Forever With You, dearest

Deaths In The Town

Darrick opened his eyes the moment the heartbeat of the human became faint, meaning she have left the house. He sat up on the bed and took a quick look around the small room. His eyes held no emotions and his face, expressionless. He walk out of the room after putting on his clothes that was neatly folded on the bedside table. His eyes sharpen the moment the door was opened from the outside with a bang.

A dark haired young man walk in with a big scowl on his face. He was the second vampire prince, Cedric.

Darrick turn to face him ”Why are you here? ” He didn like the idea of seeing his younger brothers searching for him.

”I came to find you! Is that how you say thank you? ” Cedric grumbled and lean on the wall. ”We have to leave before the human comes, ” he added.

Darrick gave his brother a hard stare ”don you think she already knows who I am? ”

”No. she don …, ”

”And how are you so sure that she don know? ” Darrick arch his brow.

”If she knows who you are, message would have been sent to the palace, ” Cedric tried to reason with his stubborn brother.

”Did you bring Fergus with you? ” Darrick ask as he step out of the house.

Cedric scratch the back of his neck and hesitated ”Hes with the human. You know shes his governess. ”

Darrick turn to look at his brother, a bit angry. ”You should have sent someone else, ”

”Fergus is fond of her so hes the perfect distraction to hold her up. Lets go, ” Cedric said as his ear pick up a sound.

Darrick shook his head and leap away from the neighborhood.

The large entourage came to a halt far away from where Fergus and Melanie stood. Darrick look out of the window and stare at the girl who was beside his younger brother. She was staring at the entourage while he was staring at her.




Melanie sat on her bed with a frown and a pout. how could that man be so ungrateful she thought. After sitting there for sometime, an idea flashed in her mind making her grin.

Going back to the living room, she shut the door and returned to the kitchen with the basket of groceries. Placing it on the marble island, she turn to face the cupboard but it wasn there anymore. Standing at her front was a man covered with blood from his head down to his feet. She gasp and blink but the man was gone and the cupboard, back to it original place. Her heart thump crazily on her chest, beating against her rib cage.

The man was so real seconds ago, she step back, her instinct refusing her from turning. She missed her footing and fell backward, she waited to hit the ground but nothing. Opening her eyes, she found herself falling into the tendril pit again, the bottom of the pit was filled with blood and dead bodies. Not able to take it anymore, she scream loudly jolting out from the gore. Her back head hit the island hard and then, she slump on the cold floor.


Fergus sat quietly beside Cedric as he avoid eye contact with Darrick who was sitting on the opposite seat inside the carriage. This brother of his was strict but he still preferred him to Cedric.

Cedric felt the young man beside him was nervous. He smiled at Darrick and drape his hand on Fergus shoulder. ”Fergus aren you going to welcome your brother who was missing for one night, ” he grinned and look at Fergus who was now looking at him.

Fergus shifted uncomfortably on his seat. He look at Darrick and muttered, ”Welcome back elder brother. ”

Darrick shifted his attention from Cedric to Fergus whose shoulders were now stiff.

”Calm down Fergus, Darrick isn going to bite… ”

Fergus stood up and quickly sat close to Darrick, ” brother, Cedric scolded me for releasing Argos on him, ” he grinned wickedly. He was going to tease Cedric now Darrick is here.

The cunning smile on Celdrics lip was now gone and replaced with a hard stare. Recalling last night Fergus released his dog like wolf to chase him. He wanted to latch on him but the boy was sitting close to Darrick.

Darrick smiled and patted Fergus on his head, messing up his hair. ”Well done Fergus, such a loss I wasn there to witness the show. ”

Cedric stare hard at Fergus ”more whipping today when we get to the palace, ” he said coldly before looking out of the window. Fergus felt goosebumps on his skin at the thought of Cedric whipping him angrily.

”Fergus, I heard the lady is your governess, ” Darrick said to stop the dropping temperature inside the carriage.

”Yes. ” Fergus felt relaxed a bit after hearing his brother talk about his governess. Fergus look over to Cedric and saw him looking at both of them. Cedric was not gentle like Darrick and Fergus. He was the opposite of them, open-minded, arrogant and very troublesome for a prince.

”I hope you didn tell her what you were doing at the market? ” Cedric ask coldly.

”No. I only told her, some royal issues that need to be tend to. ”

After few hours of silence in the carriage, Cedric finally found a perfect excuse so he could deal with this Fergus.

”Darrick. Fergus got into a fight with Christopher. A bloody one, ” he smirk wickedly.

Fergus gaze landed on Darrick who was looking at him with dissatisfaction. ”I told you not to fight, didn I? ”

Fergus stare coldly at Cedric ”Christopher started it, hes always picking fights with me, ”

”Im going to deal with him and also you. Fair share, ” Darrick emphasize.

Cedric smiled and said ”on me. ” Before crackling like laughter.

”Im also going to teach the both of you a lesson for leaving the palace. ” Cedric and Fergus were stunned and shocked at the same time.

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