Forcing My Way Into a Hero Summoning

It\'s Hard to Train an Old Man

I spent the next couple of days lazing around in my new room, that I also found out was actually a jail cell. The room only contained a bed and a place to go to the bathroom, as well as the locked door. Without even having access to a window, I was left alone with my thoughts.

Early on I spent a lot of time just sleeping to recover, but as I get better, I decided to spend the rest of my time trying to learn magic by myself. After Roricks presentation, I was almost certain it was possible so I tried almost everything I could think of to make it work. I felt like a little kid again as I tried to strain my hands or mind to try and make something manifest.

After trying all that and failing, I started to just say nonsense words in an attempt to stumble across some ancient language that held the power of magic. I probably looked completely insane to anybody that happened to see me, but it wasn like I had anything else to pass the time.

Finally, it seemed like the few days Rorick gave me to recover was up as a giant of a man came to my room. This man complete with bulging muscles and a full plate armor setup would have made even the biggest men back home look small. After coming into the room, he looked at me in complete disgust, further emphasized by the pronounced scars on his face.

”Don tell me they want you to become a soldier too? ”

His deep voice easily filled the small enclosed room and made it seem like he was yelling at me.

”Um, did Rorick send you then? ”

”Fuck, that means it is you. What the hell is that crazy man thinking sending me some useless old guy. ”

I knew that I wasn fit to be a soldier either, but he didn have to be so mean about it. Despite my feelings, though, I decided to just keep quiet. He was bound to go through the tough drill instructor routine anyway.

Noticing my lack of response, he seemed to grow absolutely furious.

”Oi! You
e not even going to address your commander after he calls you a worthless old dog? Get the ** up and stand at attention! ”

I swear his voice alone felt like it could blow down this entire room. He probably wasn somebody I should try and be cheeky with, so I resigned myself and went with the new recruit routine after all. I stood up and saluted the man.

”Sorry Sir. ”

”Good. I thought I was going to have to teach you a lesson right here and now. Come with me and you better keep up. And don even think about running away or anything, there is a real bad punishment in store if you do. ”

With that he turned around and began to jog down the corridor. I barely even had time to think before he started yelling at me to speed up. Oh boy, I had a real bad feeling about how this training was going to go.

I started to jog after him, but after turning a corner while following his footsteps, I saw that he was already super far away. My eyes widened while trying to figure out how a man that large could run that fast while wearing full armor.

His voice thundered down the corridor once more.

”Come on you worthless old dog. Ill tack on an extra hour of training for every minute you make me wait. ”

And he said he wasn going to punish me right away. I shook my head with a grimace. I was in the middle of the punishment already. Lets just hope I could make it through without my heart or lungs collapsing.

I then began to run after him as fast as I could possibly go. Mere moments into the exercise, my body felt like it was ready to shut down completely. My breathing became labored and my vision started to grow blurry, but each time I tried to slow down and catch my breath, I would hear another thunderous roar taunting me. Truly an annoying circumstance, but I could bear with it for now.

However, at some point he led me to a place where there was a lot of people standing around. My vision was still blurry so I couldn really make out who these people were. But one thing was for sure, they weren knights and it didn seem like we were even heading to a training ground. As I tried my hardest to keep up with this annoying commander, I started hearing laughs coming from the bystanders. Did he really lead me to uninvolved people in an attempt to humiliate me?

”Look at this old dog run. And they say he has the potential to be a hero? If thats the case then my grandma still has a chance. ”

Yep, after hearing his latest taunt and the increasing laughter of the bystanders, I could say for sure that he just wanted to humiliate me. Truly a despicable move, but how long had I been alive at this point? After 55 years of life, I could say for sure I didn give a damn about this so-called embarrassment. If anything, this just started a grudge between me and this infuriating commander. If I had the strength to do it, then one day I was sure to make him pay.

We continued on like this for a while. My body was constantly begging me to stop and I could even feel some sharp pains begin to appear in my chest, but I refused. I felt his means of doing so were the absolute worst, but he did succeed in bringing out some motivation in me. I would continue running after this bastard until I fell down unconscious just to spite him.

Sweat poured down my body as more and more pain starting surfacing. If I was still back in my old world, I would think that I would get a heart attack any second now. And then a few seconds later, my body constricted as I felt an immense pain in my chest. Wait a second, did I just jinx myself?

I fell down to the ground while clutching my chest. I could still vaguely make out that the commander was still yelling insults at me, but it no longer felt coherent. The whole world swirled around me as my mind went into overdrive. I began to think about everything that led me to this point and I questioned if I had made a mistake.

Surely, they can heal me, right?

I just thought that they were stingy earlier when they refused to heal my tooth, but did I make a mistake? Could it be that they didn even have healing magic in the first place?

This pain in my chest filled my entire world as I struggled to even breathe. I felt like somebody picked me up at some point, but I had very little luxury to observe my surroundings let alone make sense of them.

A long time seemed to pass as darkness began to surround me. It felt like I just needed to go to sleep, but somehow it also felt different. It was as if I instinctively knew that if I went to sleep now, I wouldn be able to wake up again. But then again, what was I even still holding on for? My life is complete trash so why not just let go? No, no, that isn right. Wasn I summoned to a different world? What about learning magic and working my way up to become the strongest?

My thoughts were becoming very confusing, but I still tried to hold on for as long as possible. Maybe they couldn use healing magic and this was worthless, but I wanted to cling to life all the same. It felt very strange and almost uplifting thinking about my new attitude compared to my old one.

Finally, I was pulled out of my thoughts as a warm sensation spread throughout my chest. I looked down and I could see it once more. There in front of me was magic. A pair of hands were positioned just above my chest as they emitted a light green glow. Minutes passed as I observed and tried to understand the magic in front of me.

Was there some deeper principle behind how it worked? It seemed so unnatural that magic could even work, yet when looking at it directly it seemed like the most natural thing in the world.

After another few minutes, my body seemed to relax somewhat and I began to regain my senses. I was finally able to pick up on conversations once more. There seemed to be a fairly old man talking with the commander that I was running after before.

”Well, its a good thing you brought him here as quick as you did. Anymore and he likely would have died. ”

”In all my years, I have never been able to train somebody till they actually died. What the hell is that bastard Rorick even thinking trying to make this old man a warrior? ”

”Im not sure, but you will have to put off his training for another couple of days at least. ”

”God damn it. Im not paid enough for this. ”

And with that, the commander left the room. Well, I was at least happy to get another couple of days off, but would I just have another heart attack if they tried to train me again? I was not looking forward to it.

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