Firefly In Spider’s Web

Chapter 2 : Canned beer and Ramen

: The warehouse suddenly caught on fire, it spreads faster than we anticipated and has completely devoured the whole building.

: And the items?

:….Mostly are in good shape, some are bruised while one is missing and it seems that the fire was planned thoroughly.

: Hmm.

The mans slender index finger tapped several times on top of the blanket thats covering his lower body.

His calm demeanor remains unmoved but his pale hazel brown eyes glitched with heavy irate towards the brainless baboons who can handle a simple job.

: Discipline the personnel who are guarding the goods for their stupidity. Clean the site and find the missing item.

: Yes, young master.

As the call ended, he placed the telephone back on the bedside table, gripping the blanket and throwing it aside as he moved sideways to get out of bed, his towering height ascends after standing beside the glass wall of the room.

He looks down on the glistening city lights while wearing back his clothes and just as he finished placing his rolex on his wrist a gorgeous beauty wrapped in cloud like bath robe walks in while drying her hair.

e leaving already Mr. Yamazaki? ”

The woman hurriedly clung her hands around his neck and hum flirtatiously.

”Yes, I have to take care of some matters. ”

He took her hands off of him before striding towards the door.

”Lets meet again okay? Call me alright? ”

”Sure. ”

He walked out of the room without glancing back after he lied.

As soon as the elevator doors sprang open on the ground floor, his underlings greeted and followed him out of the hotel building, one held the door of a car while he entered and sat inside the back seat.

”Report. ”

He uttered once the engine starts and a man with burst taper haircut slantly faced him from the passenger seat.

”According to the records that we able to retrieved, the fire was ignited from box 26, due to its fragility the item easily kicked and escaped the box. ”

Ares leaned his back on the leather cushion. This matter starts to arouse his curiosity in a different notion then motioned his left hand and the man gave him a cigarette and a gold plated lighter.

”Is that so? Then how does the information area got burned quickly if the items are located at the west side of the warehouse? ”

”One of the tortured guards admitted that his partner was seduced by the item in box 26 and persuaded him to relocate the box for the meantime and this is the next scene. ”

He held the tablet that the man gave to him with his right hand and watched the footage while occasionally dragging a smoke.

Harvey Zhang sat straight at the passenger seat after handing the gadget to his boss, replying to the you **ed up look of the driver by glaring.

But he knew above anyone else, by being his right hand for only two years, how this incident will trigger his violent outburst for this man is a control freak, and an unexpected failure of his thorough plan for the smuggling goods transaction with the Brazilian Mafia will absolutely piss him off.

However as he sneaked to look at his boss, theres an unusual smile in the corners of his mouth.

He seems to be in a good mood.

He seems amused!

”Tell the bratz that we
e delayed for two days and would add cokes and guns for compensation if they threw a tantrum wipe them off the city. Contact our brothers in Philippines to transfer the data of item 26. ”

”I already did but they said itll take a week max as the supplier is currently under surveillance of national government intelligence. The data got instantly deleted after the shipment for security purposes and would be sent as soon as they retrieved it. ”

Ares dragged his last hit and gaze at the paused footage of a girl covered in an oversized coat, stolen from the unconscious guard, her facial features hidden by the coat hoods shadow, her middle finger high towards the surveillance camera.

A smirk rose up from his lips before pressing the tip of the used cigarette in the screen.

The week drags slowly and Ares can put a category to the rising emotions he feels.

Heve never felt this kind of adrenaline rush for a long time. A blend of excitement and anticipation, anger and frustration altogether.

He even occasionally dream of the girl sticking her middle finger.

Theres really none of a huge damage in the industry because of the incident, the transaction remained smooth, he lost a huge amount of money but its just numbers it could be replaced.

”Right? Theres a ton of whor*s around the city and you chose an item to get dirty with. What a **ing moron. ”

As he swang his foot to kick the lying mans abdomen once again, the small messy room was filled with agonizing painful cries.

The pitiful underling haven completely recovered yet from the previous torture and decided to lie low in his apartment when he suffers a second handful of violence after his boss arrived.

Coughing blood at each of his foot blow, he felt like a lifeless vegetable.

His bare back stings from the cigarette marks and thinks his right knee has been dislocated after the boss severely stepped on it.

Trying hard to stay concious and catch a glimpse of his boss through his swollen eyes,

he knows hes better off dead.

The cold blooded mans gaze shows no trace of mercy.

”B-boss have mercy. Its the vixens fault! Shes a scheming bitch and Im just a victim! Boss spare me! ”

Ares remained unmoved. He already crumpled this garbage and still, he felt unsatisfied.

”Shes really a beauty! a-and the bitch used any means to- ”

”Shes beautiful? so you opened the box. ”

”B-boss just once, it was her fau- ”

The guys sentenced was cut by a loud wail,

blood instantly squirted, tainting Ares suit and face after he grabbed his balisong from his pocket and stabbed the trash to gauged his eyeball.

Still he felt discontented.

Its not enough.

Days roll by and hes getting more restless

because what makes his blood boil in bliss is

the idea of having his incontrol situation got manipulated.

By a foreign girl.

In his own territory.

He have no idea how this girl accumulated to have the things she needs to do the deed but hell find out eventually.

Besides for him, its nice to play hunting fireflies sometimes.

”Hey, why are you spacing out? ”

The girl whos grinding on top of him asks while pouting, shes a beautiful blond with enormous tits and it brought his mind back inside this hotel room.

An hour goes by before he was driven back to his residence and the cold shower can diminish the growing impatience hes suffering due to the damn girl when his phone lit up with notification.

He picked it up from a glass shelf and read the message from Harvey.

The image of a smiling girl invades his phone screen.

Long jet black hair tied in a ponytail, her chubby cheeks displays two deep tiny dimples.

Cute and look harmless.

The girl who stepped on his ego.

”Ha…Hahahaha! ”

He laughs like a madman.

Wearing a black hoodie jacket after kicking in on a same coloured jogging pants he wiped his semi dry hair for the last time.

: Ive sent you the location. Should we grab her?

: Disperse, shes mine.

A minute of silence filled the other line before an okay and ended the call.

He slid his phone and car key on his pocket while stretching his neck from left to right.

With a chilling grin on his face, he went on the way towards his prey.


Hi, Im the author. Lol.

Heres some notes :

•Blood boil in bliss : hes both ecstatic and furious because hes a neurotic hehe

•hunting fireflies : idiom about preying on the weak

•balisong : a folding pocket knife.

please tune in for our next chap hehe ^^

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