When both of them got to the large palace gate, Melanie was the first to go in. The palace was large and tidied, the architecture was unique and serene. Melanie could never stop admiring this palace. The white walls and dark roof made a contrast, the green garden and evergreen trees at the sides of the path were refreshing. She hummed to herself and head towards the entrance.

Cedric didn bother to stress himself by walking. Within the blink of an eye, he teleported back to his room to change his clothes.

Melanie look back if the weird man was behind but she couldn find him. She sigh in relief and step into the building.




Darrick stood in the corridor and watch the girl walk into the palace. His expression blank and stoic, even when the sound of footsteps behind him became clearer and clearer, he didn bother to look at the person.

Cedric stare at his brother with a taunting smile etch on his lips. ”What are you doing standing there? ” he knew his brother was looking at the governess.

”Did you meet Mr Williams? ” Darrick ask ignoring the previous question.

”That old brute. He refuse to speak about the cause of deaths in Groove town so… Cedric eyes twinkle in amusement. ”I hope hes enjoying his time in hell, ” he chuckle softly.

Recently, there have been a lot of deaths in one of the towns in Livingston. The case was brought to the council and a search was carried out in the town. The magistrate escaped from the town few months ago, later, Darrick got news that hes hiding in Sandaltown and allowed his bloodthirsty brother to deal with the man.

”Did you find out why the people are killed without them being infected by any illness? ” Darrick tuck his both hand into his pocket.

”No?… Theres something weird about the bodies. ” Cedric recalled a man he found in Groove town, the mans vein were very bold to be seen on his face. He thought it was a kind of sickness but he soon come to realize that all the commoners that were killed have similar black veins on their skin.

Darrick turn to look at him ”what is it? ” he ask. He was a man who says little or no words.

”Their skin were having black veins and their eyes were pitch black, ” Cedric said and stare at his brother whose flesh between his brows were now squeezed.

Darrick soon came to realize something. ”They were changing but their bodies were not able to withstand the changes that explains why they were no signs of illness, ” he was incredibly surprised at this fact.

”Exactly. Rogue vampires are being created. Damn it! I shouldn have killed that worm, a perfect torture wouldve opened his mouth. ” Cedric cursed. Why did I not think about this in the first place he thought.

Darrick turn to look at the window again. ”Their next target is Sandaltown…, ” he was interrupted by the sound of footsteps approaching.

Melanie got into the corridor and head for Fergus study room when she came across the weird man. Beside him was another man who was looking out of the window. Their clothes were expensive and their face was stern as they seem to be in a very important discussion because of the seriousness on their face.

Cedric spin on his heels and went towards Melanie. His charming smile was now replaced with a piercing gaze. Darrick was quiet and pretends to look outside the window.

”Young Lady,… your name please? ” Cedric said honestly. Melanie frowned ”Melanie Robert, ” thats my name.

”Okay. Sweet name for a charming lady like you, ” Cedric sugarcoated her so she wouldn see Darrickss face.

Melanie smiled and look over his shoulder. The man was standing stiffly without any sign of leaving. ”Is he the Lord? ” She ask Cedric who grinned widely. ”Yes. He is. Would you mind if I introduced him to you? ”

Melanie shook her head quickly. ”I don think so, henchman, ” she said and walk away from there. Such a pain in the neck she thought inwardly.

She ascend the staircase and supported herself by holding onto the silver railings. She suddenly pause and a look of realization came to her face.

Recalling the man she helped, she couldn help matching his similarities with this weird man.

Darrick and Cedric watch the Lady closely without her knowing. ”She lives in Sandaltown, ” Cedric said but him words carried an underlying meaning. Darrick said nothing and walk away indifferently.

Melanie reach the study room and pushed the double door before stepping inside. The Interior of the room was awestrucking. The study room was filled with book shelves and different instruments used for teaching. Though Fergus is a vampire prince, he is a little boy of sixteen in the eyes of human. Literally he was not sixteen because vampires stop aging when they get to a certain age.

Standing beside the window, he look sad and lonely. Melanie cleared her throat to gain his attention before approaching him.

Fergus smiled and quickly walk to the table, his dark red eyes sparkling in excitement. Thank God the governess came early he said inwardly. Darrick was supposed to punish him today for fighting with his cousin, Christopher. He had been standing close to the window because down there was his cousin being whipped by a royal guard.

”Good morning your highness, ” Melanie greeted ”it seems you
e happy to see me, ” she said.

Fergus sat on the chair and took out a quill pen and dip it a little into the inkwell. ”Yes. Im glad you came early, Id have been the next person to get whipped by that strong royal guard. ” He starts scribbling on one of the books on the table when he heard footsteps.

The door was opened with a bang making Fergus and Melanie to look to the direction, startled. Fergus felt cold sweat on his back while Melanie look at the intruder in shock.

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