Ministers Yu passing had yet to be confirmed by the family physician who had come to visit. Mei Deng who was more than certain that his father had passed away, was rebuked by the physician.

More so, he was sent away from his fathers quarters for the entire day, for it was a bad omen him to see his fathers corpse.

Mei Deng did not quite fancy this physician but obeyed nonetheless, certain that none of his ancient medication would revive the dead.

”Humph! He thinks my years in med school were a waste! ” Mei Deng complained, while picking up a pair of scissors to cut off some of the hair he had.

If not for the timely intervention of Huahua, the long amount of hair Yu Xiaoguang had kept would have been lost.

”Please young master! ” She cautioned, carefully hiding away the instrument of destruction. ”The minister is being examined… ” She stopped herself by the tears that followed, rendering her unable to speak for the moment. Anyone under the roof of the pavilion knew that certainly, the minister had taken his last breath and passed on.

Mei Deng wanted to be the considerate son who would cry in a corner and starve himself for days. But even despite having the memories Yu Xiaoguang shared with his father, which were certainly not enough. He just could not find it in himself to care much for him.

”Come now! Why is everyone crying for someone who has suffered many a heart attacks? He was living life on a loose thread? He was too sick to be a Minister under the emperor! ” Mei Deng boldly announced, not mincing words.

Chunhua wanted to rebuke him for his loose tongue, but found wisdom in his words. After all, she knew within herself that she was not half as sad as her tears made her out to be.

”Come now, help me cut this hair, I have school today. ”

”The college? Were you not just removed from there? Are you planning on causing trouble? ” Chunhua could not believe that young master Yu had intentions on further drag the family name to the mud.

Meanwhile, the young master had quite a much different intention, he solely wanted to go to the college, because he was keen on keeping his promise.

”The scholars cannot serve me an expulsion letter without good reason for it. ” He defended, sitting in front of the mirror, legs crossed as he stared at his reflection.

”Surely they won go that far to get rid of me. I am still the son of a Minister aren I? ” In Mei Dengs reasoning, he had to use about enough clout as he could, whilst that fake physician tried to perform a miracle on his dead father.

Chunhua who had not found the time to ask Yu Xiaoguang about his side of the matter, could clearly see from the resolve in his eyes that he was determined. Yet, she would not let him go, it was her job to keep the young master in line.

”Leave these scissors, you have always been very particular about your hair, from childhood. Once, you almost maimed a classmate for wanting to cut off your hair whilst you napped. ” She told him, diverting from the main topic of conversation.

Mei Deng picked up a strand of his ridiculously long hair and rudely tossed it aside, wondering why a gangster let his hair grow out.

”Well, I want to cut it now, its far too long now, I step on it while walking. ” Though the young master was exaggeration, Chunhua would not have it, and gently excused herself from his Chambers to overlook the other affairs happening under the pavilion.

”Please remain in your chambers young master Yu, and I shall return with something to cheer you up. ” And with that said, she took her exit, closing the door after her. Making sure to lock it from the outside, in case the young master grew weary of staying put.

Mei Deng who had a feeling that Chunhua would mind him, had planned for this the previous night.

”Whilst you all moaned the night away, I sought after much important things. ” He remarked as he swiftly climbed out of the window, grinning from ear to ear as he jumped down to his freedom.

Little did he expect someone to move the stacks of hay he had placed there the previous night to cushion his landing!

”Ou…ou…ouch! ” He cursed in pain, he had landed flat on his face and hurt his nose. Mei Deng immediately used his left hand to cover his mouth from all the pain he was feeling.

The ambitious young master sprung from the hard grass without wasting any time, and placed on the straw hat he used to disguise his face. He was fortunate that the helps were so occupied with the health of the minister, that his escape was simpler than he imagined. He stole away unto the back of a transporting carriage and pitched a ride through the capital, hiding with the goods in the back.

It was only when he heard it stop that he jumped out the back, and ran off before the owner could question him!

Luck favoured Mei Deng, for the carriage was transporting personal belongings that belonged to the alchemist, who had just resumed teaching today of all days.

”Such luck. ” He exclaimed as his eyes zoned in on the words imperial college written boldly in front of him.

He was early even, for some of his cohorts were still running into the spacious building that housed the students and scholars at the imperial college.

Blending in with the crowd, Mei Deng walked alongside the others, keeping his eyes down at the floor underneath him as he strolled past the chattering students who flocked around the main dashboard. Picking up their attendance passes.

Shit! Since when were the scholars of old so crafty? Aish! They were so quick to take my pass off the board, more so I cannot enter without it. Mei Deng fixed his eyes on the dashboard, staring at all the names available.

He assumed, that at least one person must have fallen sick or was playing hooky that particular day. So, with the right intentions, he picked up the pass at the farthest end and walked briskly into the imperial college, under the alias of someone he should not have messed with.

Ming BaoZhai, the most brilliant of all the students at the imperial college, and the apple of every one of the scholars eyes!

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