Attackers from yesterday.

Zach entered his room with Zoya behind her. Zoya looked behind them in fear, even though the door was closed, she was still scared. ” Did they come here for me…. What will…I do if they catch me. ” Zoya stammered in fear, tears were already clouding in her eyes, they were on the edge of flowing down.

Zach opened his wardrobe and took out five of his trousers, he tied them together making a long rope. When he was done he walked to his small balcony and gestured to Zoya to follow him. ” Be fast, we don have time, you are not at a fashion show ” Zach said, annoyed, it was all her fault that he was in this situation.

Zoya said nothing and followed him. ” You want me to use this to climb down, what if I fall and break my leg? ” Zoya asked, she was scared of the men at the door, but she was also scared for her dear life.

Zach glared at Zoya in anger and said ” Should I just jump and leave you here all with these men or will you do what Im telling you to? Zach asked coldly, he even forgot that he was on a mission to win her heart.

Zoya said nothing and sauntered to Zach. Without wasting a second Zach grabbed her closer to him and tied the rope on her wrist, ” Now just jump, I will hold the rope so that you won fall ” Zach said.

Zoya was hesitant, she was scared, and she could not do it, she was not brave enough ” Im scared, ” She said, hoping that Zach would change his mind.

” Trust me, I won let you fall, now jump, ” Zach encouraged her.

Zoya walked closer to the balcony, she looked down and her heart started racing in fear. How was she supposed to jump to such a height, she held the metal steel of the balcony. she closed her eyes and jumped, she opened her eyes when her feet touched the ground. Shockingly, she did not fall. She Looked up and saw Zach who was about to jump down, she was shocked that he was about to Jump down with no rope, but before she could register what was happening, Zach jumped down, with no broken bones.

” Lets go, ” he said as he walked to the small garage, he opened the garage. Zoya was shocked to see a small polo Vivo car,

She knew that this man was no ordinary, but why did he live in the village when he had everything he needed to survive in the city. Is he a serial killer, or an international thief…. What if he kills me and feeds my body parts to the crocodiles…. Oh my gosh! Why didn I go home when he wanted to take me there….. Is my life over? Zoya cried in her head.

” Hey, let us go, ” Zach shouted, who was already in the car.

Zoya swallowed hard and walked to the car, she entered the car and Zach drove off.


Back to the city**

”Zandy, where is that ungrateful child of yours…. Tomorrow is her engagement day, what will I tell the guest ” Jerry yelled.

A cold smile flashed on Zandys face, showing her arrogance ” Oh! Today she is my daughter cause she ran away from her engagement, but if she does good things she is our daughter… don tell me that bull shit… And don you dare raise my voice on me, you don have a child of my age ” Zandy told him.

Jerrys lips curled up Into an evil smirk, ” Oh! Are you forgetting that she is not my daughter? She is your daughter, you adopted her, you don even know the pain of giving birth, she is not your child, thats what happens when you take things from the street, all you will get is disappointment … And yes, I will raise my voice at you because you are a useless wife, you could not give me a child… And now you can even keep your family together… I really wish my ex-wife and child were alive, I wouldn have to deal with your drama, if Zoya does not come back by evening, Liana will have to take her place, and don even think of telling Peter about this, everyone will wear a mask on the engagement day ” Jerry shouted and walked upstairs leaving Zandy alone.

Zandys face turned white like the colour of her face was drained, she was feeling broken inside, what Jerry said, hits her in the heart point, every time she tries to forget about the fact that she can have a child, Jerry always finds a way to remind her of how worthless she is. Yes, Zoya was not her biological daughter, but she adopted her when she was 2 days old, she raised her like her own daughter. She loves her, sometimes she even makes her forget that she can have kids. But Jerry always finds a way to break her heart, ” Zoya, where are you, my baby? ” Zandy cried dizzily, she sat on the couch and started crying, her tears were flowing uncontrollably, ever since she adopted Zoya because she could not bear children, her husband, always treated her badly like she was useless, and reminded her of how good his ex-wife was with his son, thats fact hurt her so much that she could not handle the pain.

”Maam are you alright, ” her maid named Pinkie asked when she saw her crying pitifully.

” Im not fine… I don know where my daughter is…. Tomorrow is her engagement day, and all Im trying to do is secure her future… I don want my baby to suffer. But she ran away… and Jerry said Lian would replace her… Im so hopeless right now ” She sobbed, covering her face with her hands.

Pinkie walked towards her and sits beside her, she hugged her trying to comfort her, she knew that her marriage with her husband became like this ever since she adopted Zoya, he always criticises her because she can bear children, and she knew that Zandy might be arrogant some times but her heart was fragile when it comes to that matter.


Liana was lying on her bed playing some music, when her mother entered the room, all excited.

She giggled when she saw her mother this happy ” Mom, why are you so happy today, you know my heart feels at ease when you are this happy ” She said, moving back so that her mother can sit down.

A lady called Barbara, a tall lady with short brown hair and brown eyes, looked nothing like her daughter, but she was beautiful. She sat down next to her daughter ” Jerry just called me ” she said, excitedly

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