Firefly In Spider’s Web

Chapter 3 : A Slight Crack.

Chattering people and clicking utensils filled the whole ramen shop.

That night is two times busier than a regular store hours and no matter how Abigail wants to just stay inside the kitchen to avoid larger amount of interaction, she got no other choice.

”Abi! Hurry! Stop being a timid girl and serve outside we
e swarming with customers. Hurry! Hurry! ”

The petite lady flinched at the shriek of another woman.

Her round cheeks are flustered and foreheads damped with sweat as she fanned herself with a towel while complaining about the heat continuing with endless talk as if shes arguing with herself wether to install air conditioners or not.

Abi released a silent sigh before taking off the gloves on her hands, her face clearly shows a worry expression.

She originally applied as a kitchen helper but with tonights number of patrons, she really must help in serving.

”What are you so shy for Abi? Hey isn it better to just serve outside than wash this mountain of dirty dishes? plus you can get a tip if you happen to have a generous customer! ”

A tall young boy with a cheeky smile spoke, trying to coax her which she replied with a forced smile while tidying up her apron.

After tying her shoulder length red-dyed hair, she threw a quick glance at her reflection in a small mirror hang on the wall.

Its okay, relax. Its a huge city and no one saw you, its been a week and you
e still alive. Stay composed and stick with the goal.

She chanted words of encouragement to herself before walking out of the kitchen, picking a small note pad and a pen, she gaze her eyes around the packed room and settled on a guy whos in spite of the steamy atmosphere still wears a hoodie jacket she decided to head over his direction when Fumi, one of the waitresses assisted him already so she shifted her attention towards somebody else.

She made her way through, avoiding her fellow crews when she spotted a newcomer but she was suddenly stopped by Fumi.

”Ill take them foreigner, wait for the guy over there. ”

She ordered while frowning and walk away before she could clarify why.

”What was that about? ”

She asked in low voice before heading back to the mans table.

Hes facing the glass wall and from his back heads posture he seemed to be engrossed towards the establishment facing him, which is a love hotel.

As she gets nearer, she can help but notice his broad back and shoulders, surely hes a tall and well-built man, she also can understand why shes drooling over such trivial matters under her current situation.

”Hi sir, may I take your order? ”

She hurriedly asked after he moved beside him and in just a glanced at his side view she confirmed that hes definitely a top-tier God-like ikemen.

In addition, as the man tilts his face up to equal her gaze, she felt like on the verge of a massive spurting nosebleed yet she tried so hard to act as uninterested as she can.

It was easy for her.

His fine thick brows and lashes compliments his hazel nut coloured slanted eyes, perfectly sculptured nose and darkish red supple lips.

Hes a portrait of a handsome japanese nobleman mixed with a foreign aura.

For Abi, whos a sucker for good-looking men, it was absolutely easy to act normal and uninterested. Absolutely.

The man smiled and said in his baritone voice.

”Just a bowl of regular ramen and canned beer. ”

His adams apple slides up and down after uttering those words, adding a boyish carefree smile, it was triple kill for Abi.

”Alright. Coming right up. ” She nods and smiled then turned around to arrange his orders when she was gripped by the wrist making her halt.

But what made her froze is the shuddering chills she felt with his touch.

Cold enough to send shivers to her spine.

Like an unseen serial killer suddenly trapping his victim, unwilling to let go his scapegoat.

She turned to look down on him and saw a handsome face brimming his charming smile.

Maybe shes just mistaken and anxious. The toll of trauma from that horrible experience, messing up on her head again?

”Yes? ”

She managed to regain her composure.

”And extra burger with wasabi sauce. ”

He answered with a faint rubbing of his thumb against her skin which she finds completely unnecessary so she pulled her hand away and just politely smiled.

Shes surely a fanatic of ikemen but she despised the scum ones who thinks they could make all the girls kneel on their feet.

After serving the guy she abruptly left his table to assist other customers.

She had a hard time comprehending some fast speaking japanese, after all her knowledge in this language is limited and the translation booklet she bought from her first part time job salary isn that accurate.

Theres still a long way to go and she needs to quadruple her efforts and skills to survive and finally leave this place back to her country.

Time swiftly ticked by and the store finally closed.

Yamato, the working student dishwasher guy, offered to walk her home but she declined with courtesy because it will be weird if he finds out that she got none.

When all her co-workers left she starts walking as well and once loneliness swept her, everything flashes back in her mind.

The disco lights and blaring music, the uproarious crowd, how she helped her bestfriend from being abducted, how shes the one who got drugged instead.

Everything comes crashing back, drowning her in helplessness, fear and anxiety that shes suddenly having a hard time to breathe.

Stopping in an empty alley under the yellow street lamp, she closed her eyes and lift her face above,

Panting heavily.

Letting her tears flow freely.

She remembered how she ran for her life that day. The bright orange-red sky looks majestic and she thought that would be her final chance to view the setting sun.

Holding her breath until she felt like her head and lungs are about to explode. Upon deliberating she realized its not the best to contact the local police because from what she observed, that syndicate is a big mob and could possibly have police connections.

She must trust no one and pull her wits like she did back then, gathering her means to escape.

First and foremost she needs money, a place to stay and food, shell plan the rest afterwards.

She continued sobbing silently as her breathing calms.

She thought about her family.

Are they looking for her? Are they worried?

Theres no sense to succumb from this sadness.

Shell get through with this nightmare.


Notes :

Abi is from Philippines

Ares is half Japanese-chinese and his eye color is just a random fetish of mine. lolol.

Hi, sup bruh, chap 2 done hurrah.

See you in the next chap

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