Forbidden emotion

Chapter 3 Happy Zoya

Grumpy man

After 10 minutes of making breakfast, Zach came back into the room with the tray of food in his hands, walking to the bed where Zoya was, he put the tray of food on the bed and sat on the chair ” I don have fancy food here…. If you are really hungry you will eat this ” he said with a bored expression.

Zoyas eyes sparked and gleaned with excitement, she loved pancakes so much. Without wasting time, she started eating her food. ” This is so delicious, ” Zoya said, putting more food in her mouth. She looked like the kids who were in the candy shop.

Zach suddenly stiffened his muscles riding, he thought that she would not eat the food he cooked but here she was saying delicious, he watched her eat. He looked at her and realised how beautiful she was. Her almond-shaped face, her blonde long hair, her big brown eyes, her full pink lips, and her long lashes. She looked unbelievably beautiful that his heart skipped a beat looking at her and with her excited facial, she looked like a happy child.

I should stay away from this girl, she is no good for me he mused

Zoya stopped eating when she felt Zachs eyes on her, she knew that she was beautiful, but him looking at her like that made her happy for some reason, she said nothing and continued eating her food. Zach was the first one to break the silence and asked ” Do you remember anything about your friends? ” He asked, somehow his heart was telling him to let her go before he fell for her.

Zoya tilted her head to the side and faced Zach who was sitting on the chair, was he planning on chasing her out of his house This man is so grumpy, he is planning on chasing me out of his house, luckily I don remember anything Zoya mused.

” No, I don remember anything about how I got here….. Im sure my phone is ruined…I would have called my mom or daddy ” She said with a hidden smirk, she wanted to be friends with this guy. She knew that he wouldn befriend her because of her money.

Zach saw the smirk she was trying to suppress…. Who was she fooling Zach? His eyes were like a cats eyes that can see in the dark. ” Who is your fathers name or mothers? I can contact them, ” Zach said. He felt like laughing when he saw Zoyas gloomy expression.

” My fathers name is Jerry Philip and my mother is Zandy Philip, ” Zoya said.

Zach clenched his jaws, grinding his teeth and hearing the names that Zoya mentioned. His heart got filled with so much hatred that he could not even imagine, he remembered the faces of the people who killed his family, and he did not even give up the idea of avenging their death. His family was killed because of their acquisitiveness. Zach collected himself and said ” I will find them soon.. Meanwhile, you go and take a bath and change your clothes, ” he deadpan said with no emotion in his voice.

Zoya narrowed her eyes in confusion, she saw the way his facial expressions changed at the mention of her parents, and her mind started racing to search for an answer Does he know my parents? …or did they do something to him…I know those creatures are selfish, they can do anything for money but what? Maybe Im overthinking, Zoya mused, she knew her parents very well. They must be looking for her up, side, and down right now. She knew that her mother would be like What will I tell my guests? She only cared about that and nothing else. She snapped out of her daze and said ” Can I please stay here for a few days….. My mom wants to force me to get engaged to someone I don love…..So if Im not there … theres no engagement …please ” Zoya begged.

Zach sneered, listening to Zoya, his mood turned dark that no one can reach through or dispel. Did she even know that she was putting herself in the den of the lion? He was trying to find a way to avenge his parents and his sister so that he can move on with his life, but he could not find a way, but now that Zoya had come to offer herself as a sacrificed goat, he couldn help but want to show Jerry Philip the feeling of watching your loved one in pain. You will stay here, I will make you fall deeper in love with me that you won be able to live without me, and then break that heart and make you suffer the way your parents did to me Zach mused his heart full of so much hate. In his 27 years of living, he had never forgotten those names no matter how hard he tried, his heart needed some closure to forget everything.

” Okay fine, you are welcome to live here with me as much as you want, I won chase you, ” he said, with a fake smile that did not even reach his eyes.

Zoya smiled widely showing off her dimple and pure white teeth ” Thank you so are so kind ” Zoya thanked him happily, without knowing that he was a wolf in sheeps clothing.

Zach smirked, she shouldve told him the name of her parents, he wouldn have to punish her for a crime she did not commit but he could not help it, the kids must suffer for their parents wrongdoings. ” Ive prepared a bath for you, go and bathe. And change your clothes, theres a new set of clothes in the bathroom for you ” He said to her.

Zoya rose off the bed, even though her dress was still ripped it did not show the important part of her body, so she moved freely, ” Where is the bathroom? ” She asked with a smile on her face.

” Next to this room, you will find a bathroom there, ” He said.

Zoya picked up the tray with dirty plates and walked out of the room leaving Zach alone.

” Oh! Jerry Philip, you said I won even get back at you even if I wish to. ” Nxxxxxx ” he clicked his tongue, ” Your dear daughter is in my hands now, she came of her free will. It seemed like even the Gods are on my side, I will make her suffer so that you will come and beg me to stop. He mumbled with no emotions, his face blank. Remembering how his parents were killed


It was around 9 p.m. when Zach came back home he came home late that day because he had group work with his friends for school, he was walking happily to the dining room when he saw a man and woman pointing guns at his mother and father and telling them to sign the papers that were in front of them, his heart started beating fast because of fear.

” Jerry why are you involving my family in this, look at how scared my daughter is, please don do this to me… I thought you were my friend ” Tomas said with a shaky voice.

Jerry smirked, looking at the mother and daughter who were hugging each other sitting on the couch ” Take the paper and sigh, and I will spare your lives…. Where is that little boy? ” Jerry asked.

Tomas received papers from Zandy and signed them, he could not let his family die because of wealth, and when he was done he handed them back to her. Zandy smiled when she got his signature, she kept the paper in her bag and said ” Lets finish what he started, ” she said as she pulled the trigger, she shot Miley and her daughter, while Jerry shot Tomas. When they were done they walked out of the mansion, they were so excited that they failed to notice a 15-year-old Zach who saw everything, tears flowing down his face, he wanted to scream but he could not find his voice. From that day he vowed to make him suffer, he did not want to make his hands dirty with his blood so he decided not to kill them.

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