Chaotic engagement chapter 7

Peter suddenly felt a chill that struck him in his heart, he jerked away from Liana, his eyes cold like he wanted to swallow her alive ”Where is Zoya? ” his voice roared throughout the hall.

Liana was shocked to the point that her face turned white like the color of her face was drained, fear started encircling her whole being, how was she supposed to answer that,? she knew that Peter would hate her for the rest of his life. Even if she wanted to break the engagement, the was no way out of it, they already signed a contract that stated that if one party wants to break the engagement, they would have to pay R1000 billion for the engagement to be called off and none of them had that kind of money, Peter was a millionaire, he did not have any Billions laying down for nothing.

Before Liana could utter a word, Zandy was already on the stage, with a fake shocked expression, she did not want to let go of the opportunity to humiliate Liana, she knew very well that she was the reason why Zoya disappeared, and she wanted Peter to hate her even more that he does. ”Liana what did you do to my daughter, where is Zoya? How come you are here? ” Zandy asked, teary-eyed, she really missed her baby doll so much that she could not hold it, even though she wanted to punish Liana

Liana was more shocked by what Zandy said, her mouth was left hanging open she did not know what to do, she was so nervous to the point that her muscles started quivering. ” Peter, please listen to me…. It was not my idea at all. …. It was all uncles idea…..please try and understand me ” Liana tried to explain but Peter threw her a deadly Gaz.

” I hate you so much, … Next time don try to involve people in your lies, and make sure I find Zoya. if I don find her, you will learn about the other Peter you don know. ” Peter said and walked out of the hotel, he did not even look back, his mother also got up and ran after him.

Zandy did not wait any longer, she got down from the stage and walked out of the hotel, her eyes clouded with tears. She missed her daughter so much that she could not stop her tears. The fact that she did not know if she was alive or dead made her even weaker.

People were so disgusted by what Liana did, one by one they started leaving the hotel, the lovely Zoya was not there so there was no need for them to linger around the hotel.

Liana fell to her knees and burst into tears, the man she loved with her heart just told her that he hated her, and his words broke her from the inside she felt like her world was spinning, Barbara got up from the chair and walked to the stage where her baby was.

Without uttering a word Jerry walked out of the hotel, with Peters younger brother.

” Come on… lets go home, ” Barbara said softly, helping her to get up.

”Mom, what does Zoya have that I don have … ” Liana sobbed.

” Don think about this now, we will find a way to solve this problem, okay? ” Barbara said comforting her daughter, they also left the hotel in Barbaras car.

… At the village****

The next day, Zoya opened her eyes when she heard the birds singing outside the house, she sat on the bed rubbing her eyes. ” Thank God I slept alone ” she mumbled, she was about to rise from bed, when Zach entered the room with the tray of food.

”Good morning sweetheart, Ive brought you breakfast. You must be hungry ” Zach said with a smile walking toward Zoya.

Why is he being nice all of a sudden? I thought the first day he wanted to kick me out and now he is all smiley… Zoya widened her eyes when the thought of him being a serial killer blew her mind. Is he being nice because he wants to kill me and sell my body parts for a huge amount of money….. Of course, that is why he wants to fatten me with so much food … Zoyas eyes fell on the tray of food that Zach kept in front of her. There was homemade bread, fried eggs, cheese and steak of beef, fresh berries, fresh banana, and fresh orange juice. But the food looks delicious and Im hungry….. Lemme just eat and think of a plan to escape I can think on an empty stomach can Zoya mused

Zach frowned when he saw Zoya lost in her world What is she thinking about Zach mused. ” Hi Zoya, what are you thinking about? ” Zach, called Zoya, snapping her out of her daze.

” Are you a serial killer? ” Zoya blurted out before she could even stop herself. She wanted to take back what she said but it was already too late.

Zach burst into laughter, ” Haha, haha! ” He laughed until his eyes started tearing up.

Zoya raised her eyebrows offering Zach a glassy stare, she did not expect him to laugh at her, she was so serious, why did he have to laugh at her? ” Stop laughing Okay, Im so serious right now, ” Zoya said in annoyance.

Zach swallowed his laugh, looked at her annoyed face, and smiled ” So you thought I was a serial killer or something ” Zach shook his head in disbelief ” Im not a serial killer… and Im not planning to kill you Okay, just relax….. The only thing I want to do is to win your heart, I can lie but the first moment I first saw you, you warmed my heart. The second time when I captured those pink lips of yours, you made a little flame in my heart and now you make my heart burn like hell ” Zach said, what he said was true his heart was burning with passion for her.

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