Finding Jayden

Chapter 1: Blueberry Cheese Cake

Like a blanket, the night was thick and covered the forest. One would expect it to be calm and peaceful, however, on this night, it was not. Screams tore through the fabric of peace and blood stained the threads of immaculacy.

A small girl, only twelve, shivered in the middle of despair. Seven figures stood over her. They beat her, colouring her body with cuts and bruises. Hurtful words like hail rained upon her. She wanted only to be safe with her family.

”I wish I never came to the forest, ” she thought.

Her tears stung her face as they ran down and disappeared into the ground. She looked up at the surrounding evil. She swore if she lived to see another day, she will not stop until they were dead.

”Daelyn! ” the name bounced off the empty hallways.

”Aven, shh… People are going to hear us ”

”Oops… sorry ”

The girl looked at her friends. All four of them had sneaked out of the school to have lunch at the nearby mall.

”Maybe sneaking out was a bad idea, ” Daylen whispered to her friends.

”You think? ”

The friends took their time, navigating their way so that they wouldn get caught.

”Ehem ”

They turned around to see the Vice Principal standing right behind them. The Vice Principal was known to pass around punishments like the flu. Even worse, she didn like Daelyn and her friends very much. They would often be in her office, for one thing, or another.

”Mrs. Kaye, we can explai– ”

”How many demerits is this? Students will receive FOUR demerits for leaving the campus without permission, right? ” she said with a slight smile on her face.

”Miss Kaye. Is it possible we could get detention instead of the demerits? We could even start today if youd like. ” Daelyn spoke up.

Unbeknownst to her friends, part of the reason she wanted to sneak out was to get detention this evening. The burgers were just an added bonus.

”No can do. You have a cultural event this evening and I promised your father that we grant early dismissal to each student at our school that would be in attendance. You are a member of Midnight? Aren you Miss Thomas? ”

”Yes… ”

”Good, so I will see you first thing Monday morning for your punishment. ”

Daelyn wasn too pleased with this outcome. In her perfect word, she could have used detention as an excuse to skip the coronation. In her perfect world, since their plan failed, she could easily weasel her way out of what the VP was going to give them.

”Miss Kaye ”

Daelyn folded her lips. She thought of every single sad thought she could think of and was able to milk a single tear. She covered her mouth and gave the best performance of her life.

”The truth is… this was all me. My friends just came with me. You see, since it was Devyns birthday– ” She sniffled.

Her friends stood behind her, holding in their tears. Whether because of cringe or laughter, we may never know.

”I just wanted to give him a little something for his birthday. He was feeling very nervous and wasn eating, so I thought if I gave him his favourite treat, he might cheer up. ”

She took a neatly wrapped box from her bag and handed it to Miss Kaye.

”See, Blueberry Cheese Cake, his favourite, ”

Daelyn smiled to herself. Even though she didn get what she want, she could still save her and her friends skins.

”Really? Ok. You can give him now. ”

Miss Kaye pointed to something in front of her. The group turned around to see someone walking toward them.

To Daelyns dismay, it was Devyn.

She wanted no more than to kick his ass.

”What is he doing here? ” she thought.

Once again, he was about to ruin her plans.

Devyn was Daelyns worse enemy. She hated him more than anything on the planet. The worse part was that she could never get rid of him. Not only did he go to her school and was in all her classes, but he was also the son of the Alpha. On top of that, their families were super close. Her father was the beta and her mother was his mothers best friend. Their families were basically always around each other. They were even named similar, Devyn and Daelyn.

Daelyn and Devyn could not have been more different. Daelyn was short and her melanin dripped off her body like delicious melted chocolate. She was also short and the lines and crevasses of her body formed luxurious curves. She was ver

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