Chapter 21: Zhao Wenmans Humiliating Apology

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Zhao Huiqing was stunned.

He said in disbelief, “Ho-How is this possible?”

“According to Young Master Yan, I am the one who decides whether the Yan Corporation would continue to cooperate with Huiqing Group or not.” Xiao Lingyu repeated herself in explanation. She asked Zhao Huiqing in a faint smile, “Chairman, do you still intend to sue me?”

Two can play at this game. If I dont stand up for myself now, when will I? Until after the man stops siding with me?

Zhao Huiqings expression changed. He asked in confusion, “Young Master Yan?” Zhao Huiqing looked around and finally found a handsome man in an ordinary suit in front of the crowd. He had one hand crossed in front of his chest. He was very casual. The color drained from Zhao Huiqings face immediately.

Zhao Huiqing rushed to the company because Zhao Wenman had offended Yan Siming. The executives had called him to tell him that Young Master Yan was at the company.

But why was Young Master Yan at Huiqing Company? How did his daughter offend Yan Siming? The executives didnt have the chance to explain on the phone. Naturally, Zhao Huiqing had no idea that the Young Master Yan had handed the fate of Huiqing Group to Xiao Lingyu either.

The lack of information meant that Zhao Huiqing couldnt access the current situation accurately. When he arrived at the company and saw his daughter being beaten, Zhao Huiqing was angered. After he confirmed the identity of his daughters assailant, his first reaction was to strike back.

However, Zhao Huiqing had misjudged everything. His relentless strike might have cost him the company.

After Zhao Huiqing saw Yan Siming, his high and mighty bearing disappeared without a trace. He looked frightened and uneasy. He staggered to Yan Siming, bowed, and apologized to him, “Young Master Yan, Im sorry. This is my daughters fault for offending you. I am sure this is an accident. Please forgive her. I will teach her to be more respectful of others.”

Then Zhao Huiqing turned towards Zhao Wenman. He shouted, “Stupid girl, get over here and kneel to apologize to Young Master Yan! You are not getting up until Young Master Yan decides to forgive you!”

Zhao Huiqing was planting the guilt on Young Master Yan.

When Zhao Wenman heard her fathers angry roar, she didnt dare to resist. She didnt even have the chance to arrange her disheveled hair as she crawled over. She knelt before Yan Siming. She said, “Im sorry, Young Master Yan. Please forgive me!”

Even Zhao Wenmans father had to be servile towards Uan Siming. Zhao Wenman had never seen her father act like this before. Therefore, she understood she couldnt put on airs anymore or else she would have hell to play.

Yan Siming placed his hand on Xiao Lingyus shoulder, and his fingers toyed with her hair.

Xiao Lingyu resisted the urge to punch him. Since Yan Siming had helped her with her revenge, she tolerated him for now.

Zhao Huiqings expression dropped when he saw this. He was surprised by the twos seemingly close relationship. Instantly, a wave of insecurity consumed him. Zhao Huiqing would never imagine that the unassuming Xiao Lingyu would have a relationship with Young Master Yan.

Thinking back to what he had done, Zhao Huiqing felt like dying. He was filled with regret.

Zhao Huiqing could only hope that Young Master Yan didnt really care about Xiao Lingyu and would take revenge on Huiqing Group on her behalf.

The corners of Yan Simings lips turned up, seeing how obsequious the pair of father and daughter was. He shrugged and said, “Why are you bothering me? Ive already handed the power of that decision to my Little Firecracker.”

Zhao Huiqing was confused by the identity of this Little Firecracker. He stared at Young Master Yan with confusion.

Zhao Wenmans face shifted to show anger and hatred. However, the next second, she lowered her head and apologized to Xiao Lingyu, “Im sorry!”

Before Xiao Lingyu said anything, Yan Siming tutted and added, “Where is your sincerity? I cant even tell who youre apologizing to.”

Zhao Wenmans face whitened. She gritted her teeth and lowered her head even more. She repeated in a louder voice, “Xiao Lingyu, Im sorry!”

Zhao Huiqing finally caught up to the situation. What Xiao Lingyu told him earlier was true.

Yan Siming had really handed the fate of Huiqing Group to Xiao Lingyu, a small-time employee whom Zhao Huiqing looked down upon.

Zhao Huiqing was a businessman who knew how to bend and be flexible.

His eyes flashed with understanding, and he immediately bowed to Xiao Lingyu. “Miss Xiao, I was too rash to lose my temper at you. I apologize to you. I hope you wont take my words to heart. Im sorry!”

Xiao Lingyu shook her head at the tactful Zhao Huiqing. “Chairman, you dont need to apologize. I have indeed hit your daughter, so its not wrong for you to have your lawyer issue a letter to me.” Xiao Lingyu then added in a chiller tone, “But that also means that I will have my lawyer send a letter to your daughter. Actually, I will just call the police over.”

Zhao Huiqing was befuddled. He mumbled, “Police? Why do we need to involve the police?”

“Because your daughter has instigated someone to drug me and offer me as a gift to your companys client. Im sure thats illegal.” Xiao Lingyu told him directly, “In fact, your daughter and Chen Ran have chosen a good man for me. Li Yuanfa, the president of Hong Fa Group, I am sure you are familiar with him. Yes, Chairman? So, now that you know everything, dont you think your daughter deserves the beating I gave her?”

Just as Xiao Lingyu said that Zhao Huiqing turned around to smack Zhao Wenman on her face, and he berated, “Zhao Wenman, how do I normally teach you? I taught you to have a kind heart and never think about harming others! You useless thing!”

Then he added another loud slap. At that same time, Zhao Huiqing shot his daughter a warning gaze.

To be honest, Zhao Huiqings slaps were loud but not heavy. He had to put on a show to satisfy Yan Siming and Xiao Lingyu.

Since Young Master Yan had placed the fate of Huiqing Group in Xiao Lingyus hands, he had to satisfy her or else…

Zhao Huiqing sighed in his heart, but at the same time, he swore to take revenge on Xiao Lingyu.

Xiao Lingyu was now being supported by Young Master Yan but eventually, she would lose his favor. When that happened, Zhao Huiqing would take his revenge.

He would teach Xiao Lingyu a harsh lesson. He would make her pay for making him, Zhao Huiqing, lose face!

Zhao Wenman had received several slaps that day. They were from Xiao Lingyu, Chen Ran, and her own father. Her face was bloated from the bruises.

However, there was nothing she could do but endure this.

Zhao Wenman lowered her head and told Xiao Lingyu, “Miss Xiao, Im sorry!” Her voice was filled with pain and indignation.

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