Flash Marriage Married To The Sourfaced General

Slipping away on a cold summer night

Meanwhile, in the imperial college, news had vast spread, about how low Yu Xiaoguang had fallen. It was rumoured that he strangled an old uncle for loose change. Others insisted that he got violent all because he didn like the old mans clothing.

But, nonetheless, the central idea was that Yu Xiaoguang had publicly laid hands on an uncle with eye witnesses around. The scholars couldn have asked for a better opportunity.

”To think, that an old helpless man ended up being our salvation, that young master Yu was such a pain. ” Said the scholar for calligraphy, brandishing his writing brush around.

”His luck has run out, Minister Yu cannot force us into turning a blind eye when there are willing witnesses. Let us not let this chance pass us by. We must strike now, whilst the iron is hot. ” The big bellied arithmetic scholar announced, earning the support of his fellow scholars.

They planned to hastily expel him before the arrival of the famous scholar.

”It would be far too disgraceful to have such a useful talent teach someone as wild mannered as young Master Yu. I say we send the letter of expulsion to his father right this moment. ” The calligraphy teacher proposed, gesturing one of his subordinates to step forward.

The others all nodded in unison, and ended up signing on the letter of expulsion, failing to follow due process.

After all, no one would care enough to intervene for this man with a wasted youth.


Mei Deng who had no knowledge that he was being expelled, slowly retracted his grip from the generals mouth, nervously grinning from ear to ear. He merely only wished to stop the larger man from reprimanding him so loudly.

”Sorry about that… ” He said, sensing just how awkward their situation was. No one needed to tell the youngster that he was intruding on someone elses plans.

He straightened his hanfu and turned to leave, but stopped abruptly at the exit, casually flinging his head over his shoulder. ”Well talk more about this next time, okay? ” And with that, he jumped down from the carriage, his hair wildly flying about, as the wind tossed it here and there.

The sour faced general locked his gazed on this stranger who had related to him as if they had been well acquainted with each other in the past. He touched the sword that sat beside him, his fingers gracefully gliding through its delicate casing.

Wondering, just why he had not drawn it to this man and taken his loose tongue.

”Next time? ” He voiced out, just digesting what the stranger had so carelessly told him.

The general scoffed and diverted his gaze out the window. His eyes landed on the stranger, who was busy reprimanding his lieutenant for riding recklessly. He truly was an odd one, the general thought to himself, watching him keenly.

”Well see. ” He muttered under his breath, resting his chin on his fist, slowly using his pinky finger to tenderly caress his lower lip.


Mei Deng was horribly lost, all the roads looked the same and the sun had set. He tried to ask for directions, but received either a reprimanding or a plea.

Yu Xiaoguang! Why are you so problematic? I cannot even buy anything to eat, your reputation is too bad. Mei Deng soliloquised to himself, as he sat at an empty shop, receiving some shade.

”But, if Im being real with myself, changing this youngsters rep will be hard work. Almost everyone does not believe in him, if only one person could… ”

”Young master Yu! ”

”Young master Yu!! ”

Mei Deng diverted his eyes from the figure he was drawing on the sand with a stick, and traced the call to its source.

Wearing a distraught expression on her face, Chunhua was moving about the streets of the capital, searching for him. Alongside her with two other maids, all calling out to him, searching every nook and cranny of each stall.

Reflexively, his feet sprung from where he sat and glided across to where she stood, calling out to him.

”Im here! ” He called out to her as he picked up the pace, his wild hair dancing at his sides.

The worry on her face slowly contorted to relief, as the object of her concern was right in front of her. She rested her hand on her chest, relieved that he was not injured.

The relief she felt did not last long, as her eyes trailed to his messy hair that matched his dirty uniform. Chunhua also noticed that his bag was missing, along with the notes he promised to fill up.

The only thing that this young master had returned with, was a load of trouble and an expulsion letter.

”I am glad that you were able to find me huahua, the capital is larger than I imagined. Could you please cook me up something to eat once we get home? Im too tired to lift a finger. ” He talked animatedly, failing to read the expression on Chunhuas face.

He did however, follow her gaze till it landed on his dirtied white hanfu, and his scattered strands of hair. He took both her hands in his, and flashed her a nervous smile.

”I know this is a lot, but I promise you that Ill get it clean and dry before school tomorrow. And I think this hair may need a decent trimming… ” Mei Deng stopped himself from speaking any further, the second he noticed a tear escape her eye.

She jerked her shoulders as more tears flowed freely from the well of her eyes, causing a scene right in the middle of the capital.

Passer-bys stopped to point at them both, making snarky side comments here and there about the infamous young master Yu once more.

”Whats wrong huahua? Were you bullied by anyone? Tell me who it is and Ill make them suffer for it. ” The resolve in his eyes were as clear as day, but little did he expect he was the reason for her tears.

”Just stop it! ” She charged at him, pulling her hands from his grip, angrily resting them at both sides. Mei Deng did not know what it was that could have happened under such a short period of time, but, he was certainly it had something to do with him.

”Whilst you skipped classes to catch amusement, a letter of your expulsion was sent to minister Yu at his office. Poor master could not take the news and had a heart attack there and then! ” She said with venom in her words, glaring at Mei Deng as though she despised him.

”Where is he now? ” Mei Deng inquired with genuine concern, stunning Chunhua who never knew him to care so much.

”He is at home, the doctors have checked him but his condition only deteriorates. ” She added, pouting her lips and folding her arms across her chest.

Mei Deng who intended to keep good on his promise to save lives, grabbed Chunhua by the wrist and sped off, regardless of how hard it was to walk.

”We have to go see him at once. ” Mei Deng stated in a firm convincing tone, staring straight ahead, with focused eyes. His distinct stare made Chunhua doubt if this was the same Yu Xiaoguang she had served diligently for years.

And never once had he cared enough to pay his sick father a visit anytime he had a heart attack.

Something seems off about the young master. she concluded as he roughly navigated them through the busy capital, firmly gripping on her wrist, in a tight yet gentle manner.

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