First Kiss

Liana frowned, hearing her mother saying that Jerry called her, and would he call her? Her face lit up at the thought that Zoya must have died, and he wanted to invite them to her funeral ” Mommy, Why did he call you? Does he have news ” Liana immediately inquired about the news.

Her mothers eyes sparked with happiness as he gave her the news ” You are getting engaged to Peter Jackson tonight ” She squealed, only God knows how happy she was, she wanted to touch the sky to express her happiness.

Lianas hand flew to her chest, she held her chest like she was going to have a heart attack, making her thoughts fuzzy and her inability to think of anything. She was shocked to the core, yes she wanted to get engaged to Peter but this was unexpected, she recovered from her shock and asked ” Mom, are you pulling my leg now? Don joke like that please ” Liana said, she wanted to get married to Peter Jackson but her family background was not that good, so she did not hold her hopes high.

Barbara pouted her lips, her daughter did not believe her at all, did she ever lie to her she could only sigh and said ” Zoya did not come home and the engagement must carry on, so you will replace her as her good friend, ”Barbara said, she was proud of her daughter, unknowingly to her, her daughter was a monster, in sheeps clothing.

Hearing her mothers confirmation, Liana could not help but start squealing, hooting, and laughing loudly with her mothers help. ” Oh mom, Im so happy, I can wait….. Oh wait what am I going to wear… will Uncle Jerry send me a dress to wear ” All the questions started popping out of her mouth

Barbra smiled and said, ” Don worry everything is sorted… they just need you and thats all. .. Your friends said that they are coming over so I will go and prepare dinner. ” Barbara said as she got up and left.

Liana lay on her bed and spread her hands on the bed, only God knows how happy she was, her longtime dream coming to life, it was unbelievably nice.


It was already evening when Zoya and Zach reached their destination, this time they went to the house made of mud and grass that was attached to make a roof, though it was a village house, it was warm inside and welcoming.

” Come in, ” Zach welcomed her inside.

Zoya entered the house looking around the round roof made of grass, ” Your house is Warm and welcoming. ” Zoya said with a smile.

Zach grinned with a hidden smirk, ” Don you find it ugly… I know most of the city girls would never like a house like this, ” he said.

”Thats the reason why God makes us different, Im Zoya and not those girls…. Why are you trying to upset me because Im from the city…. I didn even complain but you are already judging me ” Zoya told him, her voice wavering, she didn know why she was becoming upset over his wrong judgments of her.

” Hey! Im sorry…. Why are you getting upset… Im just kidding. You look cute when you are upset by the way ” Zach joked trying to lighten the atmosphere.

” Where will I sleep, ” Zoya asked instead, she did not like talking whenever she was upset, she would rather keep quiet before saying something she would regret, she liked him so she did not want to offend her with her words.

Zach snorted, in amusement. It seems like my prey gets angry easily. I should try and please her, she might leave sooner than I want Zach mused. ” You didn tell me your name, what should I call you? He asked, walking closer to Zoya closing the distance between them.

Zoya pressed her lips together into a slight grimaced, the thought of him being a serial killer or an international thief clouded her mind and she took a step back, yes she liked him the first time her eyes fall on him, but she loved her dear life more, it was better to walk away sooner than later.

Zach wiggles his eyebrows together, totally amused. Did she start to realise now that he was a stranger? How fun was that, if he was a serial killer, he would have killed her by now. ” Are you scared of me now?… just imagine living with a man in the same room, that to a man you don know… just imagine what might happen between us…. Do you see that picture? ” Zach asked, moving closer until their faces were inches apart.

” You are so beautiful, and tempting me right now…. How do you think we are going to survive her if you don become my girlfriend? Zach asked.

His voice, so soft and close, ran down Zoyas spine and lightened up her desires. Her heart started throbbing against her chest like it was going to explode any second. ” What… are…you doing? …. I… I Zoya faltered, she did not even know what to say, yes she liked him at first sight but does that mean she has to be his girlfriend right away? What happened to *Lets get to know each other better?* didn that matter to him.?

Zach smirked amused by her behaviour, he knew right away that she liked him and he fell in love with her at first sight, too bad they can be together ” I will kiss you if you don tell me what I want to hear ” Zach treated playfully.

Zoya unconsciously parted her lips, not to mention her red face, her heart was even worse. It was beating so fast like it was about to bust out of her chest any minute Gosh this man, does he want to drive me crazy… 2 seconds he is cold and distant, and the next second he is all flirty .

” I… I… ” Zoya opened her mouth but no words came out.

Zach took his chance and captured her lips, that simple touch of lips was enough to make Zoyas heart skip a beat and spread a warm feeling across her chest. She wanted to push him away and slap him, but her heart betrayed her by kissing him back.

They were both panting when they broke away from the kiss and Zoyas face was red like a tomato, she wanted to dig a grave and bury herself alive, her eyes darted around the room, but not Zach.

Zach was grinning ear to ear looking at Zoya, he thought she would push him away and slap him, but she kissed him back, meaning that she liked him but as a girl she still has her pride, she could not accept it the same day they met. He knew that his mission was now going to be easy.

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