Chapter 24: The Second Condition

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With Xiao Lingyus reminder, Zhao Huiqing gritted his teeth in anger. “Miss Xiao, I wont forget your five million!” But in his heart, he cursed.Five damn million! This is crazy! I hope you choke on it!

The enmity Zhao Huiqing felt towards Xiao Lingyu grew. He swore to take back the five million after Xiao Lingyu had lost favor with Young Master Yan. Zhao Huiqing snorted.Xiao Lingyu, just you wait. When the time comes, I will make you regret offending me.

Zhao Huiqing hid his thoughts too deeply. No one knew what he was thinking, not even Xiao Lingyu. Then again, nothing would have changed even if she knew. Zhao Huiqing and his daughter could walk around bullying others because they had money. So what would happen when they lost all their money?

Zhao Huiqing nodded. He turned to his secretary. “Secretary Lin!”

Secretary Lin immediately understood. She took out a blank check from her bag. She wrote on the check and handed it to Zhao Huiqing.

Zhao Huiqing suppressed his anger and signed his name.

Zhao Huiqing was worth several hundred million to afford five million still.

Secretary Lin gave the check to Xiao Lingyu.

Xiao Lingyu accepted it without hesitation and said with a smile, “It sure is nice being rich! You can do so much with money, cant you?”

Zhao Huiqing did not answer and only asked in a stern voice, “Miss Xiao, can we talk about the second condition now?”

Xiao Lingyu nodded, “Of course!”

Everyone pricked up their ears, wanting to hear what the second condition was. It couldnt be worse than asking for five million, right?

Xiao Lingyu looked at Chen Ran, who was angry, hurt, and disappointed. And then her gaze moved to Zhao Wenman, whose face was swollen like a pig. The womans hair was messy and her clothes unkempt.

Zhao Huiqing had a bad premonition. His eyes darkened, and he looked at Xiao Lingyu with a profound warning in his eyes.

Yan Siming also noticed the cunning look in Xiao Lingyus eyes. He immediately raised his eyebrows.

He was also very curious.What is this second condition?

Xiao Lingyu suddenly commented, “Chairman, I heard that Chen Ran and Miss Zhao have already set a wedding date. They are going to be engaged in half a month, right?”

At that moment, Zhao Huiqing had lost all hope in Chen Ran. Naturally, he wouldnt agree to the engagement.

Zhao Huiqing looked at Xiao Lingyu and answered directly, “Theres no such thing.”

Then, he added with curiosity, “Miss Xiao, how did you find out theyre going to be engaged?”

Zhao Huiqing denied the engagement. Chen Ran and Zhao Wenman said nothing. Then again, that was understandable because the lovebirds had turned on each other already.

When Chen Ran heard that the Yan Corporation wanted to cancel all cooperation with Huiqing Group, he dumped Zhao Wenman without any hesitation. The man was extremely shameless.

Now that Huiqing Group could be saved, Chen Ran had a sudden regret. He wondered if he could still salvage his relationship with Zhao Wenman to regain his bread.

If Chen Ran had jumped out to protect Zhao Wenman earlier, with Zhao Wenmans unwavering love for him, there might be a chance for him yet. But he didnt do that.

So when Zhao Huiqing denied their engagement, as dissatisfied as Chen Ran was, he could not say anything. He was like a cowardly turtle.

“So its not true?” Xiao Lingyu looked at Zhao Huiqing with a faint smile, “So why did I see their engagement invitation card in Miss Zhaos office? Their names and the date of their engagement are clearly written on the invitation card.”

“What?” Zhao Huiqing was clearly a little surprised. Then, he glared fiercely at Zhao Wenman before turning back to Xiao Lingyu. “So what? They are not engaged yet, so the engagement can be canceled. As the brides father, I officially cancel this engagement.”

If not for Chen Ran, Xiao Lingyu wouldnt have come to take revenge; if Xiao Lingyu didnt come to take revenge, Yan Siming would not be involved; if Yan Siming was not involved, Huiqing Group would not be in danger. Therefore, the first thing Zhao Huiqing wanted to do after this crisis was over was to deal with Chen Ran.

Xiao Lingyu clapped and laughed. “Chairman, you are truly Miss Zhaos daughter. Miss Zhao snatched Chen Ran away from me because she liked him. She then framed me using despicable methods because of her extreme selfishness. But now that things are falling apart, the truth is reverse. All of you are ready to dump the thing you previously fought so hard for. This cruelty is impressive.”

Xiao Lingyu purposely annoyed them. She had known Chen Ran and loved him for ten years. However, Xiao Lingyu never knew how selfish and greedy he was.

After Zhao Wenman offended Young Master Yan and placed the Huiqing Group in crisis, Chen Ran decisively betrayed Zhao Wenman. How heartless this man was.

However, Xiao Lingyu realized she couldnt even summon any hatred for Chen Ran. There had to be love for hate. But Chen Ran was like a stranger to her now.

Even though there was no hatred, there was still anger. In her previous life, Chen Ran and Zhao Wenman had ruined everything Xiao Lingyu had.

Zhao Huiqing suppressed his fury at Xiao Lingyus sarcastic jibes. Internally he was roaring, but he couldnt vent it out. He held it in until his face was purple.

He gritted his teeth and asked, “Miss Xiao, youve circled many meaningless topics. What is your second condition?”

Xiao Lingyu nodded and said straightforwardly, “My second condition is very simple. Chen Ran and Miss Zhao are to be engaged as scheduled! Actually, they should get married directly!”


Everyone was shocked, including Yan Siming. He didnt expect this to be Xiao Lingyus second condition. He thought his firecracker would do more damage to the Huiqing Group.

Yan Siming raised his eyebrows. He believed his little firecracker was up to something else. His interest was piqued.

Other people were also confused by Xiao Lingyus second condition.

Chen Ran was supposedly Xiao Lingyus lover. However, he had betrayed her. So logically speaking, Xiao Lingyu should hate Chen Ran so much that she wanted to cut him into pieces.

Chen Ran betrayed Xiao Lingyu to be together with Zhao Wenman because Zhao Wenman could give him a life of luxury and a bright future.

The Chairman had fulfilled Xiao Lingyus first condition, so Huiqing Group was saved. Zhao Wenmans husband would still get to enjoy a lifetime of luxury.

Xiao Lingyu pushed Chen Ran to be with Zhao Wenman. In other words, Chen Ran would get to enjoy his wish and become wealthy and rich.

Does this mean Xiao Lingyu still cares about Chen Ran for her to do so many things for him?

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