterous couple to take responsibility in this life. She wanted revenge!

Xiao Lingyus eyes curved like a crescent moon. She smiled so beautifully. Her sparkling eyes were like a whirlpool sucking in the souls of every man present, including Yan Siming.

Yan Simings eyes narrowed slightly. He started to understand why Chen Ran had done everything to keep Xiao Lingyu for himself.

Xiao Lingyus facial features were not perfect, but when combined, they were very pleasing to the eye. Moreover, Xiao Lingyus beauty was one that would stand the test of time. It was like a bottle of good wine. It would taste better with time.

Xiao Lingyu couldnt be bothered with what the others thought. She just smiled. “Young Master Yan, thank you for the offer. I shall take it then.”

Yan Siming heard this, and his interest was piqued. He smiled and said, “My little firecracker, be my guest!”

For Yan Siming, Huiqing Group was nothing more than a toy. He was very curious about what Xiao Lingyu would do with such great power.

Xiao Lingyu nodded. She walked towards Zhao Wenman, who was glaring at her with hatred. Xiao Lingyu smiled, “Miss Zhao, is that dissatisfaction I see in your eyes?”

Zhao Wenmans expression froze. Then, a raging fire erupted in her heart. Just as she was about to counter, Xiao Lingyu said evenly, “I am lucky because Young Master Yan has awarded me this perfect chance to take revenge on you.”

Everyone saw Xiao Lingyus face. Xiao Lingyu was being matter-of-fact, but people interpreted it differently.

Yan Siming raised his brow. He saw a queenly presence on Xiao Lingyu. Xiao Lingyu looked perfect being at the top of the food chain.

However, not everyone saw the same thing.

“Xiao Lingyu, youre going too far! How despicable!” Lin Xiangyu shouted at Xiao Lingyu. She was so jealous that she was going crazy.Why is Xiao Lingyu always so lucky? Where does she find these men?

Chen Ran was one thing, but Xiao Lingyu was lucky enough to win the favor of Young Master Yan. How was that possible?

When Lin Xiangyu found out the man was the famous Young Master Yan, she shrank back in fear and didnt dare make a sound. However, when she saw how smug Xiao Lingyu was, Lin Xiangyu couldnt hold herself back anymore. She needed to find a channel to vent her envy and anger.

Lin Xiangyus face was red. “Young Miss Zhao has already apologized to Young Master Yan, so what more do you want? Are you only to be satisfied when Huiqing Group goes bankrupt? How venomous can you be? Dont you realize that thousands of employees rely on this company for their livelihoods? Youre going to destroy so many peoples lives for your own selfish motives? How do you even sleep at night?”

Lin Xiangyu spoke with righteousness. She painted Xiao Lingyu as an unpardonable sinner.

It was worth noting that Lin Xiangyu purposely chose this moment to stand out. It was for Young Master Yan to notice her. In terms of looks and figures, she was better than Xiao Lingyu. If Xiao Lingyu could gain Young Master Yans favor, why couldnt she?

In fact, Lin Xiangyu believed her chances were better than Xiao Lingyu.

However, people really shouldnt dream in the day.

Lin Xiangyu had walked out representing the employees of Huiqing Group. She had the halo of the peoples heroine. However, Yan Siming did not even glance at her.

Xiao Lingyu chuckled, “Such righteousness and what a performance. But to think theyd come out of your mouth, Lin Xiangyu. Thats quite amusing.

“One, Miss Zhao offended Young Master Yan, so shouldnt she apologize? Two, did I force Miss Zhao to apologize to Young Master Yan? Three, so she did apologize to Young Master Yan, but what does that have to do with me? Has Zhao Wenman apologized to me?”

Xiao Lingyu shot a glance at Lin Xiangyu. “Speaking of, Lin Xiangyu, if you want to stay in Huiqing Group, you better apologize to me now!”

“What?” Lin Xiangyu widened her eyes in surprise. She rejected the demand instantly, “Xiao Lingyu, I didnt do anything wrong. Why should I apologize to you? You have to be reasonable!”

“Lin Xiangyu, I know youre not that stupid.” Xiao Lingyu smiled. “A wise person submits to the circumstances, isnt that your life principle? So why are you playing dumb now?”

“Huh?” Lin Xiangyu was not pretending. She really had no idea why she should apologize to Xiao Lingyu. In the past, Lin Xiangyu had bullied Xiao Lingyu a lot at work. However, in Lin Xiangyus mind, Xiao Lingyu deserved to be bullied, so Lin Xiangyu had nothing to apologize for.

Xiao Lingyu pointed out. “Fine, Lin Xiangyu, let me ask you this. Where did you get that photo of me at the hotel? Dont tell me you happened to be at the hotel at the time.” Xiao Lingyu chuckled sarcastically.. “I am not that pig-headed to believe such a blatant lie.”

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