Mei Deng had no clue whatsoever about the class system in the dynasty he was reincarnated into, and more so, was still of the opinion that all people were equals.

Hence, he was oblivious to the crime he hath just committed.

His long flowing hair loosened from the secure bun Huahua had helped him with earlier and fell on the other mans face.

He pulled away from the taller looking man, and rubbed his lips against the back of his palm, then contorted his face into one of evident disgust.

”Ah, sorry brother, it was only a mistake. ” He said to him, waving nervously to the young general, whom had short hair that highlighted his distinct features.

Stemming from his dark brown almond shaped eyes, down to his bristly eyebrows, which caused his hawkish nose stand out. He was the splitting image of masculinity, an earthy scent about him that spoke he was ever capable of doing rough duties when it suited him.

It was only when Mei Deng glanced at his Titan shoulders that he noticed how much broader they were, in comparison to his smaller build. Even for a mere man, he had such a concrete jaw and defined cheekbones, that made his eyes light with a fire of passion.

He parted his slightly seductive lips to speak, but Mei Deng cut off his sentence by helping himself to a seat. Being chased around had taken a toll on his energy and forced him to take a seat.

His host watched his movements closely, highly suspicious of who this youngster was, and why he had decided to bother him on a hot summer afternoon.

”Brother, now that we
e alone, I really think we should discuss how to move the country forward. You seem to be a man of influence, seeing as you can afford to have a carriage carry you around when your feet are working perfectly. ”

Mei Deng did not mean to come off as crass or anything of the sort, he was just being a nosey doctor, influenced by even nosier patients.

His host on the other hand didn bat an eye while he was being addressed and crossed his one leg over the other, in a slow seductive manner. His black attire kissing the wooden flooring of the carriage. He concentrated his full attention on Mei Deng, intrigued by the strange man.

”Can I first of all help myself to this jug of water? The sunlight outside can scramble eggs! ” He said, not exaggerating in the slightest. His host made a humming sound that he took as a yes, and helped himself to an idle jar sitting beside him.

Little did he imagine just how big a hole he was digging himself into. ”Thank you brother, you
e a life saver. ” He told him in between chugs.

After he had drank everything till the last drop, he lowered his back and parted his legs to speak an eager look spread across his face.

”The secret to helping our beloved country move forward, is riding on one thing alone. And that is, traffic signs. ” Mei Deng told him, in an all too serious tone.

Traffic? his host knitted his brows against each other, searching his vocabulary for the meaning of the word.

Due to his pride as an all knowing scholar and top tier student of the imperial college, the larger looking man pursued his lips. And acted as though he understood what Mei Deng said exactly, nodding suggestively, hinting at him to continue.

”I almost died today because of brothers reckless riding, but I am merciful enough to not press charges against you. That is, if you give me a ride home. ” Mei Deng flattened his lips into a mischievous grin.

”With traffic signs we can promote orderliness on the streets and boost efficiency. Don you think? The rate of hit and run driving would subsequently decline if brother were to join hands with me. ” Mei Deng was no fool and could see that this man was certainly important.

Perhaps hes the son of a minister under the Emperors command. Judging by his clothes, and the luxurious carriage, Id say hes an entitled heir, with no business knowledge whatsoever. Poor brother, his family must be in turmoil over all the hit and run cases filed against him.

Mei Deng was had based deductions on soap operas he watched with some of his colleagues, during their night shifts to stay awake.

”And how does this benefit me? ” The deep baritone voice that just spoke belonged to no god in the heavens, but to the rumoured sour faced general, who wore his heart on his sleeves.

Mei Deng felt literal chills run down his spine the moment his ears picked up on the sound of the young general speak. Intimidation quickly took over alongside envy and jealousy.

”Pardon me? ” Mei Deng stuttered, too focused on the thickness of his tone to pay him any attention.

”These traffic signs, what is there for me to gain if I endorsed in this venture? ” His question turned more direct and detailed. His piercing gaze landed on the conflicted Mei Deng, who was still of the opinion that this host of his was a black sheep of his family.

”Less people will get hurt on the streets and more lives will be saved. Plus, transporters and traders would get their work done much faster. ” He answered, a youthful smile plastered on his plump lips.

Just the thought of saving lives to impress his Yaoyao made Mei Dengs heart warm.

”You seem to have mistaken me for someone who squanders his money away. I have no interest in helping others other than myself. ” He announced, saying a story old as time.

Don worry brother, you will soon meet the love of your life in an uneventful situation and have your heart changed. Mei Deng thought to himself, his countenance fell miserably at the thought.

I can only hope that whomever she is, she finds it in her heart to forgive me for stealing her kiss! ” He thought, pulling at his hair and squinting both eyes, feeling embarrassed that his first kiss was with a guy and more so an accident.

Mei Deng was so engrossed in his own imagination, that he failed to notice the questioning stare directed at him. Infact, he completely ignored the presence of the young general and continued to talk to himself.

”If that is all you wish to say to me, I advise you leave and head back to class. I am only sparing you, because you
e a student of the imperial college. ” His generous host told him, weary of entertaining this strange character.

”Wait a minute, we still have much more to discuss on road safety. ” Mei Deng protested, standing to his feet.

”Silence! Leave now! ” The clear command from the young general was so terrifying, that it would send anyone to their knees, pleading for mercy.

But Mei Deng, who had received scoldings from jealous superiors at the hospital and threats from dangerous punks involved in gang clashes, could care less about his shouts.

To match words, he lunged forward towards the young general and placed his hand over his mouth, shushing him before the rider outside would come inside.

The young general raised his hand to peel this dirty looking rascal away from him, but failed to do so, once Mei Deng brought his face closer to his. No one had dared to look the sour faced general in the eye, talk less of touch his face, it was an unspoken rule. Which everyone strictly adhered to, even he himself consented to it.


This young general found himself resisting the urge to push away the long strands of blackish brown that rested on his cheeks.

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