Chapter 20: You Are Xiao Lingyu?

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Zhao Wenman continued to be thrashed since no one came to stop the fight.

The party that grabbed the hair had the upper hand in a catfight. Xiao Lingyu did not hold back as she punished Zhao Wenman.

After Yan Siming warned those men, he stayed back to watch with interest.She is truly a firecracker. She explodes in a fight.

However, when Yan Siming saw the expression on Xiao Lingyus face, he was confused. There was anger, pain, and despair. Xiao Lingyu was set up so he could understand the anger. But what about the despair?

Earlier, Xiao Lingyu did not even rise to the taunts from Lin Xiangyu, and she was unfazed by the insults from the whole company. When Xiao Lingyu heard Chen Rans betrayal, she only showed disappointment.

However, when she found out Zhao Wenmans reasoning for setting her up, Xiao Lingyu exploded in despair and pain. Something didnt sit right.

Supposedly, something else happened yesterday night… Yan Siming raised his brow. He became even more interested in Xiao Lingyus story.

Since Xiao Lingyu had the upper hand, Yan Siming decided hed only stand up to protect her if needed.

Zhao Wenman was beaten so badly that she curled up on the ground. She covered her head, but she did not stop cursing. “Xiao Lingyu, you crazy lunatic! Why are you taking this out on me? At the time, Chen Ran agreed with the plan too! So why didnt you go after her?”

Zhao Wenman had already lost hope on Chen Ran. Plus, why should she suffer alone when they were both responsible?

Xiao Lingyu was about to respond when an anxious voice shouted, “Stop! Stop right now!”

The owner of the voice ran over to shove Xiao Lingyu away. His eyes burned with anger as he shouted at Xiao Lingyu, “Who the hell are you? How dare you hit the daughter of Huiqing Groups chairman?!”

When Zhao Wenman heard the mans voice, she broke down. She lay on the ground and cried, “Dad, Dad, save me. This woman is crazy. She was about to beat me to death!”

Zhao Huiqings secretary immediately pulled Zhao Wenman up and asked with concern, “Miss, Are You Alright?”

Zhao Huiqings secretary scanned the surrounding crowd, and she demanded. “What were you all doing? Your young miss was assaulted. Why didnt any of you come out to help her?” Eventually, her gaze settled on Xiao Lingyu. The secretary frowned. She questioned, “Who are you?”

The secretary could remember anyone from the company, but she had no impression of Xiao Lingyu.

By then, Zhao Huiqing also turned his gaze to Xiao Lingyu. His brows were tightly furrowed, and he looked puzzled.

Zhao Huiqing demanded, “Who are you? How dare you cause trouble at Huiqing Group and hit my daughter?” His sharp gaze was laced with fire, but he hid it well. He examined Xiao Lingyu critically.

After Zhao Huiqing arrived, Xiao Lingyu calmed down. She patted down her messy hair and smoothed down her clothes.

She then smiled at Zhao Huiqing, “Chairman, I am Xiao Lingyu, an employee of the Huiqing Group!”

“You are Xiao Lingyu?” Zhao Huiqing was a little surprised hearing Xiao Lingyus name. He knew who Xiao Lingyu was because he had heard Zhao Wenman mention this name before.

Apparently, she was Chen Rans ex-girlfriend. However, Zhao Huiqing heard that Xiao Lingyu was only an Ugly Betty. But the woman standing him, while not being a supermodel, was quite stunning.

Xiao Lingyu smiled. “The chairman knows a small employee like me?” This verified something for Xiao Lingyu. Zhao Huiqing knew about everything his daughter did.

And that was the truth.

Even though Zhao Huiqing disapproved of Chen Ran, he wouldnt meddle with his daughters relationship. Furthermore, Chen Ran was a good person and a hardworking worker. Zhao Huiqing also heard that Chen Ran had a girlfriend of ten years, and she also worked at the company.

Since Chen Ran was loyal to the same girl for ten years, then he should be loyal to his daughter too. Therefore, Zhao Huiqing allowed his daughter to steal Chen Ran from his girlfriend.

Zhao Huiqing nodded and admitted, “I have indeed heard of you. You are Chen Rans ex-girlfriend!” Then he reprimanded, “Xiao Lingyu, I dont care how much you love Chen Ran. That is already in the past. Since you have already broken up, then dont come to pester him anymore. He has chosen my daughter over you! So how can you come to the company to assault my daughter? This is your fault! I will sue you for personal assault. I hope you enjoy staying in prison!”

The bad apple didnt fall far from the rotten tree. Zhao Huiqing resorted to threats.

Since Xiao Lingyu was just an insignificant employee at his company, Zhao Huiqing was not afraid of her.

Xiao Lingyu chuckled. She asked plainly. “Chairman, Chen Ren and I are exes? Who told you that?”

Zhao Huiqing was dissatisfied with Xiao Lingyus brusque attitude. He frowned. “Of course, its Chen Ran!”

Xiao Lingyus sharp gaze shot directly at Chen Ran. The man covered his face in shame. The flame of anger flickered again in her heart.

Xiao Lingyu turned back to Zhao Huiqing with a sarcastic smile. “Chairman, Im afraid youve made a mistake. I only just dumped Chen Ran. You said Chen Ran told you Im his ex? When did he tell you that?”

Only then did Zhao Huiqing realize there was something he wasnt told about the love triangle between his daughter, Chen Ran and Xiao Lingyu. But ultimately, Zhao Huiqing sided with his daughter.

Furthermore, the news of Zhao Wenman and Chen Rans engagement had already been released. If people found out that Zhao Wenman had cut into Chen Ran and Xiao Lingyus relationship when they were still together, it would make Zhao Wenman a homewrecker.

Zhao Huiqing would not have a homewrecker as a daughter. That would ruin the Zhao Familys reputation!

Zhao Huiqing sneered and announced sternly, “It didnt matter when he told me. The important thing is that you and Chen Ran have already broken up.

“So stop pestering Chen Ran and my daughter in the future.

“You are fired from Huiqing Group. I will have the finance department pay you two months salary.

“However, I will seek reparation since you have beaten up my daughter. My lawyer will send you a letter, be prepared for the courts summons!”

Xiao Lingyu combed her hair with her fingers, and she laughed. “Chairman, I still dont think you understand the situation. Never mind, Ill explain it for you.” Xiao Lingyus tone turned sharp.. “Young Master Yan just handed the future of Huiqing Group to me.”

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