Rich Miss

Zoya stirs awake slowly, her head feeling foggy and her body even worse. She looked around the room and realised that she was in a small room, clearly, it was not her room. The room was 5 times smaller than her bathroom. She opened her eyes wider and blink her distorted vision into focus. ” Where am I? ” she mumbled, looking around the small room, random memories swirling around in her head like a playlist, but she could not remember the previous night.

” You are awake. ” A guy in his late 20s, had a pale ivory face, Golden curls hair, brown eyes and he had a muscular body. He was so handsome that Zoya forgot about the pain she was feeling a few minutes ago. In her 22 years of living, she never saw such a handsome man as him. He was so damn hot that she felt her throat burning and became thirsty instantly.

” Water ” was the only word she could utter in her mouth, she was utterly shocked by his handsomeness.

The guy named Zach Bing, poured water into the glass rapidly, walking towards her, he handed her the glass of water.

Zoya took the glass of water and gulped it all and ended up choking herself, she started coughing.

Zack glared at Zoya who was coughing with a pinched expression, he did not even try to pat her back, he was already annoyed that she ruined his night ” Hey! Slow down, if you want to die go somewhere else, not in my house. ” He said, with his arms crossed on his chest. His words made Zoya cough even worse, he had no other choice but to stride closer to her and started patting her back.

Zoya stopped coughing and said ” Thanks…. How did I get here?…. I don remember anything? ” She said hoping Zach would answer her questions.

Zach raised his eyebrow offering Zoya a glass stare, annoyance could not be mistaken for his facial expressions ” Miss this is a village, not your city town that you
e used to, this place is dangerous… if It wasn for me… you would have been raped by countless men and would have died by now….. I had to fight those guys alone…. My life is in danger because of a spoiled brat like you…. I don even know why I fought them ” Zach yelled in anger, it was around 11: 00 pm when he saw her surrounded by men who wanted to **** her, at first he wanted to walk away and let them have their way with her, but he thought of his late younger sister and decided to help her.

Zoya was never scolded like this before, she did not know what to do, and hearing him say that she was almost raped, made her burst into tears, she started crying so hard.

Zachs mouth fell open Watching Zoya cry, he never had a girlfriend before and he did not know how to deal with a crying lady. Damn! Rich people are full of drama. He cursed in his mind ” If you keep on crying… I will call those men and let them continue where they had left ” he said, hoping to stop her crying. But to his terror, she cried even more like a baby whose lollipop was taken away from her.

” Stop crying or I will chase you out of my house, ” he said angrily.

Zoya cried, even more, she was now scared to even go out, and she regretted not listening to her parents when they told her not to go.

” Okay fine, stop crying, I won chase you out, and I won call those men, … you can even die in my house….I won scold you, ” Zach said trying to stop Zoya from crying. What he said seemed to be working, because she stopped crying. Zach sighed in relief.

” uh ” Zoya cleared her throat, her eyes were red because of crying so much and her face looked paler because of hunger ” Im hungry….. And yes, please don scold me like that again…. Im not a spoiled brat. I don like it when people call me that… Please don do it again ” Zoya said, trying to hold back her tears. Everyone called her a spoiled brat who was dependent on her parents money…. Her peers befriend her because of her money not because of wanting to be her friend, they even left her alone in the forest yesterday because she brought them to the village, not a fancy restaurant or a fancy place.

Zach opened his mouth and closed it, he was trying to find the right words to say, by looking at her, he could tell that she was heartening. He cleared his throat and said ” I will make you something to eat…..I will bring you clothes to change into ” Zach said, he got up and left the room.

Zoya looked at her dress, and thats when she comprehended that her dress was dirty and ripped all over it. She could only sigh in anguished, only God know what kind of Friends she had

………At the city

An underweight tall lady, with Amber colored eyes and long black hair, was fuming in anger , her daughter ran away, knowing that the next day was her own engagement day, what will she tell all her guests, ” Liana, Pink Floyd, where is my daughter ” Zandy, Zoyas mother yelled in anger making the three girls weak in the knees, how can they tell her that they left her daughter to die.

Liana swallowed hard, at the thought of Zandy knowing the truth, she loved Peter and she wanted him to marry her not Zoya thats why she had plotted against Zoya and left her to die…. She told those men to kill her when they were done having fun with her. ” Auntie…. We went to the village yesterday….. We ran away leaving Zoya because….there were lots of men who had their eyes on Zoya….and they told us to run if we still love our lives…. She is…we ran away from that place leaving Zoya behind…..she is probably dead by now ” She stammered in fear.

Zandys face reddened in anger, she knew that her daughter was hiding because she did not want to marry Peter…. But what if she is really dead This Liana girl knows what happened to my daughter, I will investigate this matter first, im sure my baby doll is fine. she mused

” LEAVE ALL OF YOU ” Zandys voice roared throughout the entire dining room. Without waiting for another second the three girls ran out of the house.

The three girls let breathe they did not know they were holding out ” Liana why did you do that to our friend though ” Floyd asked, she had short black hair and brown eyes, and her weight was slightly above average.

Liana sneered rolling her eyes and said ” She better die, she can have everything on earth.. …..Born from a rich and marrying the most handsome man in this world…. I too want those things that she has…. Don worry I will never forget you guys when I became rich ” She said crossing her arms, showing her body posture.

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