nd then go home and rest. I decided to do just that, but before I could walk forward another man came from behind and jabbed something metal into my back. My heartrate picked up a bit as I realized the object was a gun.

”Yeah, I guess it is old man. Come with me for a bit and nobody has to get hurt. ”

I let out a long sigh and just weakly nodded. After following his instructions, we ended up in a quiet alleyway. A perfect place to end my miserable life, if I do say so myself.

”Alright, no fast movements. I want all of your money, then Ill be on my way. ”

”Sure thing, I don really care anymore anyway. Id almost want you to shoot me, ha ha ha. ”

He didn seem to enjoy my joke, but was it really a joke at this point?

”Shut up, just give me your money. ”

I handed over my wallet and that was that. He looked inside, nodded and just ran away. And there I was, absolutely alone, left with no money, and completely exhausted from going through the worst day of my entire life.

I always thought it would get better when I was younger, but look at where everything got me. All my relationships became strained until finally breaking apart. All my career options narrowed down until I became stuck at a dead end. Everyone I still cared about moved on to do bigger and better things. Truly, I was left completely alone.

”Well, theres nothing I can do is there? I guess Ill just walk home, even if it is 5 miles. ”

I began my walk home in a daze, completely lost in my thoughts.

Yet, as I was approaching a busy intersection, I noticed a strange anomaly. I had been walking a little bit behind a group of what I assumed to be high school students when I noticed that the ground beneath their feet starting glowing. The sun was halfway down the horizon, so the slightly dark atmosphere helped emphasize this strange glow. As of now, the group of students didn seem to notice anything amiss.

I tilted my head trying to figure out how the concrete could just start glowing and how that weird light was able to move with the group of students, when I noticed that the light seemed to become more sophisticated by turning into strange runes. It reminded me of some of the shows that I watched or books that I read, something that you would expect to see in a world of magic right before a spell is cast.

Wait, my eyes widened and my heartrate skyrocketed. As time went on, more and more runes began to appear which in turn created more light on the ground. Eventually some of the students noticed the strange phenomenon and looked towards the ground. Some looked confused, others seemed horrified, but none of that mattered to me. As soon as I realized what those runes might mean, I broke into a sprint towards the students.

How long had it been since I last exercised? I wasn sure, but my heart was thundering in my chest and my legs somehow already felt weak and powerless despite only going a couple of meters. However, there was a madness in my eyes. If I was right about the situation, then I could kiss this garbage life goodbye. And if I was wrong? Id just brush it off like nothing happened, people do strange things all the time after all.

I quickly approached and noticed that no new runes were appearing anymore. That had to mean that I was running out of time. After judging the remaining distance, I summoned every ounce of power that my pathetic body could muster and jumped headfirst towards the group. Everything seemed to work in slow motion as I soared through the air.

The completed rune circle continued to glow brighter until it eventually emitted a flash that drowned out my vision entirely. I couldn see anything, and on account of being in the air still, I couldn feel anything either. I could only pray that my plan had worked, until my body hit the ground.

I fell down on a very uneven surface, and something like a jutting out rock hit my mouth knocking one of my teeth completely out. Even with the pain, I felt nothing but excitement. An uneven surface with various rocks means that the floor wasn concrete like it should have been.

With overflowing excitement, I looked up and saw knights pointing spears at me and the group of students. I let out a laugh that seemed to come from my very soul. I had forced my way into being summoned to another world.

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