Fear, control or love

CHAPTER 6: Reality Check

phone. Aiden sits down, waiting for them to say something. Even after 5 minutes, nobody said anything. Mr. Hunt was still checking the documents, whereas Mrs. Hunt checked her phone after finishing the call.

Aiden tried to recollect the things he had learned in the orphanage, about how they should behave with the guests. He remembers Madam Cecilia also said the Hunts were his new family, so he thought he should greet them politely.

He practices it a few times in his mind and finally musters up his courage and says, ”G-good Morning Mom, Dad. ”

Mrs. Hunt was enraged hearing the word Mom. ”Who are you calling Mom? ”She screamed.

Aiden was shocked at the sudden outburst. He was shivering like a leaf when Mrs. Hunt continued, ”Let me make one thing clear to you, boy. I am not your Mom, nor is he your Dad. We have only one son Dylan. ”

”Calm down, Diana, let me speak to the boy, ” said Mr. Hunt to his wife.

”Don ask me to calm down. Let me handle this. Its not even a day, and he already thinks he owns this house. We need to show him his real place, ” says Mrs. Hunt, exasperated.

Her words deeply hurt Aiden. They seemed so polite the previous day, so now he couldn decipher the change in their attitude. He was doing what Madam Cecilia had taught him, but whatever he does, it always seems to be wrong. This is the exact reason he tries to avoid people, as he is always scared of offending them and getting punished in return.

His thoughts are interrupted by Mrs. Hunt. ”The reason we adopted you is not that we need a son. Heck, even your parents didn want you, then why would we? Why should we take care of you? ”

Aiden was in tears now. He should have known it was too good to be true.

”Now you are staying in our house, eating our food, using our bed. We even have to pay for your education. So how do you plan on repaying us? ” asks Mrs. Hunt.

”I…I d-don have any money to pay, ” Aiden whimpered. He had never expected he would be asked for repayment for being adopted. Was it always the case? No one had informed him about that. Moreover, the other adopted kids he saw at the Christmas party always bragged about how good their family was and took care of all their needs.

Mrs. Hunt scoffs. ”So as you don have any money to pay, you have to pay it in some other way. ”

Aiden felt a ray of hope. ”W- what can I do to pay you? ”

”You are just a weak boy; what can you do? ” Mrs. Hunt looked at Mr. Hunt and said, ”I think we made a mistake by adopting him. We should have adopted someone better. ”

Aiden was panicking. His dream of having a loving family was already shattered. Now he will be sent back to the orphanage. He shuddered at the thought of Madam Cecilias reaction if he goes back.

”I…I…I will do anything you say. P-Please don send me back to the orphanage, ” Aiden managed to say in between his tears.

Mrs. Hunt smirks. This is what she wanted. ”Anything? ”

”Y…Y…Yes, ” said Aiden looking fearfully at Mrs. Hunt.

”Don look at me like I am going to eat you. I am not that cruel, ” said Mrs. Hunt annoyed. ”You say you would do anything. Are you sure you won back out later? ”

Aiden never had a problem with obeying others. ”I won back out, M…. ” He was about to say Mom but suddenly realized his mistake and stopped himself.

Mrs. Hunt said, ”Ok, then its decided. We will take care of all your needs, and in return, you have to do whatever we say, no questions asked. It would be best if you specifically did whatever Dylan asks you to. Help him with his school work. ”

”O-Ok. I will do as he says, ” agreed Aiden.

”Theres another important thing. If you are staying here, you have to follow a few rules. The first one I already told you about. Next, whenever at home, you address me as Maam and him as Sir, ” she said, pointing towards Mr. Hunt.

”Ok, Maam, ” said Aiden obediently.

Mrs. Hunt was impressed. Dylan was right about this boy. ”From next week, you will be going to school with Dylan. Everyone at school will know that we have adopted you, so behave yourself. I don want any complaints. ”

Aiden nodded his head eagerly.

”Also, remember not to say a word about whatever we discussed to anyone; if you do, then there will be consequences, ”Mrs. Hunt threatened.

Aiden was scared at her expression. ”I…I…I s-swear I won tell anybody anything. ”

”Ok, You can leave now. ”

Aiden hurried out of the office and rushed back to his room, and locked the door. His tears had stopped by now. Though things did not turn out as he had hoped, he was still relieved because he had seen and faced even worse situations in his life. He did not have much choice but to choose the best out of the worst, and right now, staying here was better than going back to the orphanage to face Madam Cecilias wrath. He just prayed and hoped that he never regrets this decision.

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