Fear, control or love

CHAPTER 1: Aiden Grey

FEAR. It is the most basic human emotion and in Aidens case the most common too. He was pretty much scared of everything, but his fear increased ten fold after he met Dylan Hunt.

CONTROL. It is the one thing which Dylan needed in his life. Whatever he did he wanted the things to be in his control. He never listened to anyone not even his parents. So, the moment he laid his eyes on Aiden he had the urge to control this fearful innocent boy.

LOVE. The most beautiful emotion. It is said that when one falls in love everything in this World seems beautiful. That same feeling was experienced by Noah when he first met Aiden. Aiden had built up walls of fear around his heart and would not allow anyone to enter, but Noah had decided he would break those walls and fill it up with his love.

So who would win? Fear, Control or Love?

It was a chilly winter day. 8-year-old Aiden was hiding under the bed of his small bedroom, shivering in the cold as well as in fear. He was hiding from his parents to avoid getting beaten. They were too drunk today from early morning itself and Aiden had also seen them inhaling some white colored powder. On such days, they were extra violent and often vented out their anger on Aiden. As soon as he saw them with that powder thing he immediately looked for a place to hide. He shuddered thinking about the last time the abuse he had to take from his parents. They had beaten him black and blue until he lost consciousness. The next day when he woke up his body was covered with purple bruises. It was aching all over and he got up with much difficulty. He wanted to tell someone about his abusive parents but they often threatened him if he told anyone they would not hesitate to kill him. His parents were small-time thieves who earned their livelihood by pickpocketing and stealing from others. They often asked Aiden to drop out of school and assist them in stealing. They knew that people can easily get fooled by kids, but Aiden always refused to result in being beaten up.

Aiden heard a loud crash sound outside in the living room and hid further inside as much as possible. He could hear his parents fighting hurling curses against each other. Aiden was silently praying to God, his parents shouldn come looking for him. He heard more crashes and banging sounds and whimpered in fear. Then he heard footsteps coming towards his bedroom. He clamped his mouth tightly with his hand to avoid making any sound.

Suddenly he heard his mom call for him creepily ”Where are you Aiden? Wheres my baby hiding? Won you come to Mama? ” Aiden shuddered at his moms sickly sweet voice taunting him. Tears started pooling in his eyes and he cried silently staring at his moms footsteps around his room. He heard the bathroom door open and close, then the closet. Now he knew his mom would surely check under the bed as his house was quite small and there were not many places to hide. He jumped up in fear as his mother appeared in front of him and gave him a creepy smile and said ” Found you. You can hide from me ”.

Aidens mom held his leg and tried to pull him out from under the bed. He was now crying hysterically desperately trying to pry his mothers hands off him. He was so thin and malnourished and did not have enough strength to get rid of his mothers steely grip on him. She easily pulled him out and dragged him to the living room where his father was sitting on the sofa, smoking. Aidens mom threw him on the floor beside the sofa where his Dad was sitting. His dad gave him a death glare and he started moving back trying to escape from him, but it was too late. His dad held his arm tightly and placed the burning cigarette on his arm. Aiden screamed in pain but his dad did not stop, rather he got angrier and said: ” Stop shouting you freak, its so irritating. ” Aiden clamped his hand on his mouth again to muffle his scream. Aidens Dad looked at his mom and said ” Get my belt, we need to teach this ungrateful kid a lesson ”.

Aiden was so scared and stuttered out ” PPP…Please Dad, I I I… ammm… Soorrryy… Pleaseee ddon hit me with the belt… IIItttt hurtssss. ” His Dad scoffs and says angrily ” You deserve it. We should have killed you the day you were born ”.

Aiden whimpers and starts crying again when he sees his mom coming out with the belt. She gives the belt to his dad. He swings it hard and a hit lands directly on Aidens hand and back. Aiden screams so loud in pain and he couldn stop the tears which were now flowing from his eyes like a river. Aidens Dad raises his arm again and Aiden was about to get up and run when suddenly the main door bursts open.

All 3 people in the house look towards the door and see few policemen enter holding guns. One of the officers shouts ”Freeze ”. Aidens parents are suddenly scared and his Dad drops the belt which he was holding.

One of the officers tells his colleague ” First, get the child to safety. ”

An officer comes near Aiden and he moves backwards in fear. The officer speaks to him calmly saying ” Don worry kid, we are here to help you. Come with me, I will not harm you. ”

Aiden was contemplating what to do. He looked at his parents who were busy looking at each other contemplating how to get out of this situation. While the officers were busy with Aiden, his parents take an opportunity to try to escape from there, but the officers catch them and put them in handcuffs.

The officer near Aiden goes to him and says ” I am officer Bruce, we came here to save you. We got complaints from your neighbor saying they heard noises from your house frequently and they doubted a child being abused. ”

Aiden felt this man was good as there was hardly anyone who spoke to him so nicely. Also, he had learnt in school the Police always help the people. He thought of trusting him and asked ” Where are you taking my parents? ”

Officer Bruce says ” We are taking them to jail and you are also coming with us for now. ”

Aiden gets scared and asks ” Are you taking me to jail too? ”

Officer Bruce shakes his head and says ” Oh no Kid, you will not be going to jail. Do you know anyone with whom you can stay like an Uncle or Aunt or your grandparents? ”

Alden shakes his head and says ” I have only been with my parents. There was no one else. ”

Bruce then says ” OK then don worry, we will take you to a suitable place to stay ”

Bruce then takes Aidens hand and steps out of the house. Aiden sees two more officers dragging his parents away and putting them inside a car. His parents were looking at Aiden in anger as if to say it was all his fault. Aiden shudders at their glare which Bruce notices and tells Aiden ” You don have to be scared of them anymore, they can harm you anymore. Come, I will take you to the Doctor to look after your wounds. ”

Bruce informs his senior that Aiden needs to be checked by a Doctor and goes to the hospital along with his partner and Aiden. At the hospital, the Doctor checks Aiden and tends to his wounds. The Doctor asks him how he got those bruises and Aiden reluctantly tells the Doctor about the beatings he received from his parents on regular basis. The Doctor calls the police officers and says ”Aiden has many bruises on his body both old and new and has been abused physically, mentally and verbally for a long time. He seems to be emotionally scarred and is very jumpy about his surro

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