”Ahh, finally done for the day. ”

My name is Ron, aged 55, and working at a soul crushing, dead-end corporation. Day after day it is the same boring work all while sucking up to my superiors and getting recognized for none of it. More than once Ive wished for it all to just end, or at least change for the better, but alas, Ive long since realized that those wishes will never come true.

At least it was past 5 oclock and on a Friday no less. I can finally take some time to help me forget about just how trash my life really is. With a newfound determination to go buy junk food and watch some movies at home, I quickly gathered my things and made my way towards the exit.

Yet, as soon as I walked out of my office, I saw my superior walking in my direction. It felt as if I was just punched in the gut, but lets be optimistic for once. Maybe she just needed to make some last-minute copies and didn need to talk to me at all. I put on a confident smile and tried to walk right passed her.

However, she saw me and smiled back. I knew this wasn a good day.

”Ron, what a pleasant surprise. Im glad that you didn leave yet. ”

I maintained my smile to keep up appearances, but I couldn help but think, Yeah, Im sure you
e glad, but Im sure not.

”Ah, Miss Susan, to what do I owe this pleasure? ”

”Please, you
e too kind. You see I was hoping to ask a favor of you. I have a prior arrangement after work today that I have to head out for, but I need 1000 copies of this document for tomorrow. Could I entrust this task to you? Id be sure to return the favor sometime later. ”

What a load of complete horseshit. How many times have I helped her out now? 10 times? 100? I had long lost count at this point, but she had never once returned the favor. In fact, Im pretty sure she is the reason I can even get promoted despite my seniority. I doubt this prior arrangement is even important. In fact, I think I heard gossip earlier that she had some sort of date lined up.

Nothing about this scenario seemed beneficial to me, but what could I do? Helping out a superior will surely give me benefits in the long run, right? Well, Im not even sure that I believe that anymore. But despite that, I suppose Ill help out like I always do.

”Sure, leave it to me. ”

She had a bright smile, but I swear I could see the ridicule in her eyes.

”Thanks so much! You are an actual life saver. ”

She then handed me a stack of documents and promptly left. Well, lets get this over with, I guess. I turned around and got back to work; my weekend seemed to be getting further away.

After an entire hour of working with the copy machine, finding out there wasn enough paper, trying to track down more, and finally finishing the copying, I was completely spent. With the rest of the office building quiet except for the whine of the vacuum cleaner the janitor was using, I made my way out and finally headed towards home.

I took a step outside and breathed in some fresh air, well as fresh as it gets in the middle of a city. I saw that the sun was starting to get pretty low in the sky so maybe my original plan of buying a bunch of junk food will have to be put on hold. Instead, I think Ill just get some fast food, then go home and sleep.

There was a burger place sort of close by, so I didn even have to call a cab. After a bit of walking, I finally arrived. The line was a bit long, which I suppose is normal around dinner time, so I decided to just wait. After what felt like an eternity to my empty stomach, I finally sat down to take a bite of my favorite burger which came straight off the grill. Or not, I spat out the disgustingly cold food.

I looked around at the other customers to see a bunch of happy faces and happy conversations. Was it really just my food that seemed like it wasn prepared at all? Did they see me and just say, ”Fuck it, it doesn matter if we screw him over anyway ”?

Well, whatever, Ill be sure to give the employees a piece of my mind. Its not like I want to be hat guy, but Im pissed off and I want others to know it.

After another hour had passed the whole fast-food fiasco was finally done. I stepped back out to see the sun approaching the horizon.

”This really is a **ed-up day huh? ”

I wanted nothing more than to just call a cab a

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