The Roberts Mansion



The magnificent mansion stood regally amongst other mansions. The morning was bright and the sky didn show any sign of rain. The townspeople were now moving up and down doing various chores and some leaving for their respective place of work.

The air in the mansion was tense and heavy. Mr and Mrs. Robert stood quietly at the entrance of the mansion with a dull look on their face.

The reason for this expression was, late last night, a letter was sent to the Roberts Mansion and it came from the palace and was sealed by the Lord himself. Mr. Robert was very nervous, he had never been summoned to the palace in the past.

They thought it has to do with Melanie who works as a governess to the young prince in the palace.

”Do you think it has to do with Mel? ” A woman wearing a black silk dress and a white shawl around her neck ask.

Mr. Robert shrug, ”I don know. Since I haven commit any offence related to the political business, it must be her, ” he concluded and step towards his well polished and new carriage.

”See you in the evening Adeline, ” he said and step into the carriage. Mrs. Robert gaze at the carriage and she went back into the mansion when it disappeared from her sight.

”I told Joshua not to allow Mel to live alone but my words fell on deaf ears. I hope nothing happens to him, ” Mrs. Robert complained to her handmaid.

”Send Melanie an invitation to come and live with us for a day, ” she said to the handmaid.

”Yes, Madame. ”


Meanwhile, Melanie was trying to get away from the useless magistrate.

Today, she left home earlier than usual. On her way, the magistrate showed up again and continued insisting on giving her a ride.

”Sir Maxwell keep your dirty hands and eyes off me! ” Melanie said harshly and turned to walk away but her wrist was held by Trevor. Being a vampire, his strength was fathomable.

”Ms. Melanie, Im not going to bite. Just a ride will do you no harm, ” his eyes twinkle wickedly.

”No! ”

”You better let go of my hand if you don want what you
e doing right now to be reported to the council, ” Melanie threatened. Though, it was an empty threat, that was the only way she could get away from this bastard.

She was standing close to the carriage stop when the magistrate pushed her into an alley.

”Are you threatening me, Ms. Mel? ” Trevor ask grimly. He knew it might be an empty threat but one shouldn underestimate the Roberts.

Melanie swallowed and stare at the cunning magistrate, fear was boldly written all over her face. Trevor smirk when he saw her scared look, he pushed her into this dark alley so he could fulfil his mission before taking the human to his bed.

”Get away from me you vulture, ” Melanie crude-mouthed him. Trevor took two steps towards her and she took three steps backwards.

He grab her neck tightly and trailed her face with his right finger. ”Lets see whos going to save you n…, ”

”Well well well, look what we have here in Sandaltown! ” a mocking voice said from behind them.

The grip on Melanies neck loosen a little but Trevor didn not see any reason to look at the people behind him. From his own perspective, the people were not from Sandaltown.

Melanie still when she saw the pair behind the magistrate. Though she was still held by this filthy idiot, she sighed in relief at least they
e going to help her.

When Maxwell Trevor didn hear any sound from behind him, he turn to look.

As realization dawned on him, he went pale and quickly loose hold of Melanies neck.

Melanie took in air and scurried towards the pair of brothers and stood behind them.



Cedric wink at the human before looking back to the magistrate.

Few minutes ago, Cedric and Darrick were inside a local carriage when they caught sight of the governess heading in their direction. No sooner did she reach where the townsfolk usually took a carriage when a man came to stand at her front.

”They seem to be in a heated…, ” Cedric shut up when Darrick raised his hand for him to keep quiet. The pureblooded vampires have many abilities, one of which was the ability to hear clearly. While they were listening to the the duos, the man pushed the girl into the alley….

”You must be Trevor, right?. ” I didn know you were such a shameless moron, ” Cedric glare at him.

” Cedric lets go, well deal with this subject later, ” Darrick scrutinized the magistrate and spin on his heels.

Darrickss words sent cold shiver down Trevors spine. He didn know whether to beg or wait for his punishment from the Lord. He just stood there even after they were gone, he continued standing there for a long time before he stiffly left the alley.

He underestimated that fragile human to his last. Her threat was extremely real and more greater than what she said. The prince of Livingston could instill fear on him and can toss him around like a toothpick not to talk of the Lord. He didn bother to think about how connected the lady was to them.




Inside the carriage, Melanie held her breath unbeknown to her. She wished the ground could just open up so she could hide from this brothers. Cedric was playing with a little knife in his hand while Darrick sat unfazed.

Darrick stare at the human without bothering to look away. The flesh where the savage man held her had turn red, small beads of sweat could be boldly seen on her forehead and nose.

”How long has the magistrate stalked you, ” he ask. Melanies heart thud wildly against her chest.

”Over a year since I turned twenty-three. ”

Cedric arch his eyebrows, ” what? A shameless man who would bed different women, ” he spat out venomously.

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