Firefly In Spider’s Web

Chapter 4 : Lucky Day

Her mild brown face, glows like pale gold against the lamp light, her tiny yet supple pink lips trembles as her small pointed nose sniffs all the while tears trickle down on her chubby cheeks.

From a distant, a tall black figure watches her, admiring this expression.

Fascinated by the vivid display of hopelessness and solitude, he can help but wonder what different kinds of faces this doll can make especially when he strangles her to death.

His hands wrap around that thin neck, feeling her heart on her throat beating frantically as the light tan coloured pretty face turns white like a melting chocolate on his palms while he **s her.

His thoughts once he entered the store shes working at were normal.

He wants her dead but a voice in his head urges him to play with her first.

If hell be honest with himself, shes cute from the photo but he found her more attractive in person.

No wonder why his stupid subordinate got easily hooked.

Was it her average petite body or the slender waist thats being emphasized by her tied apron? or her pretty face?

Questions bombarded him while he gaze at her reflection through the glass window.

A waitress then suddenly approached him, he noticed that shes being an obvious flirt but hes too engrossed at the foreign girl.

He gave her a cold respond and asked to let the foreigner wait for him herself.

The waitress made a sour expression before striding away and he continued assessing his prey.

Are all filipino women as tantalizing as her?


He got some pinay flings before and they weren as striking as her and as a matter of fact, compared to other foreigners heve tasted shes not as gorgeous like others.

So whats with this strange arousal?

Was it because she struck him with an impression by being a clever fox and escaping?

Its possible.

He gave up the puzzling thought, all he knew was that the moment he held the smooth and soft skin of this woman his thumb rubs her unconsciously, snapping a thread of sanity.

He almost wanna grab her somewhere and do her rough.

He craves to kill and ** her so bad that his body can stop trembling in sensation of just the thought while following her.

Now staring at her crying expression he felt a slight crack.

It was very faint, almost unnoticeable.

Ares contemplated for a minute before settling in toying her around for the mean time.

As long as she founds her amusing, hell keep her alive.

For now.

Besides, its rare to find a toy hell enjoy in playing as much as he did with his uncle and his wife or all the previous ones, he even thinks she can surpass the fun all of them gave to him from the past.

He sneered happily.

He continued following her until she reached a public bath house where she had a lively conversation with its lobby attendants, laughing heartily as if she didn just cried her eyes out awhile ago, before she disappeared inside.

An hour passed without her going out and he concluded that she stays here to pass the night.

He puckered his lips.

How cute.

She managed to find three part time jobs, a place to stay and befriend people who can she gain benefits with in just a short span of time.

He admits that is commendable.

She may look like a typical girl next door but she got tricks up her sleeves and he found her interesting to play with all the way more.

Standing in silence, hands inside his jackets pocket and the sound of his tapping shoe against the marble road made his chaotic thoughts organized as he immerse himself in deep contemplation.




Then he paused and glanced at his rolex before heading back in his parked car.

Hes in good mood while pondering about his game plan and as soon as he entered his 1963 silver Ferrari, he pressed Harveys mobile number.

It took a minute before the line got connected.

: Yes Mr. Yamazaki?

: I want a full background report of Abigail Lopez, everything about her, every little detail from family and friends

to her educational attainment and medical checkups, photos, clips and footages every video there is from her toddler years up to date, I want it within a day and…

The car halted in front of a mini convenience store located at the end of the South Side of the city beside a gasoline station.

Harvey knows this is where the foreigner works with her second job.

Its Wednesday and as scheduled, her shift starts at 9:00 AM till 5:00 PM before she goes to the nearby ramen shop where she works from 7:00 PM till 10 in the evening.

Yesterday he received a call from his boss, ordering him to run some errands regarding to installing surveillance cameras inside all the girls working areas including a newly bought apartment.

Every cameras are taped and exclusively for his viewing alone.

Hes curious as to why he put so much fuzz over this girl when usually if someone **s up with him, hell quickly terminate them, no matter what gender, looks or status that unfortunate being may have.

So why? Does his boss got infatuated?


He almost choked for even counting that as an assumption.

Harvey sure thinks shes a cutie but for him whos a huge titties enthusiast, she finds her just, okay.

”Everything smooth? ”

Mr. Yamazaki whos sitting on the backseat, legs slightly apart while his finger taps his knee, suddenly asked.

”Ill be on the way to the public bath house after this and itll be all done. ”

His boss pushed out his lips, looking satisfied.

”Handle the usual affairs and send me a message if theres a problem. ”

”Yes boss. ”

When he walked out of the car, Harvey turned towards brother Shin, the boss driver.

”Lets roll to-wait. ”

He interrupted his own words after a message pops on his phone, its content discussing about the booming conflict in neutral zone town, so he hastily ran after Mr. Yamazaki.

”A message arrived about the dispute. ”

After he uttered those words, his boss bright expression grew serious.

He lowered his head, tilting sideways for him to clearly hear what Harvey has to report.

He commanded him to send the full details and proceed on his work immediately before he turned towards the store.

With the rising dispute, the Triad will have to ascend from its slumber again.

Chinas underworld is being ruled by three largest mafias.

Hanzos Descendants, Black Axe and Sunken Dragon.

A decade ago, due to endless disarray and constant bloodshed amidst gang wars, the mafia leaders and national government signed a treaty, giving each mobs territory.

The North was divided and Sunken received Marlane City while Black Axe got Beizu.

Separating both cities is Tiantang Town and Hanzo, being the top among three, operates within this premise and was assigned to be the neutralizer, thus making Tiantang a forbidden town for Black Axe and Sunken.

However as soon as Sunkens Dragon Heads son became a vanguard, the gang flourished and the city turned extremely prosperous due to his modern approach and genius tactics, obtaining massive amount of money and connections thus making its name in international blackmarket.

Sunkens member ballooned enormously within a year and since a clause in the signed treaty prohibits the gangs to further invade other areas in the country, the son starts expanding their territory outside.

The swift base marking across the world was a success and it keeps growing hense Sunkens head requires to handle the international affairs and his son ascended as the new dragon head, only at the age of 19.

In the span of 5 years, Marlane City became the richest city around the world and the brain of it all is inside the convenience store picking up Lays.

Harvey gazed at this man with complete admiration before he inserted his phone in his coats inner pocket.

But power is catastrophes twin and theres a brooding conspiracy between Hanzo and Black Axe. The unsettling smell of bloodthirst is in the air.

He fixed his coat before he hopped back inside the car and went on his way.


Notes :

This single quotation mark refers to characters inner voice ( ) if some of you are confused hehe.

• Vanguard is a rank in chinese mafia hierarchy that organizes the gangs business and handle recruitments

• Dragon Head – leader

Every detail in this story is pure fictional

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