Zoya finished taking her bath and changed into a pair of jeans and a white shirt, she still looked beautiful with the youthful aura swirling around her.

She went to the kitchen, a few minutes ago when she brought dirty dishes, she saw that there were a lot of dirty dishes and the kitchen looked messy so she decided to clean them as soon as she finished taking her bath. Without waiting for another second she puts all the dirty dishes in the dishwasher. ” Who uses the dishwasher in the village…. Why can he just move to the city ” Zoya mused putting dishes in the dishwasher, when she finished with the dishes, she organised everything in the kitchen, and place things in the cupboard, ” Everything looks fancy in here, it seems like this guy is rich ” Zoya kept on frowning, looking at his furniture? Everything looked fancy and expensive. When she was done organising things she moped the floor with the disinfectant. When she was done she moved to the dining room, opened the window, and vacuumed and cleaned the dining room, she organised the dining table. She went back to the kitchen and dried the plates and kept them in the cupboard, when she was done she went to the dining room and started watching tv. She became so engrossed in tv that she failed to notice Zach who came and sat next to her.

” Uh, ” he cleared his throat and said ” I didn know that spoiled brats know how to clean the house.

Zoya tilted her head and face Zach her lips pouted, she did not like him calling her a spoiled brat, was he trying to ruin her mood or what? ” I didn know that villagers can afford such expensive furniture ” she retorted, obviously annoyed by him calling her a spoiled brat.

Zach swallowed his arrogance and said ” Im sorry … don mind what I just said ” He said.

Zoya smiled widely and said ” Its fine… don call me that again….Im, not a spoiled brat, I feel so meaningless if anyone calls me that ” Zoya said.

Zachs pulse started racing, his heart throbbing so fast like it was going to bust out of his chest, he had never seen such a beauty,

she was shimmering intrinsically, on top of that she had no makeup on, but she was unbelievably beautiful showing off her dimples.

Gosh! I have to control my feelings, I need to punish her parents. Using her….. Not falling in love with her….. I know that it was love at first sight but I can be fascinated by those emotions. He mused bitterly.

” So what are you doing in the village when you are so affluent, I mean you can just live in the city… any specific reasons? ” Zoya could not help but ask, curiosity was killing her, and knowing very well that curiosity killed a cat, she asked anyway.

Zachs body temperature hoisted up, he was reminded of the hatred he almost forgot. ”Thats none of your business, ” he said coldly.

Zoya swallowed excessively, she shouldn have asked, she regretted asking him, why did he become cold suddenly ” Im sorry, I won ask anything again, ” Zoya said and put her focus on the tv again, she wasn going to communicate to someone so scary like the even though she wanted to be friend with him.

” Hey! Don mind my attitude, thats how I am…. So please be patient with me ” He said with his gritted teeth.

Zoya did not pay attention to him again. And focused on watching tv.

Zach rolled his eyes when she did not say anything to him, he wanted to make his moves on her as soon as possible, before she went back to the city, but it seemed like he could not control his emotions ” So… are you done with your studies? ” he asked, trying to strike a conversation.

Zoya felt the heat that radiated through her chest, she felt so happy that he wanted to talk to her Maybe I asked a sensible question thats why he got angry Zoya mused. She smiled at him and said ” Im done with my education, Im working at the Bings cooperation… When I have enough money, I will start my own company. ”Zoya said, feeling proud of herself.

Zach gasped in shock, did she really work at his company? As far as he remembered only intelligent and genius people survived there, because he was really a ruthless Chairman, most of the people quit before they could even start. How did she even get a chance to work there? He came out of his haze and asked. ” How long have you been working there? ” he asked.

Zoya smiled proudly, ” I started working from home…. My parents did not allow me to go out back then, I was only 19 years old, but now Im working half-time because my parents don know about it ” Zoya said.

” Why do you work when you are rich parents? ” Zach could not help but ask, he was now curious.

Zoya clenched her jaw, anguished, her parents always tell her about how ungrateful she was ”First of all its their money, not mine, I don know how they got that money. I prefer to work hard and make my own money, thats why if I happen to have kids, I will tell them about how hard I worked for that money.

Zach was impressed by what Zoya said, he wasn expecting her to say, ” Don you want to get married to a rich guy and just be a housewife? ” Zach asked.

” Id rather spend the money I worked hard for, I don like spending someones sweat, while Im sitting at home doing nothing, ” Zoya said. ..

Zach looked at Zoya in awe, she was nothing like her parents, she wanted to work hard and build a life for herself, he felt a little guilty about what he was about to do, but there was nothing he could do, he had to avenge the death of his family no matter what, so that can move on with his life. ” You are really beautiful inside and out, ” he said,

Zoya felt fluttering in her stomach, her face turned red that she wanted to dig a hole and hide, no one had ever told her that she was beautiful, even Peter, her supposed husband, did not even tell her that. ” Thanks, ” Zoya said shyly.

Zack smirked watching her ” I feel you, its a shame that you are going to suffer until you have no tears left. Zach was about to say something when he heard someone banging on his door, he got up rapidly, grabbing Zoyas hand like she was a sack of potatoes ” Those men from yesterday are here, we must leave ” he said, as he ran towards his room, with Zoya Behind him.

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