After the kiss

Right after the hot kiss was over Zoya didn know where to look, she wanted to sleep it all off and think it all over in the morning, cause right now she was caught unawares. ” I want to sleep, please show me a place where I can sleep. ” She said she wanted to escape as soon as possible.

Zach had a big smile on his face, he loved Zoya and he was conscious of it, but he chose not to admit it and made a mistake that will cost him his first love, he was also aware that true love was hard to find. However, His heart was full of resentment that he failed to realise his mistake sooner. ”You didn tell me your name, ” He said instead.

Zoyas gaze ping-pong, avoiding eye contact with Zach, how can he act normal after what he did? She had some shame, she wasn as shameless as he was. ” Zoya, ” she said, without looking at him. ” Please, I want to rest. Let me sleep, please ” Zoya begged.

Zachs grin stretched from ear to ear, and for some reason, his heart was beating so fast that he could not explain ” Zoya … don you want to eat before sleeping? ” He asked, looking into her face.

” No Im full, I want to sleep, ” Zoya rapidly said, as she took a step back.

Zach could only raise his hands in surrender ”. okay if that is what you want… come with me, I will show you where you will sleep ” Zach said and he started walking to the other room, the house only had a kitchen and the bedrooms.

Zoya followed behind Zach, she did not even dare say a word.

”Theres only one bed here, guess we are going to share, ” Zach said, as he pulled the small curtains that were covering the next room.

They both entered the room, Zoya widened her eyes when she saw a single size bed, the bed was too small for the both of them. ” Don you have anything I can use to spread on the ground and sleep there, we can share this small bed ” Zoya said with a red face “ Today was really too much for her. First, those goons , followed by a passionate kiss and sharing a bed too, it really did not sit well, she wanted to rest her mind.

Zach wiggled his eyebrow and looked down at Zoya whose face was red like a tomato, he was totally amused ” You can go ahead and sleep, I need to make something to eat first… I can sleep on an empty stomach ” Zach decided not to tease her

” What about the blanket, ” Zoya asked.

Zach smirked, showing Zoya a bemused smile. He swallowed his laughter, looking at her pleading eyes. ” Zoya… I won eat you. .. Go and sleep, before I think of eating you. ” Zach said.

Listening to what he said, Zoya didn wait any longer, she ran into bed and hibernated.

Zach shook his head, in amusement and left the room to the kitchen.

Reaching the kitchen, he prepared a simple omelette. In no time he was already done and started eating.

The memories of the kiss clouded his mind, recalling how sweet and soft Zoyas lips were, it was like he had tested a forbidden fruit, and from the way she responded he knew right away that it was her first kiss ” Damn! Why did you have to be their daughter? ….. All I have to do is to make you suffer until your father surrenders himself and apologises, and also brings my fathers wealth to me…. Im sure you will understand….. I can live with grievances all my life …. I need some closure. ” Zach mumbled, maybe his feelings for Zoya got deeper by the kiss they shared.

When Zach finished his meal, he kept the dishes in a plastic dishpan and went to the room to sleep. He actually wanted to go for a bath, but it was already late, so he decided to sleep.

Zach smiled at the sight that greeted him, Zoya slept at the end of the bed with pillows that divided the bed into 2 parts.

Walking to the bed, he climbed onto the bed and sprang on his back, looking at the roof grass.

Surprisingly the memories of the day when his parents were killed did not resurface in his mind when he used to sleep alone before he could close his eyes the memories surface, making him not be able to sleep.

He tilted his body and faced Zoya who seemed to be sleeping peacefully, I wonder why God made you their child he smiled bitterly. I hope you will find it In your heart to forgive and forget… thats what happens when your father is cruel… for now, I will enjoy my time with you until it last. he mused in his head and closed his eyes. …

……At the city

People began to enter the hotel where the engagement was held with masks on their faces, most people came because they wanted to see Zoyas face, they never saw her, they only heard rumours that she was incredibly beautiful.

A guy in his late 20s named Peter Jackson was a tall guy with brown short hair that was a little bit messy at the front, a long face with straight jaws, he had black eyes, and a muscular body, he was handsome and every girls idol husband, he wore a black suit and white shirt. He became a sports light as soon as he entered the hotel with his family, his mother, and his 1 young brother. His father and mother divorced when his mother was pregnant with his younger brother. He had a smile on his face as he gracefully walked inside the hotel, he was finally marrying the love of his life, he had loved Zoya since she was young and was waiting for this moment.

As soon as they sat down Jerry Philip and his wife, Liana, who was supposed to be Zoya, and her mother. Zandy was not happy at all but she put on a facial smile like she was happy. As soon as they sat down the guy who was a host started his job.

” Ladies and gentlemen, you are all welcome to witness two loves uniting today, ” The host said earning peoples squealing, everyone was happy that Zoya and Peter were getting engaged.

” Okay…. Without wasting time, may our love birds come to the stage. The host requested.

Peter, like the gentleman he was, got up and walked to Philips table. ” May I? ” He asked and he gave Liana his hand.

Liana smiled under the mask, her happiness knew no boundaries, she wore a white dress that had a long v revealing her milky leg. Her brown curled hair was down her shoulder, and with a beige face, she was stunning.

Peter led her to the stage, reaching there he went down on his knees and said ” Zoya Philip… The first time I saw you, my heart skipped a beat, and from that day, I knew that you were the one for me…. Will you please make me the happiest man on earth…..will you be my wife for the rest of our life…. ” Peter said.

Lianas face turned sour hearing him say Zoya but she did not say anything and just nodded her head, without waiting for her to change her mind Peter slid the diamond ring into her fingers. They signed their engagement contracts. Everyone clapped their hands for them.

Peter pulled Liana close to him and removed a mask from her face so that he could kiss her. Peters face turned white when he saw who was behind the mask

Everyone looked at Liana with hateful gazes

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