”Im home, ” Daelyn announced as she pushed open the front door. She hoped that everyone had already left and she would have an excuse not to go. Sadly, it was not so.

Suddenly, she heard a loud noise.

”Whats going on? ”

”Mom! Dad! ” she called out.

She entered the house to absolute madness. Her parents ran around the house like headless chickens. They were busier than worker bees.

”Whats going on? ” Daelyn asked her sister. She sat on the couch with her mate.

”Oh, they are doing last-minute prep for Di-Jeans party tonight, ” she answered, not once looking up from the couch.

”Ahh… ”

Daelyns parents were dedicated members of the pack. No one loved the pack more than those two.

”Im going to my room, ” Daelyn announced to the couple on the couch.

She cautiously walked past her parents. She hoped that just this once they would ignore her existence.

”Lyn ” her mother called out to her.

”Yes, mom, ”

”I left a dress on your bed for you to wear ”

”What? Im really going, ” she whined.

”Yes Maam, you
e going. Now go try on the dress let me see. ”

She reluctantly dragged herself up the stairs and to her room.

She sighed, opening the door. She threw off her school bag and kicked off her shoes. With a loud thud, she landed on the bed. Burying her face in pillows, she let out a sigh of relief. A wave of tiredness washed over her. She didn realize how exhausted she was.

She laid on her back staring aimlessly at the ceiling.

Her mind wondered to this day six years ago. She recalled how optimistic and naïve she was. The world was a fluffy cloud of cotton candy, vomiting sunshine, and rainbows.

She laughed. It was as bitter as gall.

She now knew how the world really was. It was cold, dark, and hopeless. It was like being caught in a thunderstorm without shelter or a home, just despair, and grief.

”Lyn, did you try on the dress yet? ”

She had totally forgotten.

”Putting it on right now, ” she shouted.

She leaped off the bed and searched for the dress. However, it was nowhere to be found.

”Where is it? ” she said in frustration. She checked the floor just to make sure. And there it was. The dress laid in defeat as it was bounced off the bed when she first came in.

She took up the dress and examined it before putting it on. The dress flowed beautifully off her curves. It was navy blue and a slit at the side traveled from her feet to just in the middle of her thigh. The v-line cleavage coverage her bust elegantly. She smiled in the mirror. She was quite a beauty.

She made her way down the stairs.

”Heres the dress, ” she announced to her mother.

”Beautiful, ” her mother said, placing her hands over her mouth.

She was always one for theatrics.


”Dolton! come look at your daughter, ” she called to the girls father, who was busy taking wooden crates full of wine to the car. He came over and stood beside them.

”I think its kinda too revealing, ” He said.

”Dolton man, it looks fine, ” his wife commented.

”Hmm.. ” he hummed, not convinced.

Ever since what happened, hes been super protective of his daughters. In some ways, he blames himself.

”Im going to go take this off now. Don wanna mess it up, ”

Daelyn raced up the stairs and locked her door. In reality, she just wanted to leave so she could watch dramas in my room and be by herself.

”Lets see. What can I watch? ” she talked to herself as she stripped out of the dress.

She decided to watch something with light comedy, something to calm herself. Slowly, she drifted off to sleep.

”Jayden! ” she shouted as the coarse forest floor bruised the soles of her feet. Her bones screamed in agony. The journey was quite treacherous and she could faint any moment now.

”Please, ” she begged. ”Jayden, where are you? ”

She sank to her knees and wrestled with her tears. She knew crying would do no good. She had to press on and find her.

”Are you ok? ” a voice asked. It was soft and kind. It warmed her heart just a little.

The stranger offered their hand. The girl took it and was helped to her feet.

”Don worry, it will be fine. ” The voice wrapped her in a comforting embrace.

”Daelynnnnn! ”

She jumped out of her sleep and wiped the stray tears from her eyes.

”Damn, two nightmares in basically one day. Thats rough, ” she sighed as she peeled her tired body from the bed.

”And I have to go to the coronation ” her steps were heavy with reluctance as she made her way down the stairs.

”This sucks ”

”What sucks? ” her sister Ayla asked.

”Nothing… Wheres mom? ”

”Oh, mom and dad already left. They said to wake you to make sure you actually come. ”

”Great ” Daelyn rolled her eyes.

She didn even realize that she could just not go. Her mother took her only medium of escape before she could even explore it.

”You should probably get ready now. The event is supposed to start in the next hour and a half. ”

”Can believe I actually have to go ”

Daelyn mumbled all the way to her room. She picked up her necessities and went to take a shower. After, she got dressed and did light make-up on her face. Since her hair was in twists, she decided to do a cute fluffy fro. Last, she adorned herself with beautiful jewelry.

She went downstairs to meet with her sister. She saw her standing in the living room scrolling on her phone.

She was stunning. Her dress was skin-tight but elegant. And her locs flowed beautifully past her shoulders and down to her butt. Daelyn stood there admiring her sisters beauty. Her parents really did have beautiful children.

Her mate walked over to her, whispering something. She laughed and playfully hit his arm. Daelyn stood where she was. She didn want to interrupt them. It was always weird to her that they didn sense her presence.

”Is that what having a mate is like? ” she thought. ”How can a person make you feel like its only you two in the world? ”

”Oh, you
e ready ” Ayla finally noticed her sister. ” Lets lock up, then head out. ”

”You can ride on the roof, Daelyn, ” her mate spoke up.

Daelyn hissed her teeth.

Odane was always like that. Since Ayla found her mate quite early, the three basically grew up together. He was like the older brother Daelyn never had. He was annoying, loved to tease her for no reason, and was always trying to get her in trouble. Yet, he was someone she could talk to when she needed him.

”You can do that Gloria will have your head for it ”

”Nah… my mother-in-law loves me more than she loves you ” He spun the car key around his fingers.

”Lets go my love ”

He held Aylas hand and walked with her to the car.

Daelyn smiled. They looked perfect together.

”I wonder if I will– ” Daelyn thought.

She sighed. Once again, she made herself hope for something that might never happen.

She convinced herself that she wasn sad about it.

”It isn like I didn have a mate. Its just that they might die without finding me and thats what made it sad. ”

”Yeah, I felt bad about the person on the other side. I just wanted to experience what the hype was about. No big deal. I just wanted to know what it was like to have a mate. ” she reassured herself.

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