Chapter 8: Questioning

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Xiao Lingyus words stunned everyone.

What did she mean by that?

It was Chen Ran who arranged the man to sleep with Xiao Lingyu? How was that possible?

Chen Ran was shocked, and a trace of panic flashed through his mind.

His expression changed abruptly, and then he said with a stiff face, “YuEr, wh-what nonsense are you talking about?”

Then his face brightened as if something had just come to him. “Youre saying all these because youre angry at me, arent you?”

Xiao Lingyu was amused by his shameless words. Instead of being angry, she laughed and said, “Chen Ran, you and Miss Zhao should know best whether Im talking nonsense or not!”

Xiao Lingyu didnt wait for Chen Ran to respond. She turned to glance at Zhao Wenman before turning back to Chen Ran with a serious expression. “Yesterday night, I received a call from Marketing Departments Manager Li. He asked me to accompany him to the Marriott hotel to receive a customer. The company is trying to get this clients contract, so I was told to treat him well.”

Someone asked in puzzled, “But arent you from the HR Department? Why would Manager Li ask you for help?”

This was not right. This was a big company. The biggest taboo was interference between different departments. Since this was a client of the Marketing Department, why would Manager Li ask an employee from the HR Department to receive the client? Was it because there was no good worker in the Marketing Department?

In an instant, many people looked suspiciously at the marketing department manager, Li Kui.

Li Kui did not expect the fire to burn him, but no matter what, he wouldnt admit any wrongdoing.

He met Zhao Wenmans gaze, and he nodded slightly. He turned his face up with anger. “Xiao Lingyu, dont accuse me. You were the one who requested to come to meet this client. You said you wanted to get to know him because he is rich. Now, everyone, you should understand what is the meaning behind that!”

Li Kui looked around and saw many people cast a disdainful and contemptuous look at Xiao Lingyu.

He secretly heaved a sigh of relief. He was satisfied with the result.

Li Kui continued, “I didnt know how you found out about my meeting with that client, but you came to beg me to bring you with me. You said you were doing this to help Manager Chen. To give Manager Chens face, I succumbed to your pleas, so I called you before I went to meet the client.”

Li Kui played the role of an indignant man well. He pointed at Xiao Lingyu and questioned loudly, “So how can you turn around to accuse me!”

He looked at the crowd around him and pleaded, “If you want to know the truth, after Xiao Lingyu met the client and realized he was the general manager of a large corporation, she was tempted. She persuaded me to leave because she told me she would take down this client. I trusted Manager Chen, so I obliged.”

He looked at Xiao Lingyu with ridicule and said with contempt. “But I didnt expect her to drug the client and go to the hotel with him! Im sure I didnt need to explain what happened next.”

The story explained the pictures shared on the company group. After hearing Li Kuis explanation, the people sided with him and bought his story without verification.

“Xiao Lingyu, you sure are shameless. How can you do such a thing to climb to the top? After what youve done, you even want to frame others? How despicable!”

“Xiao Lingyu, you are the most shameless person in the world! Now we have both physical evidence and witness, what else do you have to say?”

“Thats right. The pictures capture your sin perfectly. How can you even think of framing Manager Li and Manager Chen?”

Xiao Lingyu felt like she was thrown back into her past life for a moment. When she faced these insults and accusations in the past, she was at a loss. Her mind almost collapsed. She didnt know how to defend herself.

But this time…

Xiao Lingyu looked at the ugly faces around her and chuckled. “Are you people blind? Youre saying I drugged that pighead? Look at those pictures. Does he look drugged? I was the one being carried in his arms! Who was the one being drugged? I was almost sacrificed to this disgusting man. Thankfully, I managed to escape, or else they would have succeeded. Manager Chen, you have to stand up for me.”

Chen Rans expression shifted, and he growled angrily. “Thats enough, Xiao Lingyu! Youre horrible. This is not the way to advance your career. Youve made a fool of yourself, and you want me to stand up for you? Xiao Lingyu, youve disappointed me greatly. What have I done that you need to do this to me? If you dont love me anymore, you can break up with me like normal. Why do you need to humiliate me?”

Xiao Lingyu scoffed, “I really have to applaud your acting. That is something I need to learn from you. Chen Ran, Ive known you for ten years already. I have no idea youre so ruthless. You can throw our ten-year relationship down the drain for your own benefit. Speaking of disappointment and humiliation, Im the real victim here!” Xiao Lingyu hissed out the last of her words.

I must be blind to love this jerk for ten years.

Thanks to Chen Ran Xiao Lingyu lost her son and her life. But this time, she would not make the same mistake again.

The crowd didnt understand Xiao Lingyu. They still sided with Chen Ran. They thought Xiao Lingyu was just being crazy and making unreasonable accusations.

Li Kui was about to jump in to reprimand Xiao Lingyu when the latter suddenly said, “Chen Ran, how long have you been together with Miss Zhao? Im sure you two have done everything other than having an official engagement.”

Chen Rans breathing stopped. His pupils constricted, and his expression changed drastically.

Even Zhao Wenman, who had been sitting by the side and watching, also shook. Her expression immediately changed.

Neither of them had expected Xiao Lingyu to know about this!

When did she find out? And how much did she know? Naturally, the two didnt dare to voice these questions.

Chen Ran was about to berate Xiao Lingyu when Xiao Lingyu continued, “You want to get engaged with her, but I am in the way. If you broke up with me and got engaged to Zhao Wenman, people would start talking. They are not fools. Chen Ran, theyll say that youve abandoned your girlfriend to marry into money. Therefore, to preserve your own reputation, you didnt hesitate to ruin mine. But you go one step further to threaten my life!”

Xiao Lingyus anger rose. She questioned, “Chen Ran, what have I done to you? Why are you so ruthless? For your own benefit, you are going to sacrifice me?”

Everyone was dumbfounded by this plot twist.

However, no one dared to say anything because this involved the chairmans daughter.

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