Inside a beautiful cave Melanie stood at the middle of it. the cave was ethereal, the walls were filled with white crystals, the cave mouth was adorned with gold that goes in an interwoven pattern.the ground was smooth and diamond like. when she looked down at her reflection on the ground, she was putting on a plain white dress, her hair was woven with golden silk lining, her hair and neck was adorned with crystals. Melanie was awestruck at the thousands of crystals inside the cave, then she heard the sound of a flowing stream. quickly, she went towards the direction. while she was admiring the beautiful stream, the thought of how she got here and what was she doing here pop inside her head.

Mel walk back to the cave and saw it was glimmering more than when she left some time ago. the cave was too beautiful to be real, the man in her room suddenly appeared inside her head. she gasp and lift her eyes to the cave mouth only to see the entrance closing speedily, the golden interwoven patterns was now loosing its beauty.

No, this is not good. where am I?

she rushed to the door but it was too late as the last opening suddenly turn stone. she froze for a seconds and placed her hand on it but it was solid as rock. The ethereal cave starts loosing its beauties and the crystals on the wall were changing Into stones, the beautiful ground was now black as the night, the whole cave was now the opposite of what it was before. her heart was beating wildly against her ribs, her palms were damp out of fear. her breath hitch, she clench her palm and rushed to the stream. it was still flowing quietly and doesn seem to be affected by what was happening on the inside.

She kneeled and put her hand into the water to wash the blood that wasn there before. soon, something dark starts swirling inside the water from the bottom. Melanie was taken aback by the sight of it. but why was this cave changing. before she knew whats happening, the whole stream was now covered in dark moving smoke. she was pushed back with force and bump into a rock which was once a crystal pillar.

whining in pain, she stood up and step back from the black smoke. when her back hit a hard surface, she turns to find the entrance of the stream was now a stony wall. her heart kept beating as cold shiver ran down her spine. the dark smoke starts forming a thick tendril, twirling with force as it move towards her. she scream fearfully but it seems she have lost her voice. she finds herself falling into a deep hole that was filled with the tendrils, her skin was burning hot.

Melanie jolted up in shock, her body shaking terribly. cold sweat filled her forehead down to her neck; she touch her skin to feel if there was any mark or burn but it was a dream. she exhaled sharply and sat up on the couch, her blanket now on the floor. The man was still lying unconscious on the bed without any sign of waking. wondering why he haven wake up she walk to stand at his front.

”Mr. ? ”

Why is he not waking up? she recalled every part of his body that was not treated last night but there was none because all the injuries were covered due to vampires healing ability.


At the market, Melanie was shopping for groceries when she heard her name from behind.

”Lady Melanie, ” a voice called from behind her. she turned and saw a young teenage boy with dark locks and dark red eyes

”Fergus, good morning. ” she greets the young boy with a smile.

” I went to your home yesterday… your mother told me you
e now living alone, ” Fergus hesitated as he walk beside Melanie.

”Yes. what are you doing here? ” Melanie ask while staring at the little boy.

”Nothing. just some royal affairs that needs to be tend to, ” he said and touch his neck.

Fergus Leonard is the youngest prince from the Leonard royal family. eversince she starts being his governess, he always look up to her as a big sister.

”I hope you
e improving in your duties as a royal? ” Melanie ask while they walk along the busy road of the market.

”Eh… Maybe. I got into a fight with…, ”

”Your highness, we have to leave, ” a royal guard said.

”Why? we just came here, ”

”Your brothers order, your highness.

Fergus pouted and turn to look at Melanie who was looking ahead at the large entourage of royal guards. ”Fergus, you should go now. Ill come to the palace tomorrow, okay? ”

He blink shyly ”okay, ” he replied and wave at her before walking towards the entourage.

Fergus was a shy prince who wasn shown love to by his brothers since his parent passed away a decade ago. he became the quiet and quick angered boy and was given severe punishments if he breaks one or two rules in the palace.

Melanie smiled as she watch the back of the young prince. Going to the palace everyday to teach the youngest prince was the best thing she has ever done. Sometimes, she saves him from his punishments if he disobeys his brothers especially the second prince, Cedric. Not having the freedom to do what his fellow vampires were doing, he was always lectured to be an outstanding prince just like his brothers.

She took a carriage back home to avoid what happened last night. When she got home, she paid the driver and came out of the carriage with two baskets on her hands.

As she approach her house, she saw the door was slightly opened. she was sure the door was locked when she left the house, she got inside and head for her room. The man was gone.

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