Forcing My Way Into a Hero Summoning

Rough Start to a New World

the Aros Kingdom. We have attempted this summoning so that we could find an extraordinary individual that could help our kingdom with the problems now plaguing it. One of you should be this individual we are talking about. ”

Everybody looked at each other to try and figure out which person the man was talking about. No one seemed to be sure, but they all seemed to only take one look at me before shaking their heads. I mean yeah it should be pretty obvious that I was a tag along, but you don need to look so disappointed about it.

I crossed my arm with a frown and waited for more explanation.

”Im sure you all have quite a bit more questions, but for now just know that there is currently no known way to reverse summon people. Furthermore, your only real course of action is to come into service of the Aros Kingdom. ”

Everybody started looking very uneasy now, but for me, that about summed up what kind of trope this summoning situation was bound to follow. Although Im sure the situation would prove to be much more complex and unpredictable at least for now I knew what kind of start to expect.

First off, the kingdom that we were summoned to is facing difficult problems which probably means either war with a different kingdom or some sort of external threat such as demons.

Second, they have no problem showing their current power over our situation and likely are not all that friendly towards us. We were to either become their weapons or die before becoming a threat.

Lastly, they seem to be looking for someone with incredible latent potential, but they can determine which of us that is supposed to be. Well, they might be able to rule me out based off of our interactions so far. So that means I should either play the role of a willing servant or a hopelessly incompetent person if I want to make it out of this situation alive. Anything else, including half-measures will likely land me in the spot of being too much of a threat to keep alive. Especially since its pretty obvious that I mean absolutely nothing to the rest of the group.

Both of those options come with their own risks, but only one could give me a potentially good ending to this ordeal. Well, I guess its time to start acting.

Everybody seemed to still be coming to terms with the situation, but that was my time to act.

”Hey so, can you guys like heal my tooth? I don really have any money on me, but this will get in the way of me eating. You want me to try your delicious cuisine, right? ”

I held up the tooth that fell out of my mouth for everyone to see.

The robed man frowned while shaking his head.

”No, you are not here to taste our cuisine. You are here to become warriors in our army. If you go willingly, you will be treated with respect in correspondence with your abilities. If not, well we have many means of persuasion. ”

I felt like I drew out some of the real character of that man, but now was not the time to be scared by his words and fall into submission. That would be a sign that I was even remotely useful after all.

e not even going to feed us? How else are we going to learn how to do that fireball thing that you did earlier? Are you saying we need to get a separate job on top of that? ”

Good, Ill just take the first sentence that he says and ignore the rest while talking about what I want to talk about. And judging be the deepening frowns of everybody in the room, including the students, Im sure everybody is thinking Im that kind of useless guy. Probably.

The robed man seemed to be gritting his teeth as he continued.

”No, I said nothing about hat fireball thing. You all are here to be soldiers. Now, we have been delayed long enough. I will now take you all to the training quarters where we can test which natural affinities you might have. ”

”No wait, excuse me. What do you mean no fireball training? Wasn that your goal from the demonstration earlier? ”

The robed man didn even try to answer my new questions and instead just turned to one of the knights.

”Im done dealing with this one, just knock him out. ”

Wait a second. My heart dropped as the knight saluted and approached me. Before I could even react, the butt-end of the knights spear approached my head. With a thud, my consciousness quickly faded all while thinking that maybe my acting skills weren that good after all.

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